This is weird, isn’t it?

I had a dream about RR last night. Eek.
It went like this:
The blog came up early, at about ten to midnight, and the topic was ‘Songs about Freedom’. There were two comments already and I very hastily typed the following:
‘”Freedom” Gege Michael.
This is going to be huge.’
I then had to put in a follow up comment, humourously claiming that ‘Gege Michael’ was a famous Iranian pop star what I know about, like.
So you can either take this as a prediction and start preparing your lists (in which case, Gege Michael’s song is MINE), or you can start digging out the phone numbers of people who might be able to help me… Ta.

9 thoughts on “This is weird, isn’t it?

  1. And which other obsessives beat you to the putsch … I have an urgent need to know what they came up with; cos’ my list of Philip Jeays ‘Freedom’ songs is huge … but I don’t want to be donding at this early stage

  2. Goddammit and I had my list all prepared, just like tatanka…So, ejay, what IS the policy on our Mistaken For Strangers tie? Yours came up first, so I guess its point to you, right?

  3. Well, I think that I can be “grand prince” and let a jester like you enjoy the rare joy of a A-list spot, as I think I’m a healthy first in the unofficial RR ranking.I’m jinxed myself from ever having a song in the A-list, B-list or J-list haven’t I?..

  4. ejay – very decent of you and all that, but those sound a bit like fightin’ words to me, sir. I demand to see a league table! On your honour, sir!

  5. Over to you fourfoot…. Oh hold on, didn’t you say that you haven’t updated the RR chart for months now? I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it Snad.

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