Loose Ends

Tying up some threads I was pulling earlier. 1) Attempt to prove to Shane & Blimps that Magnetic Fields don’t always suck. 2) Even favoriter cover (although the original was so great, why bother). 3) Gary Numan doing his NIN impression. 4) Wacko Jacko & Metallica for Japanther & Frag Proncess & anyone else who didn’t find it. 5) Manics covering my not so guilty pleasure for Toffee.

8 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. Chuff me, that Manics cover is brilliant. Cheers shoey. But then, it probably is the song of the decade, isn’t it?And who is track two? I weirdly enjoyed it in a Lost Highway kind of way…

  2. shoey.. I think you got the wrong end of the stick.typing jokes can misfire..I could have said gege Michael, neil tennent, elton john, etc….. Stephin Merritts 69 love songs is a fantastic feat of songwriting.. although the high concepts sometimes over power the songs.. Future bible Heroes ‘eternal youth’ felt 80’s overdose to me and the jesus and mary chain concept.. odd. But I’m glad he does them, because it’s interesting in this bland world…(I’ll try again…Don’t know if he’s a giving or a taking kind of guy…. but he probably does suck)I will get my coat.Great collection of covers by the way.

  3. Shoey, will you PLEASE select ‘centre’ for your thread pic position in future, and start typing underneath? You’re making my eyes go funny!

  4. ShaneWhat you mean that Stephin is……& so is Neil?& Elton?Surely not Gege?Snad#2 was Aphex Twin remixing Phillip Glass doing Bowie (but not in the way Shane is implying).

  5. Speaking of making your eyes going funny &, ahem, that other thing we were talking about. Did anyone see Michael Gambon on "To Gear" telling a story about how he lied to the press about being homosexual, and that he gave it up because it made his eyes water. Classic. They cut the comment out on the re-runs though – political correctness Nazis are everywhere.

  6. Much better, thanks.And re Michael Gambon – missed that both times. As his lap is now legendary for the wrong reasons, I wish I had seen it. The cutting of the re-run would’ve annoyed me, right enough.

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