Fantasy Football

MrDNA has suggested that, if any RRs have entered the Grauniad Fantasy Football, we could set up a league of our own. It’s very easy to join; once you’ve created your team, just go to ‘Join a Friends’ League’ and join “The UniDond League” with the password “rr2008”. I’m now in two minds about doing this meself, as I created my team with my real name and can’t find any way of changing it to Abahachi – it’s going to be like, with a lot of strangers claiming to be familiars…

And this is the winner of this year’s Oddest Shaped Vegetable competition…

18 thoughts on “Fantasy Football

  1. Well, Abahachi, you’ve already posted your email address on the Mothership so the cat is at least part of the way out of the bag!It doesn’t look as though you can see which teams (and thus their managers’ names) are in a Friends’ League unless you’re signed up to that League yourself, so I’d have thought you’d be reasonably OK.

  2. Good show so far, folks, well done: still room for a few more on top though! TonNL – I wish half my team hadn’t been there this weekend: I had 3 Portsmouth players on the field; they did so badly against Chelsea that their players are still losing points the day after the game…

  3. I see my imaginary alter-ego has joined and straight to the top of the leaderboard. Oh, and Skippy_is_a_Cult appears to have won the weekly prize on the Pick the Score prediction thread also.Now why didn’t I buy a lottery ticket….

  4. I’m in. And, instantly, third in the league. Real-name-wise, however, the clever deception of my no-de-blog may now have been exploded…Hold on a second – THE SPILL IS WORKING FOR ME AGAIN!!!! SHIT YESSSS!!! I must commemorate this…

  5. At some point, given the number of us who didn’t realise or didn’t care that we actually didn’t have to use our real names to register, we’re going to need a list of who’s really who among all these strange-sounding people…

  6. okay.. as above, playing catch up, but why not waste some more bone of massive contention.. couldn’t find a way to reg. without putting a premier league team in the ‘who do you support’ mini league. Us in the sticks support our local useless gets don’t they know!

  7. Can’t actually remember how I did it, but it’s certainly not confined to the Premier League – I’m in the Yeovil Town supporters league…

  8. Not playing, because being a lifelong QPR supporter is fantasy enough for me. Also propose a 6 month ban on Nilp & Toffee before they are allowed to indulge in any more fantasies.

  9. Look at this bloody timestamp. I’ve JUST managed to sit down at PC, got approx 90 mins work prep to do for a course I start running in under 7hrs time. Sorry folks, the FF will have to wait …

  10. Can one join 2 leagues? I would gladly join the RR league, but I’m already supposed to be part of another league (when I next try to set up a team).

  11. In case anyone’s still reading this thread and you want to change your name, the only way to do so is to contact the Grauniad through the contact us section of the Fantasy Football pages.

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