Onomatopoeiac Songs!!?!!

The Onomatopoeia Challenge begins here!

We’ve already had:
Umm – Scritti Politti
How I Sang Dang – Arcie Bronson Outfit
Gobbledigook – Sigur Ros
Gesunteit – People Like Us
Pissing – Low
Boing Boom Tschak – Kraftwerk
from Shoegazer

And I’m going to add “Cannonball” by The Breeders, because it has the lyric: “Crash! I’m the last splash!” which is a double point score!!!

‘Spillers: On your marks…set….GO!!!

74 thoughts on “Onomatopoeiac Songs!!?!!

  1. “Whambangmon chat “Splash” gite sur mon lit a bouffeSa langue en buvant trop mon whysky”as copied and pasted from t’internet!!

  2. Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm. Would the chorus line from Werevolves Of London count? Dagnabit, Blimpy, you’re about to ruin another supposed admin-work evening!

  3. As much as I love “Da Da Da” (the Elastica version mostly) – i don’t think it counts…….stretching it there a bit Darce!!( whither abahachi?? he’d be able to sort this one out….) ***will follow other links shortly****

  4. Can I just say, it took me 10 minutes of googling, and then some correct spelling from the wonderful Mrs McFlah before I could work out the correct spelling for “Onomatopoeia”.I’d had it pegged as “onamatapaeia” due to, um, onomatopoeiac reasons…..

  5. Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day by Michael JacksonOop Bop Sh'bam by Dizzy GillespieChica-Chica-Boom-Chica by Rolano & Luiz Antonio/Les EtoilesBoom! by The RootsHigga Boom by Gene HarrisBoom by Royce Da 5'9"Cleck Cleck Boom by VoltairMatter of fact, most of these were in my noise post a few weeks ago.

  6. Onomatopoeia (also spelled onomatopœia, from Greek: ονοματοποιΐα) is a word or a grouping of words that imitates the sound it is describing, suggesting its source object, such as “click,” “bunk”, “clang,” “buzz,” “bang,” or animal noises such as “oink”, “slurp”, or “meow”.

  7. I'm sure in "Annie I'm Not Your Daddy" by Kid Creole & The Coconuts, near the end the backing singers are going "ono – ono – onomatapaeia. ono – ono – onomatapaeia".

  8. Crash Bang Wallop – Tommy SteeleWish had remembered that one for “noise” songs.Crash Into Me – Dave Mathews Band

  9. Tomb of the Boom–Big BOiReturn of hte Boom Bap–KRS OneBoomin system–LL cool J.Or are they all just songs with “boom” in them? I guess that’s different.

  10. “Kevin Carter” – Manics”Click, click, click, click. Click yourself under”(already in RR archive)”Bang bang! On the door baby!” – ‘Loveshack’ – B52s”Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” -Wham “you put the boom boom into my heart” “Whip Crack Away” – Doris Day “Click Click Click Click” – Bishop Allen

  11. “JINGLE BELLS!!!”or even The Ronettes doing the one that goes “sleigh bells jinglaling, ring ting tingaling too” —-is it “Sleigh Ride”?

  12. Bang a Gong must be double points, cos “gong” is also the noise a gong makes, no? Or should the song have been called “Gong A Gong”???

  13. I’m still looking for triple points for “Boing Boom Tscak”. Or quadruple because the only thing else in the tune is “ping”.

  14. onomotopaiodonds for hand clapping song. Became very fond of that during noise subject.Tick tick boom made me think of War by outkast, cause that’s the refrain, isn’t it?

  15. Splash 1 by Bongwaterthink this gets two subjects in one. has mushaboom been said by ejay yet?Boom by Big Dog (kermit from black grape)(that gives you a line from a band called Head “I like it doggy style, I like it RUFF”)night all..will have to do some work soon…

  16. Oh so I’m the resident saddo who enjoys a bit o Feist then? Well, I guess… i did think of Mushaboom, but wasn’t sure if it was onoma[…]ic.

  17. “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” – The Munchkins”Baa Baa Black Sheep” – Trad”Summer Is Icumin In” – Trad Eng. from The Wicker Man:Summer has come in,Loudly sing, Cuckoo!The seed grows and the meadow bloomsAnd the wood springs anew,Sing, Cuckoo!The ewe bleats after the lambThe cow lows after the calf.The bullock stirs, the stag fartsMerrily sing, Cuckoo!Cuckoo, cuckoo, well you sing, cuckoo;Don’t you ever stop now,Sing cuckoo now. Sing, Cuckoo.Sing Cuckoo. Sing cuckoo now!QUINTUPLE POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR MORE!Also,,,,,is yoedeling onomatopaeic?

  18. Hang on … getting some movement on the ouija board underneath the photo of me and gordonimmel: DEEPPURPLEHUSH Oh, it seems to have stopped now.

  19. Why Gordon can’t use text messages whilst he’s on holiday like the rest of us I don’t know. I suppose it is expensive from Europe on a mobile?! ;o)

  20. … or The Marvelous Toy (Tom Paxton)- if no one has mentioned it yet?”It went “zip” when it moved and “bop” when it stopped,And “whirr” when it stood still.I never knew just what it was and I guess I never will.”

  21. Does the onomatopoeia have to be in the title? Because if not, there’s Les Trois Cloches by Les Compagnons de la Chanson (with or without Edith Piaf) where they make the bell sounds and tune in the chorus.

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