Hard Cash

As I said over on the Mothership, Hard Cash was a television series that was never shown, because the Beeb and Maggie weren’t getting on too well at the time. But here’s some of the music, which is all about the horrors of work under various kinds of oppression.

1 is Mrs Rita, sung by June Tabor
2 is Work Life Out to Keep Life In: Martin Carthy has added an extra verse to this trad. song
3 is The Guernsey Kitchen Porter, by Michael Marra
4 is Good With My Hands, by Christine Collister and Clive Gregson

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9 thoughts on “Hard Cash

  1. Hey treefrogdemon. Thanks for alerting me to your post. I like Mrs Rita, and really like Good with My Hands – she has a great voice. Never heard of her!Dionysius

  2. Hi Dionysius! Yes, Christine C is great – she used to sing with Richard Thompson’s band in the 80s/90s. There’s some of her on YouTube.

  3. Finally got a chance to listen, it’s a dark and thundery Sunday, and the music seems to fit the mood. Beautiful. Thank you.

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