Shameless branding

My current wallpaper is appropriate for this week’s topic…and, spookily, the same person and the same brand (but a different picture) feature as my laptop’s wallpaper. Ooer!

At work I’m not allowed wallpaper thanks to our evil IT guys. And we have an enforced screensaver about washing your hands. Did I complain? Yes, but it didn’t get me anywhere. Except being labelled as a troublemaker.

5 thoughts on “Shameless branding

  1. wow, he's super cute. It's a funny thing about kids & brands. Malcolm recognizes trademarks for things I didn't even know he knew about–toys, cartoons, a certain brand of sneaker. I actually find it a little frightening–this proof of how effective it is.And here's a great episode of the Colbert Report…mentions Starbucks!! talks about the European Union, and Nas is on!!!! Talking about Fox News, which is a brand, isn't it?

  2. Yes, Ivan likes Bob the Builder brand and Thomas the Tank Engine brand, much to my daughter’s disgust (he found out about them at the Other Grandparent’s house).Thanks for the Colbert report – what a hoot. Parts of Glasgow have the same Starbucks-penetration as Manhattan seems to have.”At least we’re winning on the Fox Evening News” – ‘Dad’s Gonna Kill Me’, Richard Thompson.

  3. MiniMcFlah (4 and a half) can recognize brands, despite the fact we’ve not taught him to read yet – i think the first one was Pizza Hut (he’s only been 4 times in his life, he likes the “ice cream factory”). He’s never been to McDonalds (and never will if i have anything to do with it) – it’s a shame he’s not up right now, it’d be interesting to show him some logos and see what he comes out with. He recognises Madonna whenever she’s on telly, despite her chameleonlike style changes over the years. We have taught him well….

  4. golden arches.. the grandparents take Mara there, we try to avoid it.. but she’s still more partial to my secret recipe hamburgers than she is to a big mac.. what I like about her relationship to McD’s is that she’s quite clear that it’s all about the free gifts, she will readily admit that the food is crap.. I became fully aware of the effect of ads on children’s when, as a 4 yr old, she started assuring me that I should buy a certain type of washing powder, because it washes everything whiter…

  5. We don’t go to MacDs either, but mini Munday went once (to someone’s party) and loved the free toy – hated the food – he still recognises it and asks to go there if we’re passing. Kids TV is a big problem when it comes to advertising – it’s almost built in to most programmes, with spin-off toys, magazines etc. Quite shameless, really (and raises expectations unrealistically). But we generally resist, and still make cardboard castles and tin-can robots, etc.!

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