A rare, yet shameless, traffic boosting gesture….

It’s been a while since our last bare faced traffic raising gesture, so I thought that in order to keep our 3000+ monthly visitors happy, and to attract new readers, that I’d post up what is the current wallpaper on my laptop…..(it’s dita von teese looking saucy for the benefit of google’s text based searches:  i read recently that this sort of thing really works, even with the sophisticated genteel readership that the ‘ Spill has….) 

So, what do you ‘Spillers have as your computer “wallpaper”? 
In another blatent attempt, here’s the UK’s current number one artiste covering last week’s number one record. As we all know 1 x 1 = 1. Oh yes! 

That’s Not My Name by Dizzee Rascal – Ting Tings Cover –

34 thoughts on “A rare, yet shameless, traffic boosting gesture….

  1. At work:This image of the lovely Heather Findlay, taken at Gloucester Guildhall back in AprilAt home:This picture of the kandar viaduct from the top of the ruined castle at Tellenburg in Switzerland.

  2. Took down “the finger” on my post, as it seemed somewhat counter-productive to your daring new marketing strategy.

  3. Aren't you missing a trick not putting some appropriately enticing labels on the post, Blimpy?My laptop wallpaper (& my mobile too) is my company logo, boringly.PC wallpaper is a clip from the original Cat In The Hat book drawings.

  4. Mine is a picture I took at night, of an intersection. Sexy, eh?If I had Dita Von Teese on there, I would probably never have any applications open. Hmmmm, Dita… She almost looks naked on that picture too, with that flesh coloured corset.

  5. @ejay – “dita von teese naked” you say? (..traffic now up 6000% more…) now there’s an interesting thought….@ darce – “enticing” “Cat” you say? (traffic x 50%)@ shoey – “daring” “finger” you say? (traffic x 600%)@ kalyr – “lovely” “viaduct” you say? (trafficometer explodes)

  6. Am I the only one here that sees absolutely nothing erotic or attractive in this picture; the ‘lovely Heather Findley’, come on! It’s like something out of a time warp, MEN, are supposed to drool over this sort of stuff, rubbish. Having got that out of the way let me introduce a slightly off topic thread, Dorian’s ‘Book of Playlists’: ever since it was published it’s resided in our downstairs bathroom right next to the toilet, I read it every day. I’m constantly impressed by Dorian’s ability to write an interesting and pithy summary of our weekly doings and he brings a scholar’s huge display of musical knowledge and interest to it. I open it at random and read whatever’s on the page, some I’ve read several times, some are still unread and I enjoy them the more for the wait.Anybody else enjoyed it?

  7. @goneforeign, I’m puzzled by your comment about the picture of Heather Findlay. What is it you object to? If you were talking about the Dita von Teese photo, I must say I think it would be improved if she were wearing stockings and suspenders as well as that corset.

  8. She’s not my type (visually), but at least Heather hasn’t disappeared under half-a-kilo of false-colour slap. Dita? All wrong. I’m surprised the Indian restaurant even let her come in dressed like that, let alone put her feet up on the waiting area furniture!

  9. Well I learned two new words, fronk & blogagge: google was helpful.FronkA word used to describe a person who fails to pay attention to "VERY IMPORTANT" details.blogagge(stolen off telai), 122 days ago.Known as: Sarah , shorty, slut, little one + Born: 20th July 1991 + Hair color: Black + eye: HazelRe. #1, I suppose it comes down to how you define 'important details'. #2, even though they got the hair color right I wouldn't have gone that far.Mnemonic: first of all I've no idea who Heather Findley is, everyone else seems to know her, I suspect that Dita von Teese must be the photographer, if she/he did this one I wouldn't bother putting it in my portfolio. It's awful, it pre-dates Playboy by 20 years, the pose, the costume, the heels and the awful position and background, it looks like it was shot for a bootleg version of the Marquis de Sade; it's a total cliche of what supposedly men find erotic. If that's what you want on your computer and the idea is to titilate, then why not go the whole hog and have a bit of honest porn? OK, I just did one more google and see that my supposition was off, she is a porn star and is the subject, not the photographer, couldn't get much on Ms Findley but I discover they're both American, how did I miss them!Obviously I'm totally missing the point of all this [as usual.]

  10. As I have two computers I have two wallpapers: one is Mark Ramprakash and Karen in the Christmas Special of Strictly Come Dancing, and the other is a really nice piece of art from Galaxy Zoo with 42 made out of galaxies…Don’t care for the Dita von Teese pic: I shall look more ravishing than that at Babe Ruth’s 50th birthday party in 3 weeks time!

  11. looks like she’s put her knee on a drawing pin to me, not what I’d want as my computer wall paper, but each to their own and she seems to be quite savvy about exploiting herself, so I won’t get in a feminist strop about that.I have a photograph of my favourite beach in Cornwall as my wallpaper, but I’m not telling you which one or you’ll all get down there before me.

  12. dita von teese is cunningly exploiting me and my preferential aesthetic of female beauty and sauciness. also, the background looks not disimilar to my front room. that said, if I did have a giant glass of martini and she started to climb in it, i’m sure i’d be a bit annoyed – “oi! von teese!! don’t come round my manor acting like a bloody olive!!”

  13. @Goneforeign: Heather Findlay is the lead singer of Mostly Autumn – I took that photo at their gig in Gloucester back in April. I doubt that anybody else here (except for CaroleBristol) knows who she is. I have met her quite a few times; she’s definitely not American, she’s from Yorkshire. Calling her American is fighting talk.

  14. “FronkA word used to describe a person who fails to pay attention to “VERY IMPORTANT” details.”That describes me very well actually. Like I can never remember which type of bear you should climb up a tree to escape from, and which you should play dead for.If I get it wrong next time I go hiking they will either climb up the tree after me, or eat my seemingly dead body.Off topic, I know. But maybe someone Googling for the latest Bear News will stumble upon this wonderful blog.

  15. Mea Culpa, when I googled Ms Findley I obviously mis-spelled her name and came up with a bit actress from New Jersey.OK, re ‘wallpaper’, we call it screensavers, I’ve got 3 Macs in front of me, my wife’s has a picture of one of our dogs, my second one has a rotating series of French Impressionists and my main Mac has a series of pictures of irises from our garden. All very dull compared to Senor El Blimp.

  16. *Serious face on*If we really want some more "traffic", why not post an invite for more victims/members/spillers over on the mothership? There seem to be a lot of newer regulars who probably think the spill link is really a sign-up for a 10 year subscription to the Grauniad. That Webcore character seems hell bent on filling up the entire internet by himself & would keep us busy if just he came over here to the dark side.What do you all think?Would do it myself, but as a relative newbie, don't feel it's my place & tend to get all girly & shy about such things.If you think it's a good idea, & it is your call, suggest Blimpy, or one of his split personalties posts the invite as he is clearly a marketing genius.

  17. back in the olden days when the spill first started, i did get mildly obsessed with visiter numbers, but now it’s ridiculously high, and steady so I’m quite happy. i like the fact that, with so many links to the spill in the RR comments, that folks will eventually find their way here. there’s been 4 new spillers asking to join in the last week anyhoo.

  18. ps; Personally I’d rather have that picture of Juliette Binoche on today’s front page on my computer than that bird up above, anyday!

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