27 thoughts on “Magic

  1. Isn’t the Eric Burdon also used on Portishead’s Dummy? The De La Soul track started well, but only went for five seconds..

  2. Wandering Star.. the Portishead track which samples Burdon.. it was bugging me so I just listened to it…I’d be keen to hear more than 10 seconds of the de la soul..

  3. Loving the Moss Def and Cymande so far. Just a question to you and Ejay, Steenbeck – when you posted stuff before and I clicked on the first track, a horizontal bar would appear and all the songs would play automatically one after the other. Now I just get one song at a time and my Windows Media Player opens to play them. Just to let you know. The other system was great. I’m on a PC BTW in case that changes things. Some great sounds going down there, Lady S!

  4. Love the Cymande, Eric Burdon and Fela Kuti.De La Soul is brilliant.That Screamin’ Jay Hawkins one is just silly and I don’t like Mos Def at all.

  5. I think I fixed the De La Soul, Nilpferd. I forgot to convert to MP3. ANd thanks for the Portishead info. We have their first two albums and used to listen to them all the time. I sort of forgot we had them. FP–I still get the bar across the bottom. I don’t understand Boxstr very well, I’m sorry if you had to download the songs to hear them.Carolebristol, I think Voodoo is very silly, but You Put the Spell on Me (Different song from I put a Spell on You) is actually a sweet song.Thanks for listening everyone!

  6. Doh! I have to click on the play sign and not on the title of the song. How foolish. I am distracted by the thought of German football captain Michael Ballak’s calf muscles. I’m listening again.

  7. FP- forget the playlist and focus on healing the Ballack calf: I imagine you’ll be guaranteed -um- unlimited currywurst anytime you cross the border…

  8. OK – I’m doing strange chants, am boiling laurel leaves on the sofa and thinking of the aforesaid legs. Hope the magic works.

  9. Sine you have the power to fix Ballack’s thigh, can you tell him to get his grubby hands of my dreamy Fabr├ęgas?

  10. Cesc is already sorted.. (withdraws last skewer from Fabregas doll, watches dispassionately as filling trickles out)

  11. Wow, I feel so dull this weekend, I can’t believe I’m letting references to autodondlemittizaton and German Sausage float right on by. Must be age setting in…

  12. A German-Brazilian interviewed in full lederhosen in a bar reckons there’ll b e2 goals from Ballack. meanwhile in Marcos Senna’s house in Sao Paulo, the whole family is wearing a Spain shirt, we’ve had words from his mother, brother and wife.

  13. To sum up:Paella- a deliciously exotic mixture of fresh seafood, saffron, vegetables, and rice, lovingly prepared in special cauldrons and left for at least an hour to develop its unforgettable flavour and texture, then served stylishly in deep porcelain bowls topped with freshly chopped parsley. Best accompanied by a dry Rioja.Currywurst- a stale, often very fatty meat substitute sausage, thrown half-heartedly onto a dirty grill for about 30 seconds, cut into pieces, then doused in a factory produced, flavour enhanced so-called “curry sauce”, and slopped onto a frilled cardboard plate with a fluorescent plastic fork. Often washed down with a can of Becks.

  14. And sort it out, Steenbeck. (Blogslaps across cheek).Here, drink this. (Opens drawer, takes out large, unopened bottle of duty free whiskey. Pours two large slugs. Offers both)There, that’s better..And FP, fer chrissakes! Laurel leaves!! Give me strength…

  15. Nilpferd, I just don’t want to lose my coveted place in the international off-color punsters association. You were setting them up, and they weren’t getting knocked down.

  16. Steenbeck, I have to tell you that subsequently the I.O.C.P.A. has been in touch regarding a possible suspension; I’ve tried to make them hold their fire. The ball is in your court.

  17. Hmmm, the “ball” is in my “court” and the pressure is mounting. What to do, what to do.The first rule of the IOCPA, send the words back at them with a liberal (or licentious) sprinkling of apostrophes. The thrust and parry, we call it.

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