a very special brew.

Haven’t been able to look too closely at all the posts so hope I’ll not have a spell put on me.

some very interesting tunes for this subject..I love Morphines potion and I don’t quite know if a raindance is magic ….BUT I think Past Seven Days only did one 7″ so it’s in.
Fatboy Slims Latin Ska Acid Breakbeat version of Magic Carpet Ride joins the Baggies and My Computer on a ‘You may have to have been there to enjoy them vibe…’
Mariee Sioux and Get Well Soon I know nothing about but like the songs..hope you enjoy…
Time to listen to the new podcast me thinks…

4 thoughts on “a very special brew.

  1. Hey, Saneshane, no time yet to listen to the new list, but I’m really liking the Real Tuesday Weld album. Thanks for that.

  2. glad you like..R.T.W was a struggle to find.. but ended up being on e-music..the only reason I found it was MHann sent me there to get a Bongwater album that had evaded me. (they have uses these over-lookers of music on the Paper!)

  3. OK, you are now officially my favorite spillerer: loved Get Well Soon, Morphine & The Mighty Dub Katz (Not Dud in any way).

  4. Ahh I’m touched thank you so much…(not dud at all) you should see my hand writing.. b’s and d’s are the worst for me to get the right way round.. that’s why I design.

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