23 thoughts on “it’s…name….that….SAMPLE!! (again)

  1. Once again, thanks Steenbeck, I didn’t know that Common song, or anything else from that album actually. Love that sample, so smooth.

  2. I didn’t have ANY Common, which seemed like a crime since most everyone I listen to has collaborated w/him and I like everything I’ve heard. I’ve got a few albums now, but I’m stuck on Resurrection. I just love it, and that song in particular. I found Soul Food, finally.And now I’m off to an early night in my own bed, after two nights of dodgy sleeep in a tent.

  3. Synchronicity strikes again. I just checked it out, sounds like somebody played the Rhodes keyboard on Southside on top of the sample.

  4. I haven’t listened to all of Finding Forever yet. For some reason the guest don’t sound that promising to me. The one that sounds really good is One Day it Will All Make Sense…Cee Lo! Q Tip! De La Soul! Black thought!

  5. I still haven’t listened to all of Finding Forever yet, at least that I can remember, but I liked all of The Game, The People, and Driving Me Wild. I’ve got Resurrection on stand-by for tonight, but passed, maybe foolishly on One Day… We’ll see

  6. One of the things that seems interesting to me about Resurrection is that it samples other hip hop (that I think is from around the same time)–KRS One, ATCQ, Wu Tang. I like that idea, but can’t think of a lot of other examples of it.

  7. DJ Premier’s productions will almost invariably include hooks made form vocal samples of other hip-hop songs. And it invariably works. Other than that I can’t think of many other examples, except maybe EPMD.

  8. I’m such a geek, I just wikied DJ Premier, and then listened to Mathematics because they give that as an example of his work. Their description of his method is so interesting, but I feel like I only half understand it. And I was reading about Pete Rock yesterday, I can’t remember why, but his production style is interesting as well. I just think hip hop production is so endlessly fascinating. I wish I understood it better.I was speaking to my friends the Dumas (Dumases)? yesterday, and it turns out the French woman I met in the park is the wife of the award-winning screenwriter who wrote Days of Wine and Roses. Hmm.

  9. We like to call ourselves the Dumbasses (yeah I know you thought about it!), the most conservative among us probably use Dumas’ though.So you’re one person away from knowing an Oscar winner, and not even a winner for Best Make-Up or Sound Editing.

  10. Oh he died a few years ago in NJ, no mention of his wife on Wikipedia though. Nowadays is it more important to know the widow of somebody who has his own Wikipedia page, or Oscar? I’m close to neither.

  11. Ha ha, I did think of it. That wouldn’t really be an issue in France, would it?I just read his wiki page. It seems he didn’t win an oscar, I must have misconstrued. Well, the movie won an Oscar and he wrote it…His wife IS there, though, down at the bottom–Liane Nicolaus, and the son Milo is the one I met, with a son named Isaac. They seem like an interesting family. I was glad to learn she didn’t move here for just any old schmo. Despite that false claim, I have met an oscar winner, a good friend of ours’ father won an oscar for a short film. Or maybe he just got nominated. I have to stop throwing these random academy award claims around or my credibility will be completely destroyed.

  12. Thankfully it’s not an issue in France, and in English I don’t pronounce the ‘s’ anymore. It wasn’t too long ago I got a telemarketing call, and the lady on the other end had to hold he laughter as others were laughing around her. I gracefully let her enjoy it. But I did think that your name ends in clear “ass”, at least the way I read it.

  13. For a minute I thought he said he like girls with hair on their chest, but it’s actually with “chest out to here”. SO he dedicates this song first to Heavy D, that’s kinda sweet. It’s good to hear a hip-hop love song, and not as conflicted as Notorious BIG’s Me & My Bitch.

  14. Booty Butt is a sweet song, I’ll have to add it to my list.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w28TzikkZzoRemind me not to type those words as a youTube search without Ray Charles’ name. My goodness!I could spend the whole day checking out the links on It takes a nation of millions. There’s a link to Cocaine Blunt, which they mentioned on the Guardian a few months back. They have an interesting post on Cee Lo and a brutal one on Common.

  15. The Kevin Nottingham site is a goldmine!! It’s what I’ve been looking for all this time!! Unfortunately I can’t download anything because the download slots for my country are exceeded. It’s like being in the 40 thieves’ cave but then realising there’s a glass wall between you and the treasure.

  16. I’m listening to the Goodie Mob interview on that Cocaine Blunt post. It’s so strange to hear an interview about how they were just on Outkast’s first album, the Dungeon Family, etc. And the Roots are in the studio, freestyling with Cee-Lo. What they’re saying about their intentions and impressions about the business reminds me of an interview I’d read from them right before or after the World Party, where they sounded so disillusioned with it all. The last line was one of them saying he’s gonna call his stuff -hop, because his shit ain’t hip. They didn’t manage to take the post-Puff Daddy/New Orleans Bling Bling turn as well as Outkast.

  17. I’m downloading something from Hip Hopisread right now, they use an alternative hosting server, or whatever the technical term is. It’s megaupload that’s full, I’ll try later tonight, or early tomorrow morning.

  18. I was trying to listen to the goodie mob interview but we’ve had a lot of distractions today, with friends dropping by. What I heard of it adds to my vision of Cee Lo as an old-time preacher–the rhythm and cadence of his speaking. I like it.

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