Elvis is everywhere – part 2

The fact that the blog is languishing has prompted me to do my bit, after a period away from broadband, at the Brighton Festival (more posts later mebbee)

Anyhow, you may have heard about the graffiti-fest at London’s Leake Street, with a grungy railway arch transformed by Banksy and frenz. The crowds early on were huge, but it’s settled down now, and will be there for another 5 months.

Given the recent interest in the King, I thought you might like this take on him.

If there’s any interest in the Leake Street thing, I’ll happily post some more of the pieces…

Postscript: I’ve added my shot of the wonderful image of a Council graffiti removal worker finally dealing with a graffito that’s been around a while…as mentioned in CB’s post

Have you had your plus sign today? FP’s exceedingly optimistic playlist

I wasn’t going to do one today but I’m away in the coming week and was away a lot last week so I thought I’d try and respect the usual rhythm. And anyway there were some great songs suggested over on the Mother Ship so I also wanted to pay tribute to that. I never NEVER thought I could like anyone else’s version of “Mr Blue Sky” and was astounded to discover how much I like the Delgado’s version. Extraordinary. This playlist throws up one question for me – I’m still in a ‘film’ mood having been steeped in that world for two weeks. There’s one song in this playlist which I cannot hear without seeing Jack Black whirling round John Cusack’s record shop like a spinning top on speed. You know which song I mean.
The question is therefore – which song that you already knew has subsequently come to be linked with a film in your mind, so much so that they have become inseperable….?

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There Is Always Hope

There Is Always Hope

It’s been very quiet on the ‘Spill recently – where is blimpy??? Are we all quizzed out? Have we had enough of reading other people’s rambling thoughts on life, the universe and everything, including (occasionally) music! I hope not, because it’s time to present my own five reasons to be cheerful (and, indeed, optimistic).

First up, it’s the fabulous Lindy Stevens with ‘Pennygold’. I know nothing about Ms Stevens – I discovered this song on one of those old Kent Northern Soul albums (which are full of hidden gems). I fell in love with it and still can’t get enough of it – at only two and a quarter minutes long it’s difficult to do so. I have one particular memory of listening to it while driving through the wooded hills of southern Germany (the beautiufl Pfalz for those who know it). Listen and enjoy.

Second up, is ‘Power Of Your Tenderness’ by Jad Far. Again, I don’t know too much about this and I only discovered it (and the wonderful album from which it’s taken) because my beloved Teenage Fanclub are the backing band. It’s a lovely song and it makes me laugh – a lot!

Donald Fagen’s ‘I.G.Y.’ is an intriguing take on optimism – it’s a sort of reverse approach, looking back at the (false?) optimism of youth. If The Nightfly did nothing else it showed that it was possible to make a concept album without mentioning Middle Earth!

Another interesting look at optimism comes from Death Cab For Cutie’s ‘Someday You Will Be Loved’. It’s about a man who is quite convinced that he’s not good enough for his former partner:
You’ll be loved you’ll be loved, like you never have known,
The memories of me, will seem more like bad dreams,
Just a series of blurs, like I never occurred,
Someday you will be loved.
Any excuse to hear Death Cab For Cutie…

Finally, Jonathan Richman’s ‘Morning Of Our Lives’. The song was recorded live at The Hammersmith Odeon in the summer of 1977 – Roadrunner was in the UK charts and that was about the only Jonathan Richman song that most people in Britain knew at the time. As the track starts Jonathan says that it’s going to be the last song and everyone starts screaming for Roadrunner. Now, although Roadrunner was a UK hit (and quite possibly the reason that most people were at The Odeon that night) it had originally been written at least seven years earlier and Jonathan was basically sick of it. And being the sort of man he was (and indeed still is) he wasn’t going to pander to the audience’s desires – he had already decided that he was going to play ‘Morning Of Our Lives’ and he wasn’t about to change his mind. Nevertheless, you can hear the uncertainty in his voice as he introduces it, as if he’s wavering slightly. The calls for Roadrunner continue – even as late as 1 minute 54 seconds into the track someone shouts it out but by the end the whole audience has been won over and when Jonathan says ‘We’re Young Now’ you can almost feel the whole building rising up as one – and the sustained applause at the end speaks volumes. “No need to fear, ‘cos now is the time for us to have faith in what we can do. Goodnight.”

1 Miles ‘perfect world’ pure German pop with handclaps…

2 the Real Tuesday Weld ‘I love the rain’ old time 78 samples with crackles “wash away the stink of this pain and suffering.. I love the rain”

3 / 8 Departure Lounge/ 6 Tim Keegan ‘What you have is good’ ‘be good to yourself’’ ‘on a good day’ ummm- couldn’t spilt them so fill your boots with all three and stop being so bloody miserable Shane!

4 MGMT ‘time to pretend’ drug habits, models and music- future perfect.

5 Seeed ‘Respectness’ Catch them live at a festie and see the sun shin all day. German reggae.. fun eh?

7 Pony Club ‘I still feel the same’ this is beautifully written -chinos, sing along to liteFM, people carrier! But still got the dreams, sex on the brain, still feel the same..genius.

9 I Am Kloot ‘Avenue of hope’ morbid optimism- far more me!

10 Spearmint ‘sweeping the nation’ stick to what you believe in and everything will come to you.