11 thoughts on “Pato Donald

  1. @ejd – i liked the original, and the sugababes cover (especially the awful cock rock solo in it, which was so ill fitting it was great) – this version reminds me of tom jones murdering it at live8earthprincessdiana thingy concert. damn him!!

  2. Really? I think it sounds quite funky. I wouldn’t have minded a different singer though. That Tom Jones “version” was truly horrendous, thankfully I’ve managed to erase it from my mind. Please don’t mention it ever again or I’ll get flashbacks, and then I’ll have to listen to the original 10 times in succession

  3. I think the line goes “Do not lead us into temptation”. Guess what? Thanks a lot Big Man. I just had to do it. I’m ashamed.

  4. What was Joe Perry thinking? He must feel even more ashamed! He’s almost playing it ska style! Actually the more I listen to it, I’m thinking Tom Jones has really shown the true genius that was lying dormant in this song! I take back my initial comment, huh – hur, all right!

  5. I quite like it, ejaydee. Fortunately, I’ve never come across the Tom Jones version. I don’t know why people go on about his cover of ‘Kiss’ either – I thought it was kind of embarrassing. On the other hand, on 1969’s ‘This Is Tom Jones’ he does an uncharacteristically restrained version of Wichita Lineman (though even Tom Jones would have trouble overdoing that one) followed by a fine take on Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay. Mind you, the lines ‘I have nothing to live for/ seems like nothing’s gonna come my way’ ring slightly less true if you’re pictured on the cover onstage in full evening dress in front of your name in twenty-foot lights.I confess I’m too scared to revisit his cover of Hey Jude just now.

  6. Great vid, ejd. I have a soft spot for Geoff & Maria Muldaur’s version of Brazil, but I guess there’s millions…

  7. There are loads of versions indeed, and I don’t think I own any actually. Who voted for the Tom Jones version? I want names! Was it you you Blyympyy Davis?

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