7 thoughts on “Nice Weather for Ducks

  1. Then there’s the lines from a classic 60’s single’I feel inclinedto blow my mindAnd go feed the ducks with a bunThey all come outTo groove aboutBe nice and have fun in the sun’A really sticky bun to the first person to name (and shame?) this song….

  2. Oh, I do love Lemon Jelly. I went to see them live a few years back and, as we went in, we were all given little party bags with balloons, notebooks, pencils (the Lemon Jelly doodling machine), badges and a bingo card. Instead of a support band we spent the first part of the evening with whole audience playing bingo, with the Grim Reaper as adjudicator. No false claims that night!

  3. That was quite wonderful. I watched it whilst listening to All the Madmen by Bowie, seemed to work, especially the dancing at the end. Cool.

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