14 thoughts on “More balm for the soul

  1. I just watched the documentary on GG Allin over on pitchfork.tv . Not what i was expecting, after having read a bit about him previously.

  2. I got sucked into it too, I only wanted to watch the first part and got morbidly curious. Worth checking out definitely, as long as you follow the warning at the beginning.

  3. Amazing could be one way of describing him, they’re definitely all characters.GF, go here http://pitchfork.tv/ and go to the one Week Only section, the film we’re talking about is called Hated. I think it’s been on since Saturday.

  4. Apart from that, museums often restore my faith in humans. Especially intricate craftsmanship, or sculptures. Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne comes to mind.

  5. I think it’s funny that Blimpy started a discussion of GG Allin on this particular post. Speaking of humans seeming evil… You certainly can’t call him a poser-punk–he’s not buying his pre-torn tartan trousers down at the mall. But I found it quite depressing.

  6. Aaaanyway, thanks for posting that soul balm, Mnemonic. I bought Pablo Casals’s version of Bach’s cello suites on vinyl last year and they haven’t strayed very far from my turntable since; though I find that I have to be in the mood for them and I have to be sure I won’t be interrupted – I don’t know, it feels like they deserve a certain amount of reverence.I may investigate Steven Isserlis’s recent acclaimed recording at some point – have you heard it?.

  7. Gorgeous too. It’s very touching how we’re all taking refuge in Bach this week in the face of utter utter evil. Quite right too. I was raised on Bach as a wee ‘un. Well, Bach and Chet Baker which isn’t too bad considering. If you learn to play a stringed instrument as a kid you generally end up playing a lot of Baroque music as it is, on the surface anyway, slightly easier to play technically than what came later. Anyone like Vaughan Williams? He always gets the home sickness going nicely and his Fantasia on a Theme from Thomas Tallis is one of my favourite pieces. It’s basically the wind blowing over the North Yorkshire Moors for me. Darce and Gordon will know what I mean if I post it.

  8. The Casals recording was the first one I knew but when I heard Yo-Yo Ma play one live in the early eighties, I knew I wanted his recording. It caused me to buy my first CD player because, if I plugged the Sennheisers directly into the player, bypassing the amplifier, it was as though he was playing in the room with me. He’s recorded all the cello suites since but, if you are buying, go for the earlier recording.I haven’t heard the Isserlis version but I’m tempted to get it.Incidentally, and this is where you may think I’m very weird, I think Lightning Bolt can be very similar to Bach. Something in the chord progressions…

  9. fp: I lived in Suffolk prior to leaving UK: once over here I discovered Vaughn Williams ‘Lark Ascending’; that piece of music has an ability like no other, it creates for me in an instant the reality of the Suffolk countryside, I can close my eyes and the music carries me from one rural location to another always on a beautiful summer day. When I discovered Bach I became obsessed with the mathematical structure of his work and couldn’t get enough of it, I bought the Casalls version of the Cello suites and have played it regularly, and then my wife caught the obsession; the disc now lives permanently in her classroom.

  10. ejay: thanks for the tip but on checking I decided to pass, my ears were filled with Steen’s Bach and the other bloke looked like he’d conflict.

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