27 thoughts on “Where it (almost) all started…

  1. I’ve no idea who this is but I love the backing. If I were producing it I’d get rid of the drummer and replace him with a bass and I’d switch one of those acoustic gtrs, for an electric, and I pay for a vocal coach, beyond that I like it. Who and Why?

  2. Ezra Koenig (he of Vampire weekend)has an old bloghttp://internetvibes.blogspot.com/I like the new balance ghost trainers…anyway, maybe this is where he started!

  3. EJAY!!! That’s brilliant!!! I play the fiddle so am a sucker for anything with strings in!!! We saw Les Rita Mitsouko on friday night -Catherine Ringer minus Fred who died in November. She blew us away. But the interesting bit is the support band. If you like Vampire week end, you’ll love the FM music project _ guitar, voice, two violins, cello and French horn. I’ll post some just for you.

  4. Happy 500 everyone! I think we may break the 1000 by the end of summer (depending on the weather). I love The ‘Spill, and everyone who writes for it and reads it. So, thanks everyone, and here’s to the next 500! Cheers!

  5. You are all too kind, thank you. Now, seeing as we’re on the topic – does anyone think we should re-design the Blog? Or have we happily settled into its comforts? Is there a direction we should head in, or are we on course? Are there any other house-keeping issues that we can discuss? Does anyone else want admin rights to the blog (at the mo it’s just me and steen that can make changes /delete spam etc)??

  6. I just have a question, do you know why the video gets cut off? Is the player just too big for this blog? Can anything be done about it? Actually that’s 3 questions.

  7. Thanks for the ‘Spill, Blimpy.And as for changes–I think we need some of those ads that tell everyone about horny teens living in our area. Swanky.

  8. Not on Safari it doesn’t David.I just tried it with Firefox, I get the whole video, but it looks wrong, it goes over the line.

  9. Hallo bloggers, David Bowie here, -now ejaydee, maybe you need to update your version of Safari to the newest one?

  10. Thank you for the wise advice David, but my Safari is up to date. Nevermind anyway, I’ve seen the clip in full, but if anyother mac users have problems, you can use Firefox.I like th eway the blog looks too, but I was wondering, how does one make a collapsible/expandable post?

  11. I was wondering that too, because I wanted to be able to use the phrase “more after the jump.” I looked on Blogspot help but to no avail. Maybe Blimpy McBowie knows?

  12. No good asking me to make EITHER design OR technical suggestions; I’m amazed any thread I start actually posts, and still don’t have a website for my business six years after launching it!

  13. The “after the jump” thing is do-able, but it’s quite complicated – and involves adding html into the template of the blog. I’ve looked at it a couple of times, and thought -hmmmm, maybe another day. However, if there’s demand, I will have a proper go and not cop out due to my own sheer laziness.

  14. I loved the song Blimpy introduced us to (Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa) but lazily did not get album. Now I will.They are quite unabashedly preppy and bookish and I think that’s a good thing. In moderation. Thanks for the Spill Blimp. Can’t think of anything I’d like to see changed. The pic’s the best one yet by the way.

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