This seemed to fit in with a lot of what we’ve been talking about here on the ‘Spill. It represents (to me) one of humanity’s higher creations, which might help to justify our existence. It’s an example of a piece played on an original instrument, in a wonderfully sensitive performance.
Bach’s patron went to take the waters, and, of course, Bach was required to accompany him. When he returned he found that his wife was not only dead, but also buried. He wrote this. It starts out minor, switches to major at some point, and at around 10 minutes, just before it switches back to minor, a bass line emerges–this moment has been known to make people very weepy.

Truly There Is None Other…Than Holly Golightly!

The record shop was good to me last week – I got Sonic Youth’s “Goo” (where my old copy has gone is a mystery) and “Truly There Is No Other” by Holly Golightly for £4 each. 
Holly Golightly (real name, folks) has been known to knock about with the legends Billy Childish and Jack White and has released about 15 solo albums. 
What I like about Holly is her love of fags and cups of tea, her curiously English voice, her sometimes twisted but always heartfelt lyrics, her love of old blues and 50s rockabilly – that when she recreates the style – sounds really fresh and lovely. 
The record is very varied, and it’s hard to pick a couple of tracks to represent it. It’s very Kinksian, a point that’s made even clearer by the two Ray Davies’ penned songs she covers, but avoids being de-riv. 
(Double Bass on the LP was provided by Sir Bald Diddley, according to the sleeve notes. Nice one Sir Bald!)
 “You Have Yet To Win” is like a stone cold lost classic from the 60s, and “Without You Here” makes me wonder why it’s Duffy at number one. 
Anyways, here’s the tunes, from her 2003 record (I must check and see what she’s up to just now) and if you like them, please buy them

You Have Yet To Win by Holly Golightly
Without You Here by Holly Golightly

Duck soup

Seein’ as how wildfowl seems to be the unofficial theme in the dull interregnum while we wait for Maddy set us our next homework, I can’t let you escape The Ugly Ducklings with their rendition of “Nothin’ “, building on Saneshanes excellent starter. Now I’ll duck before the rotten eggs start flying…