tokyo dance trooper

Just coming off a stomach virus, haven’t eaten in a few days, but I found it in my heart to drink a few glasses of wine, and now I feel compelled to post these videos relating to music in Japan. As a bit of back story…My boys have a little plastic storm trooper toy. Our German friend’s son borrowed it, and his dad threw it away!! because of it’s nazi associations. I can understand his sentiments, and felt chastised, but, honestly, my sons think storm troopers dance the day away…

17 thoughts on “tokyo dance trooper

  1. Get well soon, Steenbeck. Your friend obviously doesn’t approve of kid’s TV here in Germany- there’s a clip each day where they run a “Darth Vader- in private” spoof- DV doing the ironing, feeding the ducks, getting told off by his mum for going outside without a scarf, etc. Stormtroopers pop up quite often too.

  2. Is that on your local station nilpferd? I didn’t know they ran clips like that, and I have great difficulty prising my kids away from the TV – unless, of course, my Pre-Teen is blocking my access to the computer…(We are in Hamburg btw)

  3. Thanks, Nilpferd. Darth Vader feeding the ducks headed off an Isaac Tantrum. What’s a klaumeister? It’s taking all my moral fiber not to e-mail this clip to my disapproving friend.I do feel better, but why do my boys get sick for a few hours and run around like madmen the next day, and I get sick and still feel rotten 4 days later? Makes a good excuse for strange posts and bad puns though.

  4. The cartoon character “Bob the builder” in German is “Bob der Baumeister”Baumeister = (loosely) Master of building.Klaumeister is a pun (Klauen = to steal). So Bob the klaumeister= Bob the master thief.Incidentally, the Darth Vader- Privat episode where he tries to get the Stormtroopers to go on a diet (they are too thick to fit into their cans) is a classic. Re sickness, it will get better- the more often they (and you) are sick while they are small, the more resistant they will be at school. At least, it worked that way for us..

  5. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Steenbeck. Strangely enough here in YooRope common folk lore has it that coca cola is good for stomach upsets. Now I don’t drink the stuff normally, but it would appeare that it replaces minerals and sugars which are lost and gives you a pep up. Now this may be utter drivvel but I actually always keep a bottle in the house just in case.

  6. Nilpferd, I’d like to see the STs on a diet. I think my boys don’t understand that there are people in there–they think of them as robots, which helps me to excuse my letting them watch these violent movies. No humans harmed!Thanks, FP. I actually have a bottle of coke syrup for just such occasions. All the sweetness without the bubbles, I drink it over ice. I think it may be one of those things that makes me feel better because it reminds me of childhood and the comfort of someone actually taking care of you when you’re sick. I also took it because I was hoping it might have some caffeine in it. I developed a raging headache the second day and I’m afraid to say it might have been a caffeine-withdrawal reaction, because a cup of coffee cleared it up in seconds.

  7. Just a word on the cola for stomach upsets suggestion: the version I heard was that it should be FLAT coke anyway, so go for it, sb!And btw, love the Chad Vader / supermarket sketch

  8. you must know this format and jurassic 5always cheers me up when under the weather…will look up the artists unite later.

  9. The version I know – and it works for hangovers too – is coca-cola and orange juice. This drink looks disgusting but tastes rather nice and it certainly seems effective. It must be the full-on sugar version, diet coke is no good.

  10. Aww, I wanted to see the loaf of bread prisoner, but I don’t have access to clipfish from my country. What the…? I’m American, dammit, we have access everywhere. Thanks for the jurassic 5, Saneshane. I didn’t know it, but I liked it, especially the very tall shark. I have massive gaps in my musical knowledge, and I feel as though I’ve stumbled into one.

  11. A chap who used to drink in the pub I worked in would order a “muddy puddle” – which was indeed Coca Cola and orange juice.

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