I happened on this quite by chance this morning and thought it a wonderful find, I think most of us would enjoy it.
Here’s a sample:

How Francis Bacon predicted the recording studio in ‘New Atlantis’ in 1626

If you can get hold of a copy, I recommend the April 2008 issue of Sound on Sound, which includes Steve Marshall’s epic 12 page history of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, which was founded 50 years ago in April 1958.
His piece is full of goodness, but the thing that really amazed me was this “We have also sound-houses” quote from Francis Bacon’s 1626 book ‘The New Atlantis’, which Workshop founder Daphne Oram had pinned on the wall of the Workshop. It’s all there: “We represent small sounds as great and deep” = Waves Ultramaximiser, “We represent and imitate all articulate sounds and letters” = a circuit-bend Speak’n’Spell, and “divers tremblings and warblings of sounds” pretty well describes my entire musical output.
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tokyo dance trooper

Just coming off a stomach virus, haven’t eaten in a few days, but I found it in my heart to drink a few glasses of wine, and now I feel compelled to post these videos relating to music in Japan. As a bit of back story…My boys have a little plastic storm trooper toy. Our German friend’s son borrowed it, and his dad threw it away!! because of it’s nazi associations. I can understand his sentiments, and felt chastised, but, honestly, my sons think storm troopers dance the day away…

Silkworms to Sake

I’m just back from Tyrol, but I’ve been reading about Marco Polo so feel prepared for this week’s theme.. here are my asian picks, geographically arranged from west to east…

1. Harmonic, by Hex. Persian legend about a bug in a rug..
2. singer/pianist Aziza Mustafa Zadeh with a reworking of an Azeri folk song
3. Nepalese Bliss, Ninja Tunes breakbeats by Irresistable Force, remixed by Jimpster
4. Dancing on one foot, Charles Lloyd with Eric Harland and tabla player Zakir Hussain- not really about Asia, but some awesome tabla playing.
5. In place of a morale- Geography, by Kip Hanrahan- capital wanted Vietnam…
6. Fink remix of “we are ninja” by Frank Chickens
7. Shin-Sekai, by DJ Krush.

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Way Out East

(not Constantinople)

As promised (threatened?) here’s a little Podbean including They Might Be Giant’s take on Istanbul (not Constantinople). Lonnie, if you’re out there, I’d be interested to know if it does anything for you – at least it would be heartening to hear that you might consider removing it from your worst songs of all time list!

Also here, Jonathan Richman’s beautiful version of The Sweeping Wind (Kwa Ti Feng), Scritti Polliti’s Asylums in Jerusalem, the spuriously included Indian by Eg & Alice (any excuse) and to round things off, Yoshimi’s here to sort out all your Manga-style robot problems for you. Is there a better rhyming couplet in contemporary pop than this:

“She’s gotta be strong to fight them,
So she’s taking lots of vitamins”