7 thoughts on “Sweet Things

  1. I know what you mean – I find food and sex quite closely related in some ways…Kinda like, really good food and wine is SO intoxicating, in the same way that um , maybe I should stop here….

  2. The pic reminds me of a Juicy Lucy LP cover, which really does unite food & sex.The antidote to all this is Elvis Costello’s ‘Tart’

  3. Kudos for even finding a song with mango pickle in it. And I have the DVD of 9.5 weeks on my shelves and love that soundtrack. Have never actually done the kitchen scene for real as I think the cleaning lady would down her mop in protest. Well you would…

  4. I’ve not seen 9.5 wks since its cinema release, but do vividly recall that ‘Eurythmics moment’. Does it stand the test of time CFP?SM

  5. Oh yes it does. Great camera work, loads of set piece scenes, lots of well filmed shagging and a wonderful soundtrack.

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