7 thoughts on “Talking of grandpas

  1. Ms. Demon: What a lovely thought and a nice way to remember them wot counts. You made me think of a graphic piece I did years ago about my father who died very early [in ’55], my stepmother wrote a beautiful poem about him and I augmented it basically for the benefit of the grandchilden who never knew him.Wish there were more responses.

  2. I wish I’d known both my grandfathers. My paternal was in the 2 wars, shot in the throat in the first one, and I’m currently reading his memoirs about the second one.

  3. Thank you, Mr Foreign…I found this pic on a French website about First World War pipers. My Great-Uncle James was there too!BTW Blimpy, my emails are back!

  4. Have any of your Grandpa’s tunes been published?

    There are many pipers who are always interested in older, less widely-known tunes, and Jim McGillivray of pipetunes.ca is the chap to make his tunes accessable to the piping community.

  5. I have a photo and Khedives Sudan medal of his brother, Pipe Major James Taylor, 1st Highland Light Infantry, latterly Seaforth Highlanders. If you would like I could send you a photo of James c. 1911 which nicely complements yours.



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