3 thoughts on “Nothing Like This by J Dilla

  1. A brilliant track, equally brilliant video. Is that off Chrome Children? I listened to it once and was unimpressed, but it sounds like I need to try again. Do you know Ammoncontact- they sound quite similar to me with the heavy beats, distorted keys and ecstatic lyrics.

  2. Yep it’s off Chrome Children which I still think is very hit-and-miss. In fact that clip pushed me to go back the song. Its like I’d heard it the way it was supposed to.I don’t know about Ammoncontact yet, but I’ll check them out.I think I heard you once mentioning Erykah Badu (or was it steenbeck?). If you do like her, I just heard her new album, and at first listen it sounds like the best I’ve heard from her, I think.

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