The Heathers Question

Okay, one of the best films of all time is “Heathers” (FACT!)
And because I put the word fact in capitals in brackets after makes it indisputable.
In “Heathers”, the horrific clique of girls would do their awful polls at lunchtime, which for some reason just sprung into my head – and has made me want to ask a similarly styled question…
So, my question to you all is this: 
Aliens land, and threaten to blow up the planet, unless you can convince them that Earth is worth saving by showing them one piece of art (a song, a painting, a poem, a 7″ record, a pottery, whatever) that they can take away for further consideration – WHAT DO YOU GIVE THEM? 

Corn on the cob

An alternative to popcorn… sweet things on the Romanian Black sea coast include Papanasi, sort of a whipped cream filled, semolina bun topped with cherry jam, and very large, juicy Bulgarian peaches. Add yoghurt and coffee, stretch yourself out on the sand…

This week’s soundtrack has some tenous connections to the sweet food theme:
Herbie Hancock’s original recording of Cantaloupe Island, for anyone wondering where US3 pinched it from.
Mongo Santamarias version of Hancock’s Watermelon man, from the Out of Sight soundtrack.
The wonderful Gingerbread boy. The Miles Davis quintet fooling around.

I posted a Youtube clip of Lime in da coconut on RR. Two further tracks off the Cobblestone Jazz album 23 Seconds, a Canadian dance-techno-jazz combo with a knack for irresistible beats- the title track, and Saturday night.

Lastly, in the separate podbean package, Quincy Jones’ version of A taste of honey. Roland Kirk on saxophone.

Player removed.