10 thoughts on “"The ‘Spill" or just "’Spill?"

  1. I’m with The ‘Spill. I liked fp’s club analogy. See you on/at the ‘Spill sounds much better than see you on ‘spill.

  2. ‘SPILL would be nice & looks cool imho, and you can always refer to it as “the ‘spill”…My favourite local pub is officially called “Stoba” (no-one knows what it means btw..), but everybody for the last 35 years calls it “the Stoba”….

  3. ….that removed post was a double posting of the one before, commenting on blogger.com sometimes behaves a little erratical…How about “Built to ‘Spill” as a houseband for the ‘Spill ?

  4. Seems to me that language evolves, it isn’t proscribed by decree, what starts as ‘the overspill can evolve into ‘The Overspill’, which can evolve further into ‘Overspill’, and thence to ‘Spill’, and thence to ‘the spill’ etc. ad nauseum. Perhaps we can each choose to use our own descriptive title and it will become what it will become, one will copy another ’til equilibrium is reached, or perhaps there might be several, there might be ‘camps’, there might be conflict, perhaps there might be blood! It could be interesting.

  5. Cheers Frenchy! Beyond…My…Control….- Licence to ‘Spill- Dressed to ‘SpillThe possibilities are endless. I also like the Yorkshire t’Spill.

  6. Sigh!Beat me to it frogprincess, I was going to suggest T’spill (as In ‘There’s trouble at t’spill’). In fact I think I’ll call it that anyway.

  7. Favourite thriller writer: Mickey ‘SpillaneFavourite parlour game: ‘Spillikins(this latter could also be a term of endearment)

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