And play the songs we made

“Nantes” by Beirut has been getting a lot of headphonetime from me of late, this has made me seek out the track that got me into him initally;

“Postcards From Italy” 
The super-8 in the video has many interesting images, the armful of parrots, the old chap emerging from the sea smoking a fag, and other peculiairnia that folks film at home. 
This was one of my favourite tracks from a couple of years back, the combination of the irresistible guitar riff and the lovely horns is unstoppable, mixed up with the plaintive, romantic voice singing of “the times we had” is just amazing. 

Completely bereft – a final word.

I’m in a serious rut of not hitting the Ten now. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I get serious: Dakota Suite – Brittle With Sorrow

or whether I have my rocker head on: The Cult – Edie (Ciao Baby)

NOTHING is pushing Dorian’s buttons.

I hope he doesn’t make me angry … you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry !!

A frog by any other name…

Stretched out on the sofa watching “Johnny Mnemonic” which I reckon helped Keanu Reeves to get the Neo role in the Matrix trilogy – well, I got to wondering if that was where OUR Mnemonic got her name from. Which got me wondering where all the OTHER weird and wonderful pseudos come from. Start the ball rolling – I live in France and love The Divine Comedy. Simple choice really. Here’s my song:
free music

What about the rest of you?


I recently went through my iTunes list and pulled a selection of favorites, they include several musical genres, one, female singers, which I have a special soft spot for, so I’ve chosen four from that group that I’d like to post. These are all English speaking, others for a future list, not so.
The first is Shelby Lynn, the song: Jesus on a Greyhound, it’s from her album ‘Love’.
Second is ‘Love at the 5 and dime’ by Nanci Griffith, there’s a video of it at:
Third is one of my favorite Phil Ochs songs, it’s ‘Changes’ sung by Nancy Tucker from the album ‘What’s that I hear?’ Lovely song.
And last, ‘Hands’ another by Phil Ochs, this one sung by Pat Humphries, also from the same album. There’s a website that has some info on her at:


Given that we now have cars and living rooms etc, how about gardens?
Looking at the blogger profiles there seem to be several who list ‘gardening’ as an interest, since the cooking clan regularly share their secrets I was wondering if there’s enough of of us to have a little corner off to the side somewhere where we might talk about the goings on in the garden since spring is just around the corner and all. Where I live the dafs are ready to pop and I think it might be interesting to have an international view of of mother nature through the seasons and to share some thoughts and tips, we might even get the cooks to start from ground zero. Anybody else interested?