For Friendly Strangers & My Strange Friends

1) Best Stranglers song ever? 2) Marianne Faithful hooks up with Beck. 3) Howard’s back again, more estranged than ever. Still can’t choose between this & “I Want to Burn Again”. 4) Laura Cantrell, great song, awesome voice. 5) Nick Cave covering Cash. 6) Hunters & Collectors. No idea what they are banging on about in (Australian) English or French (translation please?), but find something to bang along with them. Epic wonderfulness.

Strange Little Girl
Sex With Strangers
You Never Knew Me
The Singer
Talking To A Stranger

The music was easy this week, but had to let a lot of “Strange” songs go by the wayside. Best I could for a picture was my 3rd favorite TV series (behind The Wire & Twin Peaks) about a group of strangers stuck on an island (this thing better have a pay-off). Who wants to be Jack?
Don’t be a stranger.

The Lakes of Pontchartrain

Seemingly some people on the mothership don’t know the Be Good Tanyas’ version of ‘The Lakes of Pontchartrain’. Also some people (including me) can’t spell it.

The picture has been changed for a more benign image. You still need to watch out for alligators though.

The Lakes of Pontchartrain