Waiting for Monday

I’m in this photo – those are my blue sleeves on the barrier

Talking of waiting…I’ve just realised that it’s now a week since I saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in Cork…and I won’t see them again till Monday! Gee whiz, the waiting is the hardest part. So to cheer myself up I’ve made a playlist of the songs they did in Ireland. The setlists weren’t very different (and believe me, I have complained). So I’m sitting here listening to this, and it occurred to me that perhaps some of you might like to listen too. These aren’t the actual performances, mind, but they’re all live recordings (except one) of the songs I heard last week.

So just imagine, if you will, that it’s a week ago in the Marquee in Cork, TP&TH have just come on stage, I am standing beneath TP’s mic stand and my favourite band are playing just for me.

1 Listen To Her Heart
2 You Wreck Me
3 I Won’t Back Down
4 Here Comes My Girl
5 Handle With Care
6 Good Enough
7 Oh Well
8 I’m A Man
9 Something Big
10 King’s Highway
11 Free Fallin’
12 It’s Good To Be King
13 Something Good Coming
14 Learning To Fly
15 Yer So Bad
16 I Should Have Known It
17 Refugee
18 Runnin’ Down A Dream
19 Mary Jane’s Last Dance
20 American Girl

And while I’m at it I thought I’d post this week’s Buried Treasure Show, which is specially good (apart from the Dave Clark Five, of whom TP is strangely fond). It’s no. 154. I won’t bother with the playlist, because you can find it on TP’s website – as he will tell you.


So … It’s a full looking week ahead for DarceysSis – that’s Jess(ica) for those of you who don’t know:

All week – School Year 3 academic assessments.

Monday – Brownies (including badge awards; Jess is due one).

Tuesday – Flute half-term review (she finds out if she’s going to be started on practice pieces for her Grade 1), and finish off her “Top Secret” project at Art Club.

Wednesday – School Sports Day (shot put and relay race).

Thursday – Last Jazz Dance class for a month. 

Friday – 20m Swimming badge attempt at SwimClub.

And then there’s the Bank Hol Brownie trip to Space 2010, and a week on Saturday we fly to Spain for a fortnight of fun and frolics on beach, sea and hotel pool complex.

So what does she do today, whilst we’re round at her friend’s for a relaxing Sunday of pizza, paddling-pool and play in the sunshine?

YEP! Goes over on the same ankle she sprained at Easter, in a playing field pothole whilst playing football, and ends the day in plaster with a broken (well, OK, “chipped”) ankle.

I don’t know about her, but I could cry!

Jess is understandably absolutely gutted about what she’s going to miss; but more heart-breakingly, she’s unfairly worried about what she’s done to OUR holiday!


I know I’m crassly tugging at heartstrings here, and pulling in favours I maybe haven’t earned, but to make her feel better, and disabuse her of that guilt, I’d love to make her a disc of tunes, with maybe a sleeve of get-well one-liners (possibly even little verbal wishes, from those who can work Audacity easily?) from you lot.

Musically, you have free rein: her taste goes from simple-piano-nursery-rhyme wordplay, develops through Jamelia & The Spice Girls, takes detours into classics by Booker T, Otis Redding etc., but is dominated by guitar-led rock & pop – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker being a current fave. Anything humorously related to injuries, legs, hospitals, or holidays jumps to the front of the queue.

I’ll start a DropBox folder entitled For Jess.


Many thanks to Maki, the well-hidden tech skills of Shane & of course the one & only Blimpy for evicting us from the old digs.

Well, let’s try a playlist

Here is where you put the HTML and the mp3 files go after that

OK, let’s see how this goes. Not many songs that people won’t have heard before, I expect, but all nice solid music. Anyway, one of these has been an earworm for most of the day, so it is a convenient peg to hang the post from.

Vip and Zim?

As the adverts always have it – NEW! IMPROVED! VIM!

And, no doubt, ZIP A DEE DOO-DAH! too

So, Vim is a concept that can mean many things to many people.

Over on the Mothership, some people seem to have objected to the idea that up tempo songs automatically means vimminess, but I don’t know about that, one woman’s Vim is another woman’s Cillit Bang. Personally, a toe-tapping quality switches on my vim supply, even when I am stone-cold sober and chemically unaltered.

So, I’ve taken Vim to mean either songs that make me want to get up and dance like a lunatic or songs where the performer is clearly calling on reserves of internal Vim denied to the less energetic. Maybe Dr John is the exception here, not exactly a Hi NRG 180 BPM performance and laid back he might be but there is a twinkle in that Louisiana drawl that hints at some secret inner zip.

Sophie B Hawkins is a woman with enough Vim to clean the nation’s bathrooms and is, to use a quote from DarceysDad, “a force of nature”. Vimmed to the max, I’d say, as is the irrepressible Tina Turner, supported by a cast of musicians only slightly smaller than Napoleon’s Grand Armée that invaded Russia in 1812 but, apparently not Ike, who was banned from the studio by Phil Spector.

Sophie B Hawkins – Damn, I wish I was your lover

Ike and Tina Turner – River Deep, Mountain High

The Ronettes – Da Do Ron Ron

Daft Punk – One more time

Pet Shop Boys – Always on my mind

Dr John – Accentuate the positive

Johnny Winter – Slippin’ and Slidin’

Steely Dan – Bodhisattva

Fairport Convention – Come all ye

Michelle Shocked – If love was a train

Bananarama – Venus

Kylie – Better the devil you know

Laura Nyro and Labelle – Jimmy Mack

The Pipettes – Pull Shapes

Cher – If I could turn back time