In the beginning…

I was excited when I first heard that every thinking ‘Spiller’s favourite Somali-Canadian rapper K’Naan was providing the theme song for the World Cup. Then I heard the execrable travesty that is the official Coke-endorsed version of Wavin’ Flag. Proof that it’s impossible to make a good football record (unless, of course, you’re Half Man Half Biscuit).

It’s sad that this particular recording is going to introduce him to a global audience of hundreds of millions. So I thought I’d post this as a small way of redressing the balance:

No Deception Intended !!

SatanKidneyPie, a labelled disc of RRtunes, DarceysDad

For steenbeck, a picture of the mini-social. For tincanman, pictorial proof that we fulfilled his requirements to be allowed to call it a “mini-social”. For SKP, my thanks for a very pleasant evening, and an advance apology for the gratuitous, erroneous, and probably libellous innuendo that follows -

So let’s see, the RR topic this week is ‘Deception’, and DsD posts a thread featuring a picture of some footballers and a lawyer! Hmmmmm …

I’m off to bed now, but as I have posted, and haven’t done a ‘Spill Playlist for a while, I will return to this thread later to add some deceptively good tunes, IMNSHO!

Just these for now …

500 Miles To Memphis – Don’t Mislead
The Zutons – Put A Little Aside
WGC – The Great Deceiver
2 Tribes – What Do They Want From Us?