I was going to do a different introduction to Sunday but following the recent bad news the main thing I will remember the day for is the last time I saw Colin fronting Runnin’ Riot. I’m pretty sure this was the best crowd and reaction I’d seen them get at Rebellion, and Colin was obviously enjoying himself. With a new record deal and a tour with the Old Firm Casuals, the band seemed to be taking a step forward after all these years. Colin’s sudden passing away a few days later will always overshadow the weekend for me.

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Earworms 25 August 2014

Bank Holiday Monday greetings from Earworm Land, wherever you are. I hope this selection will ease you through the day. Many thanks to all contributors, and keep the worms coming to Enjoy!

Gurrumul Yunupingu – Gurrumul History (I Was Born Blind) – deanofromoz: Intensely shy, Gurrumul is a blind Indigenous Australian performer who hails from a remote island off the northern Australia. He usually sings in his native tongue, but on this one he blends some English in as well to basically tell his life story. His voice is utterly sublime. I don’t listen to this a lot, but it blows me away every time I do.

FKA Twigs – Water Me – abahachi: I don’t imagine this will be to everyone’s taste, but this strange piece of chilly electro-pop has haunted me ever since I heard it. Reminds me of Kate Bush in experimental mode, which can only be a good thing.

The Har-You Percussion Group – Welcome to the Party – beltway:  Relatively recent discovery for me (though the Jazzanova Remix of this has been quite famous), this is a fascinating recording from the Har-You Percussion Group, a group formed out of the burning remains of the 1964 Harlem Riots by Roger Sanders as a means of channelling the considerable energy and musical skills of the Youth of the Ghetto, and it is just so exciting and laced with a sold groove. Enjoy!

Over The Rhine – How Long Have You Been Stoned – DsD: Whether this works as well on a sober Monday morning remains to be seen. But with my current part-Jack-Daniels, part-tiredness, part-summer-evening warm’n’fuzzy glow on, this song is just perfect. And we seem to be slowly reeling in more OTR converts from the RR/Spill pool, so I thought I’d chuck in some more groundbait!

Bi Lamban: Toumani Diabate & Ballake Sissoko – goneforeign: These two guys grew up living next door to each other in Bamako Mali, they’re cousins and have spent their lives playing their koras together. Both of their fathers were also famous kora players, they recorded an album together in 1970, ‘Ancient Strings’, this cut by their sons is from their 1997 album ‘New Ancient Strings’.

Seafret – Give Me Something – AliM: Another band that contacted Earworms – Jack Sedman (vocals) and Harry Draper (guitar) aka Seafret (from Bridlington) have announced the release of their debut EP “Give Me Something” out September 21st on Sweet Jane Recordings. The EP features five tracks including this one, which is rather good.

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“Good evening!”


Imagine the scene. The Who are playing a tiny venue (less than 100 capacity) near where I live. The Sex Pistols are supporting. This will clearly be the best gig ever. I go straight from work and as it’s empty I help John Lydon shift amps. Only 17 people turn up to the gig, but I don’t care, I just drink,and drink…and wake up on the floor of the venue the next morning unable to remember anything about either band’s set….then I wake up again and find the whole thing was just a dream. Phew.

This dream that I had several years ago starts to haunt me. The reason is that I wake up at 6am ish in my B & B , fully dressed, sprawled on the wrong bed (nothing I can’t explain, I’ve been put in a double room even though I’m on my own) and I’ve got a headache. Today is the most important day of the weekend, and this doesn’t bode well. With the help of painkillers I sleep it off, still get up for breakfast, and don’t feel too bad. But the dream  acts as a warning from my subconscious…I need to pace myself. There’s a lot of bands, and a big headliner.

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Those of you who get email alerts about new posts may have just seen one from me that was intended to go on my personal blog. Still trying to get the hang of having more than one WordPress account.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve just moved to Guadeloupe for a year’s sabbatical with the family. The blog explains more, if you’re interested.

Virtually, I’m not going anywhere. We’ll have to see how melancholy alt-country and Swedish indie pop translates to a Caribbean setting.

(Here’s a postcard with a sunset and a gecko)



“Don’t ever ask me for Hi Ho Silver Lining again!”

I’m feeling much better after the attack of random Dickies allergy last night , not something I normally suffer from. I check with someone that I didn’t miss anything unusual, but I’m told that all the gags, ad-libs and songs were exactly the same as usual. Annoying though.
Breakfast at my B & B turns out to be a hotbed of punk rock gossip, lots of stories I unfortunately can’t share on a public forum. My favourite story of the weekend involves one of my fellow guests losing out in a dodgy deal over some paving slabs to someone who later unexpectedly turns out to have been a member of a famous band known for their outspoken opposition to commercial exploitation, and their determination not to rip off their fans. I should also mention here that the situation was later resolved amicably, but never meet your heroes, especially if they’ve been forced to get a day job in a dodgy garden centre.

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