Earworms 11 August 2014

Some laid-back sounds for you to start the week. We’ve had some wonderful worms in the in-box recently, thanks to everyone and keep them coming in to earworm@tincanland.com.

Sun Kil Moon – Lily And Parrots – DsD : Simply, I love the way the fourth chord in the ultra-simple riff occasionally goes squiffy: DUH-DUH-DUH-SQUONK!

Ed Motta – 1978 – albahooky: I’m still going through last year’s tunes and came across this by the Brazilliant Ed Motta, who has been recording since he was a mere pup many moons ago and has made a homage to American AOR called AOR. This tune is a nod to Donald and Walter.

-??- I Want To Know – tincanman: This is a mid-60’s British blues supergroup that recorded some songs but never released an album. Spill points for each member you can name.

White Lies – Farewell to the Fairground – Leavey: A much overlooked band. Somewhere between Editors and well I’m not sure, but Harry McVeigh’s voice is almost pleading on this particular tune slightly reminiscent of early Brandon Flowers, “keep, keep on running, there’s no place like home”.

Davidge – Hummingbird – bethnoir: This song inspired my children to describe a film it soundtracked in their minds, I love the space and of course, Patrick Duff’s vocals, so understated they’re almost not there, but all the more fascinating because of the difference in style.

Bob Andy – The Word is Love – goneforeign: Bob Andy is one of my favorite Jamaican writers/singers, he’s been active since the early 69’s when he and Marcia Griffiths had a huge worldwide hit with ‘To be young gifted and black’. He writes about serious matters, like ‘The word is love’ and he scores his music with unique arrangements.

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EOTWQ – Casting Couch

I WAS going to the Beacons festival in Skipton today, http://greetingsfrombeacons.com/, with the Kirklees over-55s club (aka Distressed Gentlefolk of West Yorkshire Association). Anyway, I have just had a titanium plate screwed into my arm, which looks much more colourful than the arm in the photo above … rather like a beacon, in fact … but I digress. (Beth, I’m assured it won’t set off airport security alarms). The upshot is I’m here with a sore arm, spare time and a spare hand to type with and debbym gave me an idea … so here’s a little quiz to take your mind off the news and anything else you’d rather not think about:

1. Sign my cast with a bandage / plaster / titanium related song.
2. Tell us a tale about getting plastered, interpret this how you will.
3. Let us know if you’ve been to a good festival or a good live band event this summer.

That’s all, short and simple … have fun and please try to post links rather than videos otherwise they will gum up the blog.

Off you go!

What your ears can hear, but I can’t nom!

I’ve already got to the point on RRSA Ears & Hearing where I know I’m off-topic with the songs I want to nominate. So I thought I’d get off-blog before I bore webcore silly.

At this time of night in front of my PC, I tend to stop being DsD the heavy-rocker, and turn my ears (STOP IT, DsD! You’re on The ‘Spill now, remember? – Ed.) … sorry, and instead, I turn to piano-based, neo-classical / ambient minimalism. Some of the tunes that follow were tempting me to nominations over on the mothership; some are just current or even long-time faves. If anyone wants the musical equivalent of aloe vera on sunburnt skin, here it is. I hope someone feels suitably calmed by the end of it.

Endless Melancholy – Quiet.

Keith Kenniff – Portraits.

Emmanuele Errante – Away From This Silence.

Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window.

Dakota Suite – A History Of Silence.

Goldmund – Thrednody.

Amiina – Sogg.

If anyone gets this far and still wants more, I’ve just bookmarked a blog with a FOUR-HOUR playlist of similar stuff. Just ask.

Now that’s what I call: Elastic bands.

so ONE each from A all the way to Z then a number/a punctuation/a symbols (that includes you saneshane)

The final selection.
You must narrow your choice down to just one.
I’m looking at you picking the best one from your weekly lists (or in odd cases; the one you stupidly forgot to include).

If you put ‘Spill Challenges into the search box – most of the elastic bands weeks come up.

Have fun.

The Japanese Jazz Age and the Modern Girl

Modan Gaaru - Or Modern Girls Enjoying the Beach at Kamakura

Modan Gaaru – Or Modern Girls Enjoying the Beach at Kamakura

In 1918 following riots and civil unrest in Japan Emperor Taisho dissolved  the Military Government and appointed Hara Takashi as Prime Minster and he became the first ever elected official to become Prime Minister and so began the most exciting and liberating period in Japanese history in more than a thousand years.

The era of the Taisho Democracy had started – and with it Japans Jazz age and era of the Modan Gaaru, or  modern girl.

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