Retroworms 1 February 2016


Here is the second in an occasional series of retroworms, the first being in June 2015.  It seems appropriate to post it here, given the current RR topic of passing time.

My original list included Ghost in the Snow, by Damien Jurado (ghe), and Sekta, by Tarika (Beltway) but I can’t find YT links for these so I’ve dropped them all in the RR box so you can listen to them there. The Katzenjammer track wasn’t an Earworm, but it came from severin and I love it.

The good news is that blimpy has made me a ‘Spill administrator and I’ve upgraded to WordPress Premium, so that we can use the playlist function again. So please continue to top up the Earworm bank by sending your contributions to, and next week should be back to normal. If anyone wants to send me a donation … STOP PRESS … cost now covered by me, tfd, carole, severin, mnemonic, chris7572 and ravi – Thank you! I’m glad to get the playlist function back. Toodlepip!

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Mohan Veena – by Ravi Raman

I stumbled across a lo-o-ong performance by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt on an instrument that is so complicated you have to read about it or see it to believe it. A guitar with 20 strings! I’m not kidding … called a Mohan Veena it is one of Vishwa’s own design and a spin-off on an older Indian instrument. You can see him playing the instrument above,  but I’m sending the 19 minute track called “Raag Basant” to Ali, coz it ain’t exactly Earworms material, though it’s still interesting enough for a share. Let me know if you all like it, it’s in the RR Dropbox folder. Read about the veena here:

RR Songs About Rejection – RESULTS

Readers Recommend Songs About Rejection – Results from the Mothership

Rejection – the dismissal of an idea; the spurning of affection; the refusal to accept a situation; a rebuff; a cold-shoulder in place of a warm heart. Rejection causes strong emotions and reactions – for example the uniting of the RR community to reject the Grauniad’s proposed closure of our blog. And how many songs can there be about unrequited love? As thoughtballoons put it: “I never realized it before, but my entire phone playlist is about rejection.” Music often enables us to express thoughts and feelings that are too painful and personal to share in any other way. How else could Roots Manuva and Kathleen Ferrier ever find themselves in the same company?

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Spillyear 2002

You want 60s? Severin’s off-white Beatles post is here.

You want 80s? Carole’s shinily produced post is here.

You want early 00s? Looks like you’ve come to the right place.

I don’t appear to have bought many records in 2002, though there were some good ones I didn’t catch up with at the time. What about you?

Add your top 3 to the collaborative playlist which doesn’t seem to like being a hyperlink