Earworms 11 May 2015

‘Spill social 9 May 2015, Severin, Shoey, SaneEm, GHE, (tfd, mnemonic), tarxien, S.O.Webcore

Severin, Shoey, SaneEm, GHE, Tarxien, S.O.Webcore

What better images to use this week than some of us at the ‘Spill get-together-with-Shoey on Saturday. Much talk about music, and some splendid CDs from the more organised among us, which GHE has boxed for your delectation. On to business, here is this week’s set of worms, and a challenge from tinny. Please continue to send any spare worms to earworm@tincanland.com – thank you!

France Gall – Ich Singe Meinen Song – Sweet Home Alabama: I’ve never listened to too much of Gall’s non-French work, but this has me wondering what else I may have missed. And this was actually relegated to a B-side.

??????? – ?????????? – tincanman: Nope, not the Talking Heads. ’Spill points if you can identify it without cheating.

Shawn Smith – Cloud To Cloud – DsD: For those in need of a pick-me-up, here’s a positive mantra from Shawn. This was submitted for wrangling three hours before SS’s Manchester gig – I’m REALLY hoping he plays this; I could do with the singalong. “Living a life that’s just begun / there’s many a song still to be sung / there’s many a hug left to be given / many a sunrise to be risen.” It may *backspacebackspacebackspace* would undoubtedly have offended my English teacher at school, but sod him, I don’t care.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Tiny Light – LeaveitAllbehind: recent discovery this for me. Nominated a couple of suitable tracks for DsD’s stint for RRSA vinyl. Then took a listen to some of the band’s other stuff and this one just seems to have stuck.

ALiM, tfd, mnemonic, tarxien, S.O.Webcore

AliM, tfd, Mnemonic, Tarxien, S.O.Webcore

Aswad – Three Babylon – severin: I bought this single after seeing them support Eddie and the Hot Rods at the Greyhound Hotel in Croydon in 1976. It’s rather good.

The Chambers Brothers – People Get Ready – goneforeign: Here’s a bit of gentle Gospel that shuffle threw up yesterday, I don’t think I’ve heard if for close on 50 years, it used to be a regular favorite. I saw them live at a university lunchtime cafeteria gig, way before they became known, it was instant love and then they started playing regular club dates around LA. And then came ‘Time!’.

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Running in memory of DarceysUncle

Ever since our Dan died, I’ve intended to do a Spill thread about my brother. But grief kept kicking inspiration into submission: over the last four months I have stared at my keyboard dozens of times, and written not a single word! Now I’ve finally got a deadline looming that has helped me write something, even if it isn’t what I intended. Continue reading

Shoegazer visits London


Shoey is visiting London on Saturday; it’s a bit late for people to make CDs so I thought I’d post some very vaguely shoe-ish songs. Nothing much new but feel free to chip in your own in the comments. Have fun!

‘Spillyear 1997

1997: a British electoral triumph

So, last week was fun. Here’s a recap of the very simple instructions:

Pick 3 songs from the year in question. Add them as YouTube links to the collaborative playlist if you can – it’s very easy. Say stuff in the comments.

As there’s apparently some sort of election on this week, we’re going back to the last time a Tory government got a good kicking: 1997.

So how did you feel when Tony Blair got elected? Where were you when Diana died? Did you imagine, in the euphoria of Katrina and the Waves’ victory, that the UK would never win Eurovision again? And, mostly importantly, what were you listening to?

Listen to the playlist here:


And add your own songs to it here: