You like real music, don’t you? Like Pussy Riot or Louis Armstrong?

The East Neuk of Fife, down the coast from where I live, is a funny old place. Everything is tiny and the rappers are eggs or potatoes if you squint; living in a dolls’ house means less time spent cleaning. The name slaters for woodlice travelled to Australia too. Put another twig on the fire, the nights are fair drawing in.

Sing A Rainbow – Blue

Blue rainbow


In Week 5 of this Spill Challenge we arrive at Blue Songs.


As usual, no embedded videos please; links only.
And I’m imposing an extra rule this week: no blues songs. Blue Suede Shoes is OK; both Suede Shoe Blues and Suede’s Shoe Blues are not. Songs by Blue, whether or not they reference suede shoes, are beyond the pale, as I hope you’d expect.

Have fun!

Suede Shoe Blues

Earworms 3 November 2014

“Please Miss, the dog ate me lap-top charger…” I’m using young Munday’s laptop (’twas he who left the charger on the sofa), but I don’t have any music on it so I can’t do a proper Earworms this week. I’m sure it’s all up in that there cloud somewhere but I really can’t be bothered to try and find it; I’ve ordered a new charger at great expense but naturally the postman tried to deliver it while I was out so it’s sat in a sorting office somewhere. NEVER work with children or animals.

In the meantime, I’ve doggedly put together a YouTube playlist for you … it’s like Dastardly and Mutley here. If you feel like nomming your own dog-related tracks, please do so, but no embedded videos, please. Failing that, please send more worms to, and I’ll try and get my shit together for next week!

Sakura’s J-Pop Corner – H!P Fights Back

Morning Musume 14.

Morning Musume 14.

H!P is the short name for Hello Project.  They are an agency that manages and produces  the idol groups Juice =Juice and C-Ute but their flagship group is Morning Musume

In the world of J-Pop Idols Hello Project was the main player for many years, in fact you could almost say they invented the concept. Continue reading

Return Of The Drunken Pumpkins

Drunk Pumpkin