Earworms 13 October 2014

Here I am, dancing in the season of mists and mellow wellingtons … take a leaf out of my book and send some more earworms to earworm@tincanland.com, we need to stock up for the cold months ahead. They’ll be very happy here, they like a nice bit of leaf mould.

The Stranglers – Always the Sun – AliM: Heard this recently for the first time in ages and can’t get it out of my head. Used to see Hugh Cornwell drinking in the Rose & Crown at Larkhall, a lifetime ago!

Cornell Campbell – Rope In – goneforeign: In the early ’80’s there was a hugely popular hit in Jamaica by the duo, Michigan and Smiley, it was ‘One love ina Jamdown’. As you probably know producers there always retained the rights to backing tracks, which they’d then sell to other artists. In 1982, Cornell Campbell came up with this song and chose to use the backing track from One Love… he called it ‘Rope In’. I think it’s a fabulous riddim, totally unique for its time, Janet Enright, the famous female Jamaican jazz guitarist, produced it. It’s been stuck in my ear for 30 odd years. If you want to check a version of the Michigan & Smiley original it’s at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z63rnpttnM. I’m in that crowd.

Blind Melon – No Rain – AliM: Found this in my ITunes, didn’t know I had it. A great pop song, catchy as hell, have been singing it for weeks. Sadly the lead singer, Shannon Hoon, died from an overdose in October 1995.

The Game – Gotta Wait – beltway: A perfect 2 minute 60’s pop song, totally economical, not a wasted second, love the jump from the grinding bluesy verse to the moody, minor key chorus, and it just sits in your head for days …

T Rex – Sunken Rags – Marc Bolan – bethnoir: Marc played with words in a nonsensical way better than most, for some reason this B side always appears in my head if I am exposed to Oasis, something I try to avoid, but it’s fun.

Daniel James – Aint No Money – AliM: One of the better recent promos (IMHO), and very catchy. DJ comes from Northern Ireland, though is now based in London, and supported Hozier on tour earlier this year. Apparently he was brought up on his parents’ record collection of David Bowie, Van Morrison and Motown. https://soundcloud.com/thisisdanieljames/daniel-james-aint-no-money/ .

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Back in the 70’s/80’s I used to enjoy making tape playlists of my various favorite musics, reggae was high up there then. I must have made hundreds, for myself, my car, my friends and many of them wound up in the living room along with all the VHS, the CD’s and the vinyl from whence many had originated. But then several years ago we had the big clean up and since they were not getting played much they were all consigned to the storage room upstairs, at one point I did a quick count and there were over a thousand. In latter years I sleep much less, often lying awake for several hours in the middle of the night, so I set up a cassette player with a pair of earbuds and started playing my cassettes: I’d usually have a dozen or more which were randomly chosen on the headboard. It’s wonderful, I’m re-living my musical tastes of those decades and also playing lots of interviews and musical documentaries and live performance tapes; I look forward to going to bed and I don’t mind a bit when I wake up at 1am. Last night I played a tape labelled ‘African & Jamaican dance music for Nathan” God knows why I have it and not Nathan but it was wonderful, 90 minutes of memorable music. Here’s side one of that cassette, a dozen+ cuts of favorite classic reggae. Let’s dance!

Sing A Rainbow – Red

rainbowPrompted obliquely by the film Pride, with its celebration of the LGBT activists helping the Miners to fight for justice in a cruel, greedy world – but also by the slightly moribund atmosphere around here – this is Week 1 of a Spill Challenge. You can probably work out how many weeks this will last….

RR has done Colours, Red and Blue, but there are a few other songs out there.

So, Red Songs please this week. No embedded videos though; links only. Have fun!

Earworms 6 October 2014


Well, another week has hurtled by and here we are again, Earworms on a Monday morning. Hope they brighten your week, and please keep sending them in to earworm@tincanland.com. Many thanks. GF, I think you’ve sent me the Gilberto Gil version of Easy Skankin’ rather than the Bob Marley one, but I’ve included it anyway ‘cos it’s great.

Rose of Avalanche – Never Another Sunset – bethnoir: released in 1989 this ballad has stayed in my head for a long time, the Leeds band were usually less introspective and deserve to be more remembered.

Dantalian’s Chariot – Sun Came Bursting Through My Cloud – beltway: A beautiful bit of British 60’s Psychedelia (or proto-prog maybe), with the great husky voice of Zoot Money piercing through the sweet instrumentation. That’s Andy Summers from The Police on guitar there as well.

Mark Seymour – Legend of the Snowmen – deanofromoz: Another legend of Australian rock for you, Mark was the lead singer of 80’s pub rock band Hunters and Collectors, but I think he has really come into his own in his post band solo career. His ability to tell a story with his passionate vocal delivery is amazing. I just recently went to one of his gigs, and this track, which is about asbestos of all topics, really stood out to me.

Grateful Dead – Sunrise – chris7572: Apart from one flatulent line, this is rather lovely. The only song that Donna Godchaux wrote for the band is (almost definitely) a tribute to Rex Jackson, their iconic roadie who died in a car crash the previous year. His shamanistic presence entranced men and women alike, resulting in children by two different band ladies and a charitable foundation bearing his name. Donna’s evocation and the band’s restraint seems to come from a place of special reverence, and the continual minor-to-major modulations define ‘bittersweet’.

Thurston Moore – The Best Day – carolebristol: This track has been popping up on BBC 6Music over the last few days. Very catchy. What else do you need to know? Oh yeah, it’s got guitars and riffs, it is called The Best Day and it is by Thurston Moore. That’ll do for me.

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Easy Skankin’ – goneforeign: I’ve got at least a dozen books about Bob and not one of them mentions this song in their indexes nor does the album ‘Songs of Freedom’ from which it comes. Nor was I able to find anything via Google and Wiki. Strange. Skankin’ is dancing, Easy Skankin’ is self evident and the rhythm reinforces that. One detail, it was recorded in the ’70’s at the height of the police/army roadblock arrests, a la Three o’clock Roadblock. Tosh took a militant stand re. ganga, even confronting Manley and Seaga personally and directly at the One Love Peace Concert for which he paid a price, Bob took a much lower key approach, ‘Excuse me while I light my spliff’.

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Is this too much of a shoe-horn? Probably, though it’s music of a sort; just music that first makes you giggle hysterically and then fills you with an all-consuming rage that these people run the country and have significant influence in the world, and look to have a fair chance of carrying on after next year’s election if our pathetic excuse of an opposition don’t get their act together sharpish – and if they have any sense, ditch all the vacuous slogans that have doubtless been thought up by expensive marketing consultants, and just put this on repeat on every mainstream media channel… “We have the bravery to bring back slavery.. I’m not saying it isn’t funny. It is to me; I’ve got lots of money…” It’s funny because it’s true. It’s infuriating because it’s true.

The Eighties!

Adelphi 001

A post to say thank you to RR for helping put some cash my way. It’s long indulgent and about the 1980s, DJing and nostalgia and features none of the 1980’s acts mentioned in this old flyer I just found. Instead the post features popular tunes that even Ronnie and Gorby might have heard. Also no need to reply or say anything. I’ve been very remiss in not commenting recently but I’ve had a lot on my plate and still have. No opportunity to proof it either. Hope it makes sense.


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