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I is for Irezumi ! ! !

“I” is for Irezumi ! ! !

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Earworms 19 January 2015



Took the dog to the pub (don’t judge). Dripping at the bar in wellies and muddy parka, scrabbling myopically in the dog-biscuit pocket for change for a pint, trying to hold a skittish 20kg dog with one hand, I could see myself as mad Grandma in a cartoon. Anyway, I present this week’s worms for your delectation. Please send all spare worms to, thanks kindly.

Stone Sour – Inhale – LeaveitAllbehind: Stone Sour is Corey Taylor’s (Slipknot) other band, also from Des Moines, Iowa. Before you all skip this one, give it a go, yes there is a ‘screamy’ bit but the guitar opening is very good and the core vocals, when he sings properly are brilliant.

John Lee Hooker – I’m in the mood – goneforeign: This is a typical John Lee groove, he spent his life playing variations of this. He lived out the last years of his life quite close to me in Long Beach California, I saw him perform several times.

Speedometer – Happy – Albahooky: Another one that could’ve made the ToTY but didn’t due to pretentiousness/senility/mood at the time of submission. Here’s some groovy vitamins to combat the winter blues, in a reworking of THAT Pharrell Williams tune in a Columbia George Benson style.

Souljazz Orchestra – Conquering Lion – Fuel: Another gem from the Fuel archives, The Souljazz Orchestra is a Canadian band whose music combines soul, jazz, funk, afrobeat and Latin. Jolly good, too.

Woodkid – Ghost Lights – YoungMunday: Woodkid is Yoann Lemoine, a French music-video director, “neo-folk” singer-songwriter and graphic designer. He has worked with many well-knowns including Pharrell (see “Happy” above), Philip Glass and Lana Del Ray – and apparently he became a musician because Richie Havens gave him a banjo. One for ghe?

Depeche Mode – It’s No Good – bethnoir: familiar to everyone I suspect, but I’ve recently been talking to friends about them and I’m surprised how loved they are, by a cross section of music fans. They’ve influenced many artists I like and are a much bigger deal than I think. Dave Gahan’s voice is great on this track. Go the Mode!

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This last year I’ve found myself watching a fair bit of TV on Netflix, mostly BBC, which is quite unusual for me. Initially I was drawn to Last Tango in Halifax, primarily because I hadn’t heard adult males begin sentences with ‘Happen’ or actually ‘appen’ as in ‘appen I might go to t’spill for a minute love’, and I hadn’t seen the countryside of my childhood since I’d lived there, it was a real pleasure. Another program was Happy Valley which I enjoyed for similar reasons plus the excellent Sarah Lancashire who was also in Last Tango. Peaky Blinders was definitely different, but even though it was set in Birmingham it absolutely brought back for me so many memories of the slums of Sheffield during WW2, the filth, the smoke, the canals, the depression, it was all there. Plus the stories of the Irish gangs, we had ‘em also; I started out on Solly Street in 1936 and Wiki will tell you about the Irish Solly Street gangs of the 30’s. Many industrial northern cities were inundated with Irish immigrants due to the famine and the social conditions there.

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I was sorting through a stack of mini discs and I came across one that wasn’t clearly labeled but I remembered it from the 80’s. The key phrase was ‘Praise the Lord’, so I did a search at youtube and sure enough, there it was . A Nigerian reggae musician who turned to gospel. Sonny Okosun, I don’t know where I got this piece but it’s worth a listen just for the energy, a bit of African reggae/gospel. You don’t have to watch the entire piece unless the spirit moves you.

Spill Awards 2014

The show must go on! Yes, 2014 was pretty crappy in many different ways for many of us, including Dinesh (May1366) establishing an unwanted first for this community by dying, and 2015 so far doesn’t look like being much better. But it was a pretty good year for music – maybe we’re back with the dynamic of the 1970s and early 1980s, where social dysfunction and austerity sparked creativity – and anyway, what else can we do but turn our frowns upside down, pad our bras and put on our dancing shoes to dance away the heartache like a brave little toaster in the company of friends? Lights! Music! Glittery Things! The show must go on! Continue reading

Treffpunkt Stuttgart

Michał Miśkiewicz of the Marcin Wasilewski Trio in Stuttgart

Michał Miśkiewicz of the Marcin Wasilewski Trio in Stuttgart

There’s a famous track recorded by the (second) Miles Davis Quintet called Nefertiti, in which the trumpet and saxophone repeat the theme while the rhythm section solos furiously; nilpferd has written eloquently about it at some point in the past. I’ve sometimes wondered whether one might be able to find a version of this in which the lead instruments have been removed altogether, leaving just piano, bass and drums – but after Wednesday night in Jazzclub Bix in Stuttgart, I’m not sure this is necessary any more: live, the Marcin Wasilewski Trio offer just such an experience. The fragility and delicacy of their albums – wonderful, of course – is replaced by a remarkable muscularity. Many songs build into a driving juggernaut of sound, with the same relentless momentum and drama as one finds in, say, songs by the Neil Cowley Trio or the Esbjorn Svensson Trio, but whereas those groups do this through the power of repetition, the Wasilewski Trio manage it without any need to repeat phrases. I now want to start a petition for a live album from them, since this is such a difference from the records – and, assuming that I don’t simply rush off to start lessons in jazz drumming, I want a means of accentuating the drums on the records, to reproduce the experience of sitting just a yard or so away from the astonishing musicianship of Michał Miśkiewicz.

Oh, yes, this was also an opportunity for me to meet nilpferd and his lovely family, and I’m all too well aware that he’d be able to describe the concert much better than I can. I know some of you were asking for photos of this momentous occasion, but I’m afraid that hippos are shy and retiring animals, and I was much too English to insist…

Sakura’s J-Pop Corner – Scandal Are Playing The UK – Hurry Up And Get Your Ticket ! ! ! !

Scandal  - Japan's Best All Girl Pop Rock Band

Scandal – Japan’s Best All Girl Pop Rock Band

Scandal are the girls that put the Glam back into Glam Rock and they will be playing a concert in the UK on April 26th – so get your tickets now ! ! !

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