elastic bands – this week: Y


Why oh why is it Y?
Well, I’m away for a couple of days and really don’t need to come back to a full inbox of astronomical levels – so we get a tough one… and a little earlier in the week.
It’ll be easier next time – I promise.

The game to illustrate either:
How wildly eclectic your taste is… or,
How perfectly streamlined it is.

yeah baby

Earworms 7 April 2014

Thanks to everyone for topping-up the wormbank, please keep ‘em coming – we have an arresting selection this week. It includes a track from Coldplay which seems appropriate for a spot of conscious uncoupling – sad really, but I suspect I’m holding the minority view here. May we indulge in a warm group hug for debbym, please. Anyway, take it away, Eric the orchestra leader, and please send your spare worms to earworm@tincanland.com.

Everything but the Girl – I Must Confess – Albahooky: It’s the 30th anniversary of their first LP ‘Eden’, 30-odd minutes of musical perfection that I’ve recently got reacquainted with. Here’s a nice bossa from it which has everything you could ever want or need from a 3 minute song. Sublime.

Joan As Policewoman – Holy City – CaroleB: I’ve not ever really followed the music of Joan As Policewoman, but BBC6 Music has been playing this new single a lot and I think it is hugely catchy. It is so good, I need to share it, even though it sounds like a tribute to the BBC TV series, Holby City.

The Beach Boys – Summer’s Gone – daddypig: The last song on their 50th anniversary reunion album, from 2012, That’s Why God Made The Radio.  There are whispers in the surf that we’re getting old, and Brian Wilson, disregarding Dylan Thomas, is going gentle towards that good night.

Any Trouble – Playing Bogart (slow version) DsD: I’m fairly sure it’s tfd I have to thank for this. Can’t remember how it came up, but having “meh”ed the faster version of the song that I heard first, I was informed of the existence of this one, which is more  to my [late-night] liking. 

Tito Paris – Otilia Otilio – goneforeign: I’m always amazed by artists from Cabo Verde. It’s an African island nation 400 miles off the coast of Senegal, the language is Portuguese and the music is unique, unlike anything else anywhere in Africa.

Coldplay – The Scientist – debbym: Life has been throwing things my way of late and in the moments I get really wobbly I have two lines from this song on permanent replay: ‘Nobody said it was easy/No-one ever said it would be this hard’ – and it’s particularly annoying that I have Coldplay in my head. This is YOUR cue to send in some kick-ass, don’t just sit there moping worms ;-)

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If You Have Ten Minutes. . . .Enra ! ! ! !



Enra – Performance Art ! ! !


I have been very distracted from RR and The Spill recently as lots of interesting and maybe less interesting things have been happening in my life recently.

So as an apology for being absent and to share something that I think is wonderful I want to ask you give me ten minutes f your time.

Enra Troupe are a performance art group that uses animation, computerized projections of light and animation combined with dance to create really very special visual experiences.

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RRSA Choosing and Using Words Playlist +

The A-list:




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