elastic bands – this week: #️⃣⁉️* (numbers, symbols and punctuation marks)


Special tough one for those inclined to delve deeper in their collections
The game to illustrate either:
How wildly eclectic your taste is… or,
How perfectly streamlined it is.

Symbol in my driveway

Recipes from Brixton Village

I know a lot of you lovely ‘Spillers like to cook up a storm, so here’s another cook book promo I made for the excellent publisher Kitchen Press. Brixton Village is “the home of street food” in the UK with about 40 different vendors all making specialty food from around the globe. We had a most excellent day filming & eating there. The book’s out in a month, and I’m looking forward to making some of the dishes. I’ve already had a pop at the Okonomiyaki, which you can see briefly in the video, and very nice it was too.

He Said – She Said ~ The A to Z of Japanese Music – The Letter E ! ! !


I am the letter E and this is my Teddy Bear ! ! !

I am the letter E and this is my Teddy Bear ! ! !

faye1She Says: Welcome back to our almost weekly series about Japanese Pop, Rock, Punk and Indie.  Life and love distracted us from the important things like He Said – She Said, But we are back on schedule again now ! ! !  This week we have a really great variety with tracks from the 1960′s to now and variety of Genres and even a boy band ! ! !  So check out the post ! ! !


He says:

“Life and love distracted us from the important things like He Said – She Said” Speak for yourself, dearie! ! ! 

I have neither ! ! !

Anyway, E, the most common letter in English and reasonably common in Japanese too, fortunately ( what is the most commonly used letter in Japanese ?). Which means there were quite a few artists to choose from. Here are some of them. Continue reading

If You Have Ten Minutes. . . .Enra ! ! ! !



Enra – Performance Art ! ! !


I have been very distracted from RR and The Spill recently as lots of interesting and maybe less interesting things have been happening in my life recently.

So as an apology for being absent and to share something that I think is wonderful I want to ask you give me ten minutes f your time.

Enra Troupe are a performance art group that uses animation, computerized projections of light and animation combined with dance to create really very special visual experiences.

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RRSA Choosing and Using Words Playlist +

The A-list:




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Snarky Puppy- Outlier.

This week’s Snarky Puppy clip is the other “harder” track off the new album, with a mind-boggling sax solo and some superheated dynamics from the band in the closing stages. This was the opener when we saw the band live last year- about a month after this recording was made- and it was even more extreme by then, with the sax distorted electronically over a wall of sound, and abrupt rhythm changes.

Check groundUPmusicNYC weekly for the other clips off the album, and if you like it please buy via the bands own website at http://snarkypuppy.ropeadope.com/album/we-like-it-here.

RRSA Shadows A-list +

WP_000262 (2)

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He Said – She Said ~ The A to Z of Japanese Music – D ! ! !


I begin with D ! ! !

faye 80She Says:

Gosh D already ! ! !  This week we have a great selection of tracks from some very different genres all played by bands beginning with D ! ! !  We think it is fun week so why not take few minutes to drop by  and check out some tracks ! ! !

And do not forget to check out Mr P’s Japanese word of the week ! ! !

spike 80He Says: 

Welcome to D world, some different sounds this week, several genres hardly touched upon in our posts in the past. We hope you like them.

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He Said – She Said ~ A to Z of Japanese Music – The Cs

Cupcake C

faye 80She Says:

Welcome to the third episode of our new series ! ! !  This week we have another great variety of tracks from Japan dating from 1955 to 2013 so I am sure there will be something you like this week ! ! ! We have one of the biggest Stars in Japanese music history and bands that only the members mothers have heard about, so why not take a few minutes and join Mr P and I for  . . . The Cs ! ! !

spike 80He Says:

“C”, the last letter in the ABC, is often overlooked in favour of more popular letters like “P”. Here , however, we shine a little light on “C” and some of the bands that have chosen the letter as the initial of their names. Continue reading