Sakura’s J-Pop Corner – H!P Fights Back

Morning Musume 14.

Morning Musume 14.

H!P is the short name for Hello Project.  They are an agency that manages and produces  the idol groups Juice =Juice and C-Ute but their flagship group is Morning Musume

In the world of J-Pop Idols Hello Project was the main player for many years, in fact you could almost say they invented the concept. Continue reading

Return Of The Drunken Pumpkins

Drunk Pumpkin


I was just poking around in my Mac search mode [spotlight], when I suddenly came across an item labeled ‘Spill Jazz’. It was dated April 2009 and I had no idea that it even existed, it was an extensive series of Spill comments relating to a post concerning Jazz versus ‘Free Jazz’. We never seem to have arguments or dialogues like that any more, it took me half the morning to read ‘em all. I guess the reason I saved it was because I was one of the principal participants, the others being Abahachi, Chris, Ejay and Nilpferd, though many others chipped in. As part of my participation I included a playlist of the sort of jazz I enjoy, it still sounds great so as a nod to Albahooky’s ‘Absolute Beginners’ post last week I’ll include here. The cuts are: Continue reading

Bends for Zero Miles – A podcast

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Reunited after more than 12 years, Panthersan and Satankidneypie devote several hours of the precious little time they have together to discuss shades of piss, 9/11, the perceived homogeneity of Scandinavian culture, ISIS, Sutton United, the Boss….oh….and some music too!
Scripted by a team of top Hollywood writers and based on a carefully honed and well thought out concept, we present to you the first and most likely only installment of Bends For Zero Miles…

Nostalgia trip – Top 5 gigs from when I used to be a regular gig-goer around Brighton

I was clearing up my desktop last week as I was transferring files over to my new MacBook when I found a whole load of half-finished/barely started Spill posts that I had never quite got round to posting and the moment had kind of passed. Here’s one that seems to have been inspired by a nomination I put on RR for a song by local Brighton legends Anal Beard that had got me thinking about my gig-going days in the late-90s/early 2000s.

Possible future posts to follow on the subjects of Riot Grrrl icon Kathleen Hanna, San-Francisco punks Crime and my thesis on why “Royals” by Lorde was the new “Smells Like Teen Spirit”!

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With the best of intentions …

It would appear that ‘Northern Soul’ the movie has been directed by, and with the assistance of, people steeped in the experience which has led to a loving portrait of a scene, although over 30 years old, still keeps the faith for many.

If only the same could be said of ‘Absolute Beginners’ which although did not have an instantly identifiable ‘movement’ like NS when it was made, was riding on the crest of the jazz dance resurgence across the UK. Instead the result was a ham-fisted compilation of musical numbers you would expect to see on MTV giving very little of what the original book was about.

So, after re-reading Colin Macinnes’ London trilogy I feel was unduly harsh on this novel when I first read it many moons ago, and in keeping with it here’s an alternative soundtrack minus Bowie, Sade, Ray Davies etc. but with a bucketful of tunes that accompanied the rise of the late ’50’s teenager in addition to what the hero of AB tries to describe :

“And that’s what jazz music gives you: a big lift up of the spirits, and a Turkish bath with a massage for all your nerves. I know even nice cats (like my Dad for example) think that jazz is just noise and rock and sound angled at your genitals, not your intelligence, but I want you to believe that isn’t so at all, because it really makes you feel good in a very simple, but very basic, sort of way. I can best explain it by saying it just makes you feel happy

Alternative Beginners by Alec Ashworth on Mixcloud