Tech help required, AGAIN!

See? I can’t even embed this properly! Curse you, BBC, for building me up, then bringing me down. :mad:

There are three sets from this year’s Glastonbury festival that I can’t stop watching. Elbow’s mellow sundown set on Friday was just ace. BUTBUTBUT ….

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Spill Awards 2013: Vote Vote Vote!!!

The nominations have been collected, scrutinised, tabulated, analysed and stared at with a blank expression for half an hour; my, aren’t we an eclectic, not to say completely random, group of people? Considering that we all read the same paper and visit the same music blog, there’s an astonishing lack of unanimity on more or less every topic under the sun except for the ghastliness of the current UK government – and even there we can’t agree on which individuals deserve the greatest degree of loathing. Over fifty different albums were suggested for Record of the Year, and the five shortlisted are the only ones that received support from more than one person.

So, time for the voting. We’re keeping things simple: one vote in each category. even if you haven’t heard any of the records or seen any of the films, feel free to vote according to any other criteria you like, as it’s only a bit of fun and the more the merrier. Polls will remain open until the end of the month, and the award ceremony will take place some time in early January once I get my act together – in response to overwhelming public opposition to the idea, not on Twitter…

Just humour me.


A chance comment the other day and news items about the BBC got me thinking about British comedy. I like a bit of comedy, me , but find much of today’s output ( especially on the BBC) pretty feeble and lacking in laughs.
I began to wonder if this is a symptom of me growing old. Each generation , naturally, has it’s own comedic zeitgeist which , like an old photograph, is bound to fade over time.
I do think, though, that a path can be traced, in Britain, in which , though each generation succeeds the previous it also draws inspiration from it.
“So what, Big Ears ?” I hear you, rather rudely, enquire.

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The HouRR


I don’t watch many things on television – but when I do my imagination takes off and creates it’s own versions of what’s happening…
You have until this evening to tell me who I thought played each character in my The HouRR all are people who post on RR or the ‘spill.. be nice now… explain why if you can.

Vast amounts of Christmas ‘spill pints for the funniest.

Six Minutes A Month – February 1993

As we continue the tracking of the evolution of indie via the teenage lifeline of The Chart Show’s Indie Chart (on a 19 year delay system) we now reach the chart from the start of 1993. Thanks to Barbryn for prodding me to pick this one up. I should point out to newer readers that the six minutes a month refers to the amount of time alt/indie music had on terrestrial television at the time. Very few of us has MTV back then, we had four channels and the occasional hope that someone good would be on Top Of The Pops.

Ok, here are the salient points:

1. Huggy Bear – yep The Chart Show got the name of their EP (and song) wrong. But then since when was Riot Grrrrl spelt correctly?

2. Two bands here directly benefiting from Kurt Cobain patronage. On tour, Kurt used to love holding the bucket into which the large chap from Tad had to vomit nightly due to whatever bizarre physiological condition he was suffering. We know all about Shonen Knife. The few seconds of the song they play here sound pretty good, and yes there is moshing.

3. As we’ve covered Suede before, let’s look at Denim. Britpop seemed the right time for Laurence from Felt to launch his new thing and ride the zeitgeist to success, perhaps? Looking at this, may be he was a bit too arch, a bit too knowing, and a bit too clever (members of the Glitter Band?? Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep??!) for the mainstream, or indeed for his own boots. The recent documentary on him “Laurence of Belgravia” suggests, according to my film critic pal who has actually managed to see it, that there’s really not as much there as we hoped (not quite the reclusive genius he’s kidding himself he is perhaps), despite “Primitive Painters” being one of the best indie-pop songs ever written.

4. Superchunk!! This song is an alt. rock classic and I have it on 12″. Super awesome fun chunk.

5. Ditto the Sugar song, and Cornershop. Classics both.

6. Belly! OK, Belly were the big draw here. Nearly 20 years later, Belly’s songs haven’t endured so much as other stuff from the time (not to say I don’t like them, I just never seek them out) and I bloody loved Belly. I can only think that a part of this may have been down to the overpowering and ridiculous amount of hormones running round my 16 year old body. Thank god Elastica came along shortly.

So, towards whom were your hormones directed in early ’93?

The Ballot-Box Stuffing Starts Here!

Nominations for this year’s Spill Awards have been scrutinised and evaluated, and – as is the way with all such processes – all the unique and eclectic suggestions have been weeded out in favour of bland consensus. Or at any rate a shortlist of those albums, films and tv shows that at least two of us liked this year. Rarely more than two, as we’re a pretty diverse lot, and I expect this to be reflected as usual in the Festive Spill; award ceremonies like this, however, are, as always, all about conveying our target demographic…

So, get voting: you have three votes for the Album of the Year, and one vote each for best film and tv show. UPDATE Please note that the system is supposed to permit only one round of voting – so you have to tick three albums at once, rather than doing them one at a time. However, it manages this using cookies, and the result is that you can actually vote several times using different computers or by cleaning your cache. Hence it is possible for someone like Tatanka to remedy their error in voting for just one album by having another go, and I’ll just have to hope that all the rest of you are scrupulously honest in not taking advantage of this flaw…

Votes close at New Year, and the results will be announced at the usual glittering, star-studded ceremony on Saturday 7th January.

Boob Tube

Hope the player works.

Rolling Stones – Satisfaction
Beastie Boys – Ch-ch-check It Out
Clash – I’m So Bored With the USA
Dead Kennedys – MTV Get Off The Air
Public Enemy – Burn Hollywood Burn
Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Police – When the World Is Running Down
Green Day – Longview
Blink 182 – TV
REM – Bad Day
Blur – Coffee and TV
Blondie – Fade Away and Radiate

(nothing you haven’t heard before, Shoey)

give me my football back

Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium… from my trip to Istanbul… or some nice clouds and boats according to the Ms.

The Longshot Megson
(amazing folk song for those of us who have to put up with the team we support getting 7 goals scored against us – every once in a while)
this will be played at the opening concert (bit like asking Dinosaur Jr to play alongside Madonna, Diana Ross and the Jacksons at USA 94 – wouldn’t that have been excellent!) anyway, a thumping tune about Dope and scoring – for all the nice corporate sponsors to inhale.
Don’t Get Fooled By the Football Players’ Summery Outfit Le Man Avec Les Lunettes
Have a listen to Indiecater Records 32 track compilation here it’s where track three comes from.
This Is A Flag. There Is No Wind Los Campesinos!
this and Plan A make football references- thought i’d add it.

So tomorrow it starts, all that is left to say is:
Come on SERBIA and the Ivory Coast -
‘Zakumi…….. eat my goal’

I’m in a Rock ‘n’ Roll Band! on BBC2

Or more accurately, NOT on BBC2.

Not on because the bloody crap snooker has overrun and they have carried on showing two dull bores hitting little coloured balls with sticks.

I really hate snooker, it isn’t a sport, it is a game played in pubs and clubs.

It is symptomatic of the BBC attitude to anything to do with music that the music will lose out to some other sh*t.

I have complained to the BBC but I already know what they will say; “snooker is popular, people will have wanted to see the end of the match, blah blah blah”.

Well, not everyone wants to see the end of the match, or even the start of the f**king match for that matter.

Stick the snooker on BBC3, no one watches BBC3 anyway.


Watching this very witty and well cut recap, I think I must have stopped watching Lost at the end of series 4, but this has brought it all back and I may well have to get stuck into the whole thing again (now I’ve finished all three series of Mad Men).

Has anyone kept with it all the way through? Or at which point did you bail out at?