Six Minutes A Month – August 1993

As we continue the tracking of the evolution of indie via the teenage lifeline of The Chart Show’s Indie Chart (on a 20 year delay system) we are now deep into 1993.

The six minutes a month refers to the amount of time alt/indie music had on terrestrial television at the time. Very few of us has MTV back then, we had four channels and the occasional hope that someone good would be on Top Of The Pops. So many folks I know of my generation discovered their favourite bands from catching a tiny snippet on The Chart Show on a Saturday morning. Our lives would have been different with Youtube & Spotify, I’m sure.

OK, the observations: 

1. There’s a pretty big alt. rock showing from the US. Yes, we called it alt. rock – not grunge. Overall this chart is pretty damn noisy. Suede, heading the Britpop vanguard, must not have had a single out this month. Make no mistake, this chart is pretty damn heavy.

2. “Kylie’s Got A Crush On Us” by the irrepressible BMX Bandits really should have been a world wide smash, it’s a mystery to me why it never was.

3. The Boo Radleys are still in their fuzzy spacey phase, having yet to write any really annoying Britpop anthems Like “Wake Up Boo”, though there always was a pop heart to their tunes.

4. The Voodoo Queens have abandoned their riot grrl leanings and now are singing a song about how to pronounce Keanu Reeves’ name. It’s not very good.

5. I own a fair bit of this chart, my enduring favourites being the 12″s from the Smashing Pumpkins (whose Cherub Rock was the start of their world domination) and of course The Breeders. Cannonball is a classic, as you know, and the video was directed by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth & Spike Jonze. I still listen to these two bands a lot, their music had endured.

6. The Sugar song “Tilted” was from their six track “Beaster” EP, which was heavier and harsher material than their previous, breakthrough, Copper Blue album. “Beaster”, as I figured at the time, was a religious concept album about the life & death of Christ. Maybe.

What were you listening to at the end of the summer of ’93? 

‘Spill Housekeeping


Hallo fellow ‘Spillers. Just a quick post to see if anyone’s interested in a wee visual update to the old ‘Spill. Pretty much the same as things are now, but maybe…..a bit wider??!

It would maybe help if you told me how you view The ‘Spill (I’m on huge screened macs which may give me a different view on thing, y’see?) and what could make it better.

Cheery cheers, and here’s the new Laura Marling song:

Strings Attached

My friends in The Electric String Orchestra put on a big show in Glasgow a few months back, which I was lucky enough to catch on camera. They do rock n roll & popular covers with a 12 piece orchestra (Bowie, Muse, Lady GaGa, GnR, King Creosote etc) and have guest singers also (Emma Pollock, Twilight Sad still to come, I will post when they’re ready!).

This clip is of fine Highlands folk singer Rachel Sermanni performing one of her songs, Rachel has gone down well on The ‘Spill previously, so I thought you may like to see this.

And after the jump, Britney Spears gets tackled.  Continue reading

Stereopony in the USA


Hi Everyone ! ! !

Stereopony are in the USA at the moment ! ! !

They played at the Sakura Con festival in Seattle on Friday and the concert was streamed live on Nico Nico

If any Spillers are around the west coast you can see them here:

♪   ♫   ♪

10 April – Slims San Franscisco

11 April – Key Club Hollywood

12 – April – Yost Theatre Santa Anna

They are a great act live ! ! !

They have a new album out and are in really great conditions just now. So I am sure you will enjoy it if you can make it ! ! !
Here is a video of them live so you can see what I mean ! ! !

He Said ~ She Said – Japanese Lock Chicks ! ! !

Ms S it is Rock not Lock!!!
But Mr P - that is what I said - Lock ! ! !

She Says:

We have wanted to this post for a long time and now at last we can ! ! !  Japanese girls are very active in all genres of rock, much more I think than girls in the west. We want to show you some of the great things Japanese girls are doing these days in rock –  it is loud and little crazy maybe, but we think you will enjoy it!!!

He Says:

Last time we introduced you to some Japanese girls from the pink, fluffy end of the spectrum. This week it’s girls with balls. Big, fat, hairy rocky balls ( figuratively speaking, not really, I think you have to go to Thailand for that sort of thing). Wild girls making wild music in a wild way. Girls, doing for themselves. Go, go gyaru ! Continue reading

Win Valuable Spill Points – Participate in the He Said – She Said Readers Poll ! ! !

Miss S ! ! ! If they do not vote ...Shoot them ! ! !

She Says:

Asian women seem to be very much more active in the Music industry than in the west and they play, write, and produce music of all genres.

Mr P and I would like to celebrate the contribution of Asian women in a  He Said ~ She Said post (or maybe more than one).   But there really are so many that we can not decide which ones to make the post about.

So,  we need your help to decide ! ! !

He Says:

At the risk of sounding like an old pervert ( which I am, of course) “I like girls”. Specifically Asian girls ( not in THAT way…er..well…maybe a little..I can see myself digging a big hole here…..).I’ll start again.

I admire tremendously the music produced by the women of Japan and other Asian countries. Contrary to the perceptions in the West, perhaps, the ladies appear to be “doing it for themselves” far more than they do over here where the predominant “girl sound” is manufactured pop pap. Sakura and I would like to share a few tracks with you all. There are so many to choose from we’d like to divide the “Girlie sound” in to several posts

The three choices we we have selected are  . . . . .  Continue reading

I Need Your Bedroom Eyes

I have had “Bedroom Eyes” by Dum Dum Girls stuck on repeat for the last few weeks, and now there’s a fab video to go with it. Press play if you like 60s girl groups, The Raveonettes, The Bangles, Fleetwood Mac, The Pretenders or any good music really. Catchy as hell chorus, sublime bridge and quite an array of tights to behold!


Moove on up.

To celebrate the International Year of the Cow* I thought it would be nice to trawl down the back of my metaphorical sofa and dig out some dairy themed “outsider” stuff for you all to “enjoy”.
Cows, are, I feel, somewhat neglected in song. There are plenty of great songs about cowboys and a few about green grass but not so many about our bovine friends or , indeed, the products they produce ( though, it must be said, milk does feature in quite a few great tunes “No milk today” “Ernie” etc). I love cheese and other dairy products, yoghurt for example, and present these tracks as an homage to a creature and food provider that even we vegetarians can talk to without looking totally barmy.

Another “outsider” fan put it very well on his blog, these are not tunes to be “enjoyed” they are tunes to “withstand”.
So, without further ado, I hope you withstand them.

First up we have Mike Sophia- Cow
This work of genius takes us deep into the mind of the cow , which, I suspect, is mainly full to thoughts about grass. In fact I’m willing to bet that the “word” “Moo” means “grass” in cow. Set to what may be best described as a “nightmare fairground” backing and replete with the joyful lowing of many cows it is a thing of beauty and wonder.

Next we have Rudy Burkhalter- Come to Cheese Day in Monro

I’ve been fascinated for some years by the annual Cheese Day event held in Monro County, Wisconsin ( Big Swiss-American community, apparently) where parades and events celebrate the foodstuff which we all know and love.
I stumbled across this celebration by accident, following on links that I discovered whilst perusing the online works of my favourite poet, James McIntyre who, whilst born in Canada, had some cheesy connections with the states. Here are a few lines from his epic poem “Ode on the Mammoth Cheese” **

We have seen the Queen of cheese,
Laying quietly at your ease,
Gently fanned by evening breeze –
Thy fair form no flies dare seize.

Lastly, but not leastly, a song from the New Zealand ministry of cows recording that was sent out to farmers to encourage them to medicate their cows against the foremost disease of the udders. The record, called Mastitis Melodies, utilises well known tunes to get the message across.
Here then is The Waikato Dairy Singers- Treat your teats

Well, I hope you withstood that O.K. I’m afraid I can’t take responsibility for any mind warping caused by listening to this stuff.
I hope to be able to continue posting, perhaps themed , songs in a similar vein for your withstandment and will include a “Mystery Track” to add to the fun

* Which I just made up.

** This, apparently, means a large cheese and not what I first assumed.

Forget That You’re Young

I think you all know how much I love The Raveonettes, so it makes me happy to hear they’ve a new album in April. This song “Forget That You’re Young” is the first sneak peek from “Raven In The Grave”. It’s not one of their pop numbers, or one of their fuzzy feedback epics, but more of an 80s ballad type thing.

I do hope that album title is not their way of announcing something sad.

Rambling Man

Laura Marling’s songs have rocketed to the top of my scrobbler, as I endlessly play her new album “I Speak Because I Can” – she’s just released a video for “Rambling Man” which is about the 7th best song on the record. I feel like I’ve been bangin on about Marling since forever*, so it’s nice to see her get some mainstream recognition – although I hope this doesn’t scupper her wish to release another album later this year.

*the first mention of LM I can find on The ‘Spill was February 7th 2008 here

Marling Monday / Songs About Shagging

I think you all know how much I like the music of Laura Marling. Her debut was in my top 10 of the 00s, and its very likely the follow up will show highly in this years top ten.
Marling has taken the folk-pop songs of her past and given them a 4000volt-mumfordite shock, boosting them into the realms of the unreal, like at the 1.20 mark of the song above when things really go stratospheric. The closing song of the LP “I Speak Because I Can” is so emotionally charged that it quite took me aback the first time I heard it.
I couldn’t post the official video for “Devil’s Spoke” but this recent live session version is very good. Why is it that when women write songs about shagging it turns out awesome, but when men do, it turns out Def Leppard. Answers on a postcard, please, or a blog comment.

Blimpy’s Top Ten Indie Totty

Due to my inbox being flooded with requests for this, I feel I must oblige. So, in no particular order, here’s my top ten indie hotties:

Annie Hardy, the one woman potty-mouth shoegazeathon that is Giant Drag.

Obscure indie folkstress Rozi Plain.

Sophie Ellis Bextor was in an indie band before conquering the pop charts. I obviously stopped liking her once she became successful. I put most of her appeal down to the fact that I fancied her mum on Blue Peter when I was about 6.
One half of the Raveonettes; Sharin Foo!

Polly Harvey, of course!

Meg White, primal drummer extraordinaire from The White Stripes

Muse of the Noughties, the exceptionally talented Laura Marling.

Um, Elastica generally speaking…

Debbie Harry from Blondie invented the whole indie chick thing in the first place.

And let us not forget Zia McCabe from the Dandy Warhols!
So, who have I missed?

(And a happy 2010 to all!!)