Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea – Sloppy Sevens Vol. 1


I recorded this on Friday and was meant to post it last night, but I got trapped by the snow and spent a freezing night on a non-moving train.

After a day of drive clearing, snowman making and afternoon napping I’ve finally found a moment to post this all-new podcast made up entirely of records from my singles collection. It’s the same old unlistenable dirges, just in shorter form!

Features a guest appearance from Mrs Panther and her car SatNav – it took me ages to remember what that word was in English, that’s the problem when new words come into use when I’m out of the country…hmm….I’m already rambling and you haven’t even pressed play yet…Enjoy!

Radio Abahachi: Solid Gold Classics II

Draper's UlyssesIt’s been ages since I’ve done any sort of podcast – I’ve just been way too busy at work – and for various strategic reasons this one has to be another of the cross-overs between Abahachi and my work identity. Still, better than nothing, I hope, and some of the music is fabulous…

Your literary questions…..answered!

As you may remember I asked for your questions for a literary podcast I was producing, fab responses from the Spilliverse, which I printed off and took with me to the recording. There wasn’t time as part of the actual podcast to get the presenter to pitch them in, but I took a quick few minutes to road-test them afterwards (hence the background crowd noise)  with the author Russel D McLean, who is a Dundee based crime writer, who has had four successful books out, and is working on the fifth. Russel only had a scant few minutes before he had to rush off to the next engagement so we nipped through ‘em sharpish, skipping any questions that may have warranted a long answer (time constraints, soz if I skipped your question). So, here are your literary questions…..answered!!

This was lots of fun, thanks guys, hopefully it will evolve further, with your help.


Literary Help Needed!

Good day to you fair ‘Spillers – I’m hoping to pick your gigantic communal brain on literary matters. I am about to start producing literary podcasts for a client, and need your help please. The podcasts will have a basic format where an author reads and is interviewed and takes questions from an audience. All well and good and quite straight forward. What I quite like the idea of is the same five awesome/bizarre/funny/deep questions being asked of the different authors, kinda like an EOTWQ with a literary bent, which I think would add up to an interesting feature – and this is where I need your help please!

If you can put your amazing questions in the comments I will be most incredibly grateful – no such thing as a bad question! Thank you so much!

Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea – All New Podcast !

Yes, that’s right ‘Spillers, an all-new PODCAST! Long overdue, I know….but, better late than never, right? Well, don’t agree until you’ve listened to it !

It’s a very random and eclectic mix based on whatever was in my box of records at the time….and there were so many I didn’t get to that I wanted to include. They’ll have to wait until next time, I suppose.

Listen until the end for some exciting news ! Well, exciting for me, not perhaps for anyone else !

Enjoy !

Bends for (about) 5904 Miles – The Reviews Podcast

After an extended hiatus the award-winning duo of Panthersan & Satankidneypie (accompanied by a backing band of the birds outside the window) are back back back with a new episode of Bends For… and this time they cast their critical eye on some up and coming bands and artists and lay into some new albums from established favourites.

In the up-and-coming camp, Scumbag Philosopher’s offbeat commentary on contemporary social issues gets the once over. Listen to the review and find out more about Scumbag Philosopher HERE

Next up multi-genre dubstep/dancehall/electronica type Indiginus gets the critical treatment, with a review of his Sofa Surfer album. Listen to our completely uninformed opinions and then make your own minds up by going to his website

After that ex-Death In Vegas man Mat Flint’s Deep Cut have our humble reviewers reaching for the superlatives with their fuzzed up shogazey indie rock album Disorientation. Read about them HERE and then have a proper listen at their Myspace

New music from Hey Colossus and Euros Childs also get the review treatment amongst the mindless chat and waffle. Usual apologies for the low sound quality and cut-outs, but we are (about) 5904 miles apart!


Gay Messiahs (a bishcast)!

Irrelevant but amusing photo

Purely because it made me chuckle - no aspersions cast on Lord Vader's persuasion...

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Like a diamond

Young punk (?)(1977)

Insider (1981)

Outsider (2002)

Grand Old Man Of Rock (2011)

Well, the thing is that I’ve been wanting to do a podcast about TP for ages now, but the problem always was: how do I decide which songs to include? Then one day the answer came to me: during the 30 Days game I’d been keeping a list of my noms so as not to repeat any, and looking down the list at about the two-thirds mark I realised that my TP noms (which were many) in fact covered a good span of his recording career. There were still a few gaps though – and in fact not enough opportunities left to get one song in from each album, not to mention that some albums were already represented twice – but I made a valiant attempt through blatant shoehorning activities and finally arrived at a list which I think is pretty good. I’ve left out the compilation, soundtrack and live albums, and most of the songs in the podcast are different versions from the ones I posted for 30 Days, because they’re studio-recorded. So even if you watched all the videos I posted, you’ll still hear something new in the podcast, as well as my fab commentary of course, and some remarks from the great man himself who was happy to help. [Tell the truth, tfd - Ed.] OK, he didn’t know a thing about it.
Here we go then: Tom Petty, his music, from 1976 to now.
Woo hoo!

Podcast song list

Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It) – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 1976
I Need To Know – You’re Gonna Get It! 1978
Shadow Of A Doubt (A Complex Kid) – Damn The Torpedoes 1979
The Waiting – Hard Promises 1981
Insider – Hard Promises 1981
Change Of Heart – Long After Dark 1982
Southern Accents – Southern Accents 1985
Spike - Southern Accents 1985
It’ll All Work Out – Let Me Up (I’ve Had Enough) 1987
End Of The Line – The Traveling Wilburys vol. 1 1988
Runnin’ Down A Dream – Full Moon Fever 1989
Learning To Fly – Into The Great Wide Open 1991
You Don’t Know How It Feels – Wildflowers 1994
Room At The Top – Echo 1999
Dreamville – The Last DJ 2002
Like A Diamond – The Last DJ 2002
Saving Grace – Highway Companion 2006
Shady Grove – Mudcrutch 2008
Lover’s Touch – Mojo 2010

All songs composed by Tom Petty except:
End Of The Line – George Harrison
Runnin’ Down A Dream – Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Jeff Lynne
Shady Grove – trad.

Well, if you’ve got down this far you’ll certainly be up for the ‘Spill point challenge – I’ve mentioned shoehorning but (for only one point, now that Chris has made it easier by putting the spreadsheet in the box) which of the songs in the podcast did NOT feature in the 30-Day Challenge at all? Clue: it’s about a couple who are maybe about to set up home together but they are the opposite of Wills’n’Kate.

The bus came by, and I got on


That’s when it all began:


Side One:

(1) That’s It for the Other One

A – Cryptical Envelopment

B – Quadlibet for Tenderfeet

C – The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get

D – We Leave the Castle

(2) New Potato Caboose

(3) Born Cross-Eyed


Side Two:

(1) Alligator

(2) Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)


Jerry Garcia (3rd left): Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Kazoo and Vibraslap
Bob Weir (3rd right): Rhythm Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Kazoo
Ron McKernan (far right): Organ and Celesta Claves
Phil Lesh (2nd left): Bass, Trumpet, Harpsichord, Guiro Kazoo, Piano and Timpani
Mickey Hart (2nd right), Bill Kreutzman (far left): Drums, Orchestra Bells, Gong, Chimes, Crotales, Prepared Piano, Finger Cymbals
Tom Constanten (not shown): Prepared Piano, Piano and Electronic Tape

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Once you click on the ‘play’ arrow, this should all become fairly self evident, but I’ll take the opportunity to make a few excuses while I have the chance. Not sure at this stage why the volume on the first cut seems slightly low, everything was OK prior to the mix, so when Judy comes on, just bump the volume a bit. I think there’s a couple of factual errors in there but I missed ‘em at the time, free pints when next we meet if you spot ‘em. I was hoping to get about 17 cuts into this but the clock said ‘no’, bloody clock! So if you’re curious there’s a few unheard cuts that you’ll have to look for in the box, they’ll be mixed in with several cuts of each artist that I had on hand. I definitely need more practice with this plus I need to understand the software better so I might do another, though I’m not really sure that this is the right format for music, this may be OK for straight voice and maybe playlists should be used for music, but if we do another, perhaps reggae next time?
OK, thanks for listening…..GF.

Here’s the playlist.

Buddy can you spare a dime – Judy Collins
Chain of Fools – Aretha Franklin
City Girl – Joan Armatrading
Circle Game – Joni Mitchell
The Hammond Song – The Roches
Hollywood Sign – Dory Previn

I ain’t got nothing but the blues – Pointer Sisters
Poetry Man – Phoebe Snow
There you are – Martha Velez
You’re so vain – Carly Simon
You’ve got a friend – Carole King
My baby just cares for me – Nina Simone

30 Minutes Over Tokyo – The Final Podcast

Yes! That’s right, may I present to you the final ever edition of 30MOT.

Has some terrible tragedy befallen your 6th favourite ‘Spill-based podcast?

Has your humble narrator stormed off in a huff due to some unnamed and ill-perceived slight?

Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out!

Thanks to anyone who has ever listened to an edition of 30MOT, every one was a lot of fun to make and present to you all!


P.S. For anyone who downloads from Dropbox to listen on their iPod, hopefully, if the images survive the transition to DB, this should be a specially enhanced Podcast with random pictures and some photos of me gormlessly brandishing vinyl and attempting (and failing miserably!) to match my sartorial elegance to the tone of the tune being spun!

The Spill Awards 2010

So, here we are again. I do seem to recall being in a slightly more cheerful and optimistic mood this time last year – can’t remember why, but it did make it easier to think of some humourous mock awards to scatter amongst the genuine categories. Still, this year I can at least offer you an all-singing, all-dancing extravanganza, with added Phil Collins (whenever I feel the urge to flee the country, I keep repeating to myself, “Yes, but do you really want to be another Phil Collins?”). First, however, the usual cornucopia of recommendations for Book of the Year, in case anyone gave you book tokens for Christmas; if not, you can always play Guess the Recommender…

David Abram, Becoming Animal
Michael Connolly, The Reversal
Jenny Erpenbeck, Heimsuchung
Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating Animals
Tim Harford, Dear Undercover Economist
Peter Heather, Empires and Barbarians
Barbara Kingsolver, The Lacuna
Andrea Levey, The Long Song
David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

And now for the main event, the Villains, Heroes, Films and Albums of the year, I give you…

Radio Abahachi: Kind of Mauve

Or, The Hits (and some misses), Part I; first in a new series of podcasts in which Abahachi comes to terms with the fact that he’s never going to get a song A-listed ever again, and looks back over selected highlights of the glory years…
Radio Abahachi Episode 6a

Talking of people who shouldn’t wear lycra…

I don’t know what’s got into everyone this week; I love this theme. Okay, it’s partly because I love cycling, so am eager to remedy the fact that my record collection seems to have a remarkably lacuna in that department, but did everyone who enjoyed the Hats theme do so because they loved hats? I don’t think so. I’ve already discovered a couple of really great new tracks, and so I felt called upon to put together a little podcast to celebrate the wonders of bikes and songs about them…

Radio Abahachi: Tour de France Special

30MOT – The Semi-Random Analogue Shufflator

I thought it had been a while since I had done a Podcast and I had some time on my hands, so here is the latest installment. (For any new folks, the Podcast is called 30 Minutes Over Tokyo and usually has a theme.)

The idea was to have a (semi-)random selection, the problem with being random is that it tends to produce tracks which don’t really fit together, so it doesn’t quite work as a whole Podcast and it ended up not being particularly representative of the broad spectrum of my record collection……but hey! I had fun making it and there are some good (if mostly noisy) tunes to enjoy here anyway!

Listen below or download from Dropbox:

It was a very good year

Here’s my podcast!

1. I’m sorry! It’s extremely inarticulate and not well-explained, and I SWEAR my vocabulary is bigger than this!

2. I’m sorry, but it’s all hip hop, and I know that a) people who like hip hop will have heard everything in here b) people who don’t like hip hop won’t probably listen. But I ask that you give it a try. I only included about a minute of each song, so if you don’t like it, you don’t have long to wait. Gil Baily stylee! If anybody would like to hear the rest of any song, please let me know and I’ll drop it.