Now that’s what I call: Elastic bands.

so ONE each from A all the way to Z then a number/a punctuation/a symbols (that includes you saneshane)

The final selection.
You must narrow your choice down to just one.
I’m looking at you picking the best one from your weekly lists (or in odd cases; the one you stupidly forgot to include).

If you put ‘Spill Challenges into the search box – most of the elastic bands weeks come up.

Have fun.

Give Us A Break!

It’s great that the level of activity here has increased recently but I think it’s highlighted the need for a little bit of posting discipline (Postman Pat in leathers?! – Ed).

Can we restrict the amount of a post that appears on this Spill Home page, to make it easier and faster to scroll up and down? The Guardian blogs, for example, keep everything but the title, one picture/video/playlist and a couple of paragraphs of text hidden after a ‘continue reading…’ link. Can we follow suit, please?

To make this happen, all that is required is that, when creating a new post, you use the ‘Insert More Tag’ button after a bit of blurb and an image/video/playlist. The button is circled below (although the top and bottom lines are thicker and blacker nowadays):


On a PC, Alt+Shift+T has the same effect.

When the post appears, a Continue Reading tag is inserted and everything after that point moves to a second page.

Obviously, many people already do this. I think it would be a good idea for all of us to do it. Continue reading

New Year housekeeping

Just a brief note to say that trolling will not be tolerated on The ‘Spill in any form whatsoever, and that I will be paying closer attention to all comments and any nastiness will be deleted immediately. I have said this before, but I withdrew years ago from any GU music commenting as the place filled up with idiots, and I don’t intend the same to happen to The ‘Spill. The occasional troll has been dealt with in the past, and will be again as necessary.

I must apologise for missing any trolling in the last while and not dealing with it. I used to read every comment that went in on the site, but are different demands on my time that there used to be.

The unwritten rule of The ‘Spill is that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. This may sound a bit trite, but as a generalisation it has worked fine these last 6 years.

Now, I must get back to my new year’s hangover.



Click on the ‘spill at the top left of your screen
Then click Dashboard on the drop down
click media on the left hand side – Library will appear next to it.

under the “Howdy – you have used up your upload limit” is a set of :

All (6,418) | Images (4,454) | Audio (1,946) | Unattached (556)

click on Audio and you will have 98 pages of mp3s

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‘Spill Housekeeping


Hallo fellow ‘Spillers. Just a quick post to see if anyone’s interested in a wee visual update to the old ‘Spill. Pretty much the same as things are now, but maybe…..a bit wider??!

It would maybe help if you told me how you view The ‘Spill (I’m on huge screened macs which may give me a different view on thing, y’see?) and what could make it better.

Cheery cheers, and here’s the new Laura Marling song:

The Spillers’ Google Map – RRdond&spill

Dunno if this will link you all directly back to the map, but when AliM said she couldn’t find it, I felt I ought to, as an apology for dissing her “Keep One, Kick One” list.

Cauliflower owns the list, but Tinny is a ‘Collaborator’ with editing privileges, apparently.

Before Beer – visit the A.T.M

An automated theft machine or (ATM), also known as a hole in the scruples in British English, is a computerised telecommunications device that provides the suckers banking with a financial institution with access to financial transactions in a public space without the need for a cashier, human clerk or bank teller having to face outraged disgruntled customers.
On most modern ATMs, the customer is identified by shafting a plastic get out of jail free card in their orifice. Authentication is provided by the customer giving their hard earned money to a millionaire via the bank, the government, and any old bonuses the managers wish to add.
The newest ATM’s operate without ethics or morales of any sort. Do nothing and a boss will automatically withdraw the cash.

Engineers in Britain developed their own cash machines during the early 1960s. The first of these that was put into use was by Barclays Bank on 27 June 1967. This machine was the first in the UK and was used by English comedy actor Reg Varney, at the time so as to ensure maximum publicity for the machines. Thus cementing the fact that Barclays should always be remembered as one huge Piss Taking JOKE.

Updated dropbox: Now let someone view without a download

A Dropbox update makes it easier to share direct links to files inside your Dropbox folders without using your Public folder.

The new system allows you to “Get Link” by right clicking on any file or folder in Dropbox. Send the link so the recipient can view the photo, watch a video or read a document in their browser – no download required.

The feature should be live in the Dropbox webapp, mobile apps, and desktop client right now. (via Lifehacker. Also, dropbox vs Google Drive vs …)






Some Entertainment For The Wash-up?

Merry Christmas y’All!

By now you will have muzzle-loaded every form of carbohydrate known to man within the space of 24 hours, some of you will have gorged on the charred carcase of poultry past, many of you will have fearlessly guzzled a combination of drinks that you would consider inappropriate on the most lost of weekends, and then to cap it all merrily furred your arteries up with the combined contents of a dairy farm and a sugar plantation.

So there you are, in a stupefied state, knowing only too well that there are only two things which can revive you: the riches of the Spill and the mundanity of tidying up the kitchen by way of tribute to your chef.

Lucky for you to have chosen to log on in this post-prandial fug, for I have something to help you through the dishes and hopefully most of the pots and pans. It is a sublime confection of music, wit, bonhomie and friendship. I posted a fragment of this session on the occasion of tfd’s retirement and had held off posting the rest as I knew it would be a necessary yuletide palliative.

Brendan Croker and Kevin Coyne recorded an album in 2002 – the story of their meeting and how the music came together is explained in their interview segment with Andy Kershaw. The whole thing is pleasantly bonkers, with the interviewer seemingly happy to try and compete with the ludicrous ramblings of his guests.

I used to listen to this every Friday at 5PM to remind me that there was something to life other than work, although I think you will find it works well while taking care of the clear up. I am on a farm for Xmas and while I myself will not be able to join you today, I will be enjoying every bloated gluttonous second of it and the washing up too!

Some Domestic EOTWQs

I don’t really have time to do this properly, and I really ought to be doing several other things – but since everyone else is clearly in the same position, that is going to provide the theme for these last-minute stopgap EOTWQs. Apologies for the fact that they’re rather mundane, but it’s that sort of day, and in any case I’m hoping that in true ‘Spill fashion the most mundane questions will actually yield the most fascinating answers…

1. What domestic task do you complete every week without fail – or get very twitchy if for some reason you’re prevented from doing so?

2. What is the task that you will avoid doing by any means possible?

3. What thing do you always forget – genuinely forget, rather than accidentally on purpose – to do?

4. Who wears the apron in your household?

5. How domesticated are you?


OK, here’s the beginnings of chapter one. I asked Maki to give me his list of instructions for posting music and then I added my thoughts and re-wrote it all, hopefully in a manner that’s foolproof. I’ve tested this and it worked. If this is acceptable we’ll continue and add instructions for posting titles, artists, pictures, videos, youtubes, text, links etc, plus posting links, pics and music into the comments area. For the benefit of potential new users or current ones who’re not clear about Dropbox I thought it would be helpful to start there.

Before I start to try to do a posting for the Spill I find it useful to place all my MP3 music cuts, JPG pictures and pre-written text into a labeled file on my desktop, it makes it easier later on. There’s another advantage to this, you’ll be copying & pasting http code for each cut into the ‘new post’ page at WordPress, it’s handy to also paste it into this folder for reference in case you need to come back to it, WordPress has been known to cause frustration by occasionally not not playing by the rules and it’s handy to have those html codes handy if you need to start over.

 Begin by registering with Dropbox, [] thereafter you’ll be asked to log in. You can upload music to Dropbox and anything you upload  will be kept in your ‘My Dropbox’ file, next to that you’ll see ‘Public’:  to use music on the Spill you need to have it in the Public folder so transfer it from your dropbox into Public. If you’re considering multiple cuts it’s a good idea to keep them in a labeled folder.
Having got this far, now click on one of your titles in Dropbox and you’ll notice a blue downward arrow off to the right, click on this and you’ll see a dropdown menu that has ‘Copy Public Link’ as one of it’s options, click on this and a window will open that contains a line of http code with an option to ‘copy to clipboard’, do so.
Now open WordPress [you may be required to log in] and on the left you’ll see a column that includes ‘Posts’ and below it ‘Add new’, click on that. A  window will open that contains a rectangle with ‘Visual’ and ‘HTML’  at the top right corner, choose HTML. Now is the time to decide how you want your post to look, ie the placement of text, pictures and music, for now lets say that the music player goes at the bottom and you’re only having one tune. Type

If you now click on ‘Preview’ [top right] you should see a player icon situated at The Spill which if you click it should play your tune!

If you want to add more tracks:

1. Do not close the player – ignore the bit about closing the code with another square bracket.
2. Place a comma and a space after the first code.
3. From the public folder in Dropbox click your second piece of music and repeat the instructions above re. copying and pasting it into WordPress.
4. Paste it immediately after the comma after the first code, add a comma and a space and repeat ad-nausium ’til you have all the music cuts pasted.
5. When you have added the last html code don’t add a comma, just close it with a square bracket.
6. For 5 cuts it should give you a player that looks like this:

All these commas, spaces and square brackets are crucial, miss any one of them and you’re doomed to failure.

Work! – what is it good for?

So, in the past few weeks a lot of the people on here have been stressing over the work prospects, the governments everywhere are intent on shafting those that really need help and their idea of saving money is making redundant all those that do a useful job for society – reading the business section yesterday it seems the banks are all high and dry and going straight back to their core beliefs – did I get this wrong, or wasn’t it them that got us in this mess in the first place? anyway.. I’m s’posed to be doing something useful- and this seemed like the thing to do.
Continue reading

‘Spill Housekeeping

Hi ‘Spillers,

Seeing as we’re now a few weeks into the all-new ‘Spill, and from Tin’s suggestion – it’s time for a discussion on ‘Spill housekeeping.

Any suggestions for what we should or shouldn’t be doing, improvements, techy stuff, ideas etc etc are all, as ever, gratefully received – in the comments!


‘Spill Housekeeping – Categories & Tags


Hi ‘Spillers!

In a vague attempt to make things more organised, and for ease of finding our way through our vast back catalogue (2,759 posts!!); I’m going to attempt to implement a loose categories and tags policy!

All posts have both categories and tags. The categories appear in the sidebar of The ‘Spill, and I’d like to keep this to a relative minimum. This is because I can make sub-pages on The ‘Spill that will only contain posts that are in a certain category.

For example, I’ve been asked before if we could have a page that has all the podcasts on it, which is easily done if they’re all posted in the podcast category. I also intend to make a ‘Spillharmonic page – and am open to suggestion for other pages we can have. These pages can then appear as tabs in the top bar.

Posts can also be tagged. I’ve turned our old list of categories into tags; so you can still search that way too. Feel free to use as many different tags as you like, including your user name if you like to be able to find all your previous musings.

To begin with I’d like to have music categorized by genre (I know that may lead to a probs but hey! If there’s one thing we like to do is argue about that sorta thing) and then have other categories like Film, Literature, Cooking, Musing, Architecture, etc.

So, to sum up:

  • Choose from the categories, but do add -for example – Dubstep – if it’s not there
  • Put whatever you like as tags, and as many as you like

Any thoughts and suggestions much appreciated in the comments please!