saneshane’s best of 2013


Best of 2013 by ME:

10 dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip – I’m contracted to add Pip every year.. this is one of the best protest tracks of the year – again missed by Dorian.
Stiff Upper Lip dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip feat. Itch Repent Replenish Repeat

9 Orties – French elctro making you dance like a robot from 1984 – here you go – accented songs about orgasms and goths – sold.
Ghetto Goth Orties Sextape

8 The Indelicates – Arcade Fire’s extremely intense love of their own dangly bits getting on your nerves? – then try this – yet another brilliant story telling album played with passion and anger but without the egoistic self love of the brilliant ideas involved – they ARE brilliant ideas and wonderfully imaginative musically and lyrically too.
Bitterness Is the Appropriate Response The Indelicates Diseases of England

7 Zola Jesus – with strings, lush and cool reedits of her ‘famous hits’.
Collapse Zola Jesus Versions

6 Manix – the Daft Punk album retro theft left you cold with it stealing from all the crap eras (when they used to at least try and be pioneers) and only having one track of any merit – yep – skip that and play this; it recreats 1992 with all the fun of a prodigy album off their tits with spiral tribe… no pretense at originality – no media hype – this it 24 hour rave and it’s boz.
Your Love Is Over Manix Living In The Past

5 The Lovely Bad Things – the pixie aping nuggets loving bad things.
Darth Lauren The Lovely Bad Things The Late Great Whatever

4 Savages – there’s is no better indie this year – full stop.
No Face Savages Silence Yourself

3 Tricot – jagged jittery brilliance from Japan – a masterpiece of alternative buzz rock playing and performance. ACE.
Artsick Tricot The

2 Sleaford Mods – ranting, swearing infested, bile, spewed forth with aggressive venom and stream of consciousness – brilliant – is number one album of the year when I’m not in polite company – (**this track from Jobseeker 3 track single not austerity dogs album).
Black Monday Sleaford Mods Jobseeker album is Austerity Dogs

1 Juana Molina – crazy mixed up groovetastic joy.
Eras Juana Molina Wed 21

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Playlist pairs- 7/4 time

A new album from Juana Molina starts off with a fine, moody, and angular composition in 7/4. Juana is an Argentine multi-instrumentalist with a long career as a musician, comedian and TV star; her latest solo album Wed 21. is a wonderfully offbeat discursion into electronic folk music.  More info from her label.

This music is quite distinctive and it’s hard to find a good matching track; so to pair it I’ve fallen back on my favourite 7/4 composition, Joe Zawinul’s 74 miles away, performed by the Cannonball Adderley sextet.



Scots indie goes…..POP!



As we’ve not had a post for today, I thought I’d sneak one in before bedtime. “The Mother We Share” by Chvrches has snuck up on me, catching it on the radio, then finding out that there’s some ‘Spill Scots indie faves in the band, specifically one former Twilight Sad member, and one from DsD’s besties list, the mighty Aereogramme. There may well be a glut of bad 80s influenced electropop kicking about at the moment, but this is simply a fab song, with a wee hint of the old Scots melancholic beauty to boot.

New Steve Mason – “Fight Them Back”

Former Beta Band frontman Steve Mason’s 2010 album was voted best of the year in the ‘Spill album of the year awards, and now he’s back with a follow up. In revolutionary mode, “Fight Them Back” is primo Mason, with the signature dual vocal melody outro in place and a scathing Tony Blair sample to finish with. I bloody love it, goosebumps time, and yeah it’s about time the corrupt capitalist system got a boot in the face.

It was a bright cold day on the ‘spill, and the clocks were striking 13…


My 11 most played albums of ’12 in ’13.

My end of year round up is now turned into the ‘spill game:
you know the score DUMP one (or all of them – see if I care)

It’s pop and it’s fun – don’t take it too seriously.
Remember, they are my most played – I’m not claiming they will change the world – I just liked them.

Band names in BOLD – for those who believe I make stuff up:

1 Stroke My Curls The Dodoz Forever I Can Purr 2012
2 Cuka (feat. Ikonoklasta) Batida Batida (feat. Mck, Circuito Feixado, Ikonoklasta, Beat Laden 2012
3 The Empty Man Whitey Lost Summer 2012
4 Genevieve Stealing Sheep Into The Diamond Sun 2012
5 Horn For The Whole Damn World Lazarus and the Plane Crash Horseplay
6 Passenger Emily Wells Mama 2012
7 Kevlar Sweethearts Diablo Swing Orchestra Pandora’s Pinata 2012
8 Be Strong (Blakkat Remix) The 2 Bears Be Strong (Deluxe Edition) 2012
9 Rat-at-at The Skints Part & Parcel 2012
10 Clap Hooded Fang Tosta Mista 2012
11 Circus Sunday Driver The Mutiny 2012

New Favourite Band: Brockdorff Klang Labor

A re-working of classic New Wave electro-pop, in German, with songs citing Guy Debord and Christa Wolf? A secret laboratory in Leipzig has been busy creating a new group to my exact specifications, and I’ve only just discovered this: welcome to Brockdorff Klang Labor.

As many of you know, my formative years were the early 1980s, the moment when the futuristic soundscapes of early electronica, the radical conscience and situationist sloganeering of punk and post-punk and the sheer joy of disco collided to produce some of the greatest pop records ever. The last couple of years have thus been deeply annoying, as the media have regularly heralded a return to those glory years, only for the end result to be Little Boots or Florence and the Bloody Machine. Continue reading

Manuel Göttsching News!

Since Manuel Göttsching’s E2-E4 is one of the Spill’s unofficial anthems, after a whole series of us were converted to it by FrogPrincess, it stands to reason that there might well be people here interested in what he’s up to at the moment – or, as in my case, open to being made furiously jealous at the news of a concert that they have no chance of attending. I’ve been asked to post the following by Christian Wheeldon, who very modestly mentions his forthcoming biography of the great man at the very bottom of the post…

Saturday 23rd June, 9pm

This live date presents a rare opportunity to see Manuel Göttsching performing E2-E4, his seminal classic of electronic minimalism at Mönchengladbach’s famous Museum Abteiberg. Continue reading

Re-visitation and re-evaluation

I’ve not posted anything much on The ‘Spill for ages, apart from a few comments here and there, work has been taking up lots of time and I am conscious that although I am listening to lots of music, I am not really writing about it. So, I thought that I’d better do something about that state of affairs.

Anyway, this piece is all about how sometimes a band can surprise you and make you go back and re-evaluate their back catalogue.

I made a comment on The ‘Spill ages ago about changing my mind about being someone who liked Radiohead to realising that I was someone who actually just liked The Bends and OK Computer.

That was based on the fact that I didn’t like Kid A, an album I’d bought, listened to once or twice and then just dismissed as electronic doodling.

I’d basically not bothered to keep up with what the band were doing, yes, I heard stuff on the radio but most of it I didn’t really get involved with and then King of Limbs came out. I heard “Lotus Flower” on the radio and thought it sublime and “Little By Little” also sounded like a good song to me, one that crept up and grew on me, in a way that Radiohead hadn’t moved me for a long time. So I bought the album and yes, I really liked it a lot. I liked the shifting, elusive quality of the music, the skittering electronic drum patterns, the layered sound and the enigmatic vocals. The music had a maturity that demanded attention. It reminded me of something else.

It engaged me in a way that I thought Radiohead weren’t able to do any more. Even more interestingly, the blend of sounds; electronica, guitars, brass, treated vocals and other instruments sent me back to Kid A. I thought that it finally deserved a re-evaluation. There were things that I thought needed placing in a context.

However, I didn’t go straight at it. I had a whole afternoon of Radiohead. I played King of Limbs, then went back and played The Bends and OK Computer. I had a bit of a think, realising that what I’d previously loved about the two earlier albums didn’t necessarily move me in the same way. I still liked the anthemic rock tracks and the dislocated ballads but the two albums sounded, how can I put it, a bit too straightforward and lacking in subtlety, compared with the slippery, jittery, layered music on the newest album.

So, then I approached Kid A again. Right from the off, the opener “Everything in Its Right Place” clicked. The dissonances, the samples, the avant garde string arrangements, the punchy, discordant brass (that sort of reminded me of some of the brass used on some of King Crimson’s albums) and the electronic treatments finally made sense. I listened to the album and then I listened to it a second time. It still sounded right and, weirdly, because everyone always says how much of a departure it is from what came before, I could hear elements of continuity with OK Computer. Not large elements, but subtle ones, things to search out. Now, listening to Kid A, I don’t hear wilfully difficult experimentation, I hear musical maturity, I hear musicians stretching themselves, re-inventing their band into something beyond the anthems, something mysterious, something deep.

The band has always shunned, rightly I think, the tag of being a “prog” band. I can see that, because they haven’t done anything that I’d call prog. There was always that hype about OK Computer being a Dark Side Of The Moon for the nineties, which was really just hot air. I am not sure that the nineties needed a DSOTM, any more than any other decade ever did, the original doing a perfectly good job by itself. However, there is something in the experimentation, the use of the avant garde and the way the music on Kid A is structured that is really progressive in a real sense. It is progressive because it marked genuine musical progress for Radiohead. It took them away from the stadium rock that would have been a straight-jacket. Plenty of bands would have probably been happy to carry on cashing in on “Creep”, “The Bends” and “Paranoid Android” for a couple of decades, but Kid A gave Radiohead a whole new language and landscape to explore. In a way, I am kind of glad that it took me this long to make the connection. It is nice to be surprised occasionally and it is always good to have a prejudice overturned.

So, can I call myself a Radiohead fan again? Well, I think the answer has to be “Yes” to that one.

The only problem now, is what do I think of the guitar-based albums now, as opposed to the electronic ones? I am currently thinking that the electronica is what I want to hear most.

So, back to the basic premise again. Can recent music by bands and artists make you reassess their back catalogue and see their output in a different way? We are used to seeing music come out in a linear way. Is there real worth in approaching a body of work in reverse? What can it tell us about the artists to look at their past music through the filter of their present work?

I don’t have an answer necessarily, but maybe there are other views here?

Bends for (about) 5904 Miles – The Reviews Podcast

After an extended hiatus the award-winning duo of Panthersan & Satankidneypie (accompanied by a backing band of the birds outside the window) are back back back with a new episode of Bends For… and this time they cast their critical eye on some up and coming bands and artists and lay into some new albums from established favourites.

In the up-and-coming camp, Scumbag Philosopher’s offbeat commentary on contemporary social issues gets the once over. Listen to the review and find out more about Scumbag Philosopher HERE

Next up multi-genre dubstep/dancehall/electronica type Indiginus gets the critical treatment, with a review of his Sofa Surfer album. Listen to our completely uninformed opinions and then make your own minds up by going to his website

After that ex-Death In Vegas man Mat Flint’s Deep Cut have our humble reviewers reaching for the superlatives with their fuzzed up shogazey indie rock album Disorientation. Read about them HERE and then have a proper listen at their Myspace

New music from Hey Colossus and Euros Childs also get the review treatment amongst the mindless chat and waffle. Usual apologies for the low sound quality and cut-outs, but we are (about) 5904 miles apart!


Playlist pairs- techno commute

A GU article on German “acoustic techno” group Brandt Brauer Frick reminds me of the beautifully hand drawn video for their track Caffeine… there’s a section in the middle which I think refers to Jaco Pastorius’ Okonkole Y Trompa, so I’ll pair them off for the put-upon commuters among you.

Double Win

So, you go to the shore after school and when you come back you find that an artist you really like has sampled a song you also really like. That’s a Double Win in my book. Here’s Esau Mwamwaya rocking a bit of Tom Petty.

It’s not the most mind-blowing song in the world but it’s nice nonetheless.

Does anyone have any Double Wins they want to share? It could a be a sample, or a cover version, or whatever really.

Francesco Tristano

Francesco Tristano is a classically trained pianist whose recent collaborations with Murcof and Carl Craig create fascinating soundscapes. His latest release, Idiosynkrasia, is an intriguing blend of the melodic and the rhythmic, far more sophisticated than the usual accompanist-meets-beats production. Tristano understands how to integrate the sound of his acoustic piano into an electronic environment, and yet still retains enough pure harmonic sense to keep the music compositionally compelling.

Here’s the title track from Tristano’s Soundcloud site.

Hope you all had a restful and enjoyable christmas, and best wishes for the New Year!

2000 Pt. 2

The Time Is Now – Moloko
Good Fortune – PJ Harvey
Gravel Pit – Wu-Tang Clan
Hip Hop – dead prez
Adore – I:Cube
Concentrate – The Czars
Slowly, Surely – Jill Scott
Ancoats 2 Zambia – The Baby Namboos
Two Seconds – Laura Cantrell
B.O.B. – Outkast


Ms Jackson – Outkast
Strung Out – Drugs
Camping Jazz – Chateaux Flight
Where Have You Been – Jay-Z
Our Way To Fall – Yo La Tengo
Finally – Kings Of Tomorrow
Man With The Red Face – Laurent Garnier
If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix
Since I Left You – Avalanches
Africa – D’Angelo

New Goth vs Old Goth

Probably like a few ‘Spillers here, i really liked the Cure as a teenager, but this tailed off over time – anyways uber-hip screamo gothcore duo Crystal Castles have bagged Fat Bob himself to add his distinct voice to their track “I’m Not In Love” – with interesting results.
Did anyone else go through (or are still in) a goth phase at any point in their lives? What was the gothiest thing you did? Or wore?

playlist pairs- burnished autumn

Two contrasting tracks I’m listening to a lot at the moment.. Andreya has gathered her belongings on a train, Thom is recommending you take the same route.. lyrically, each of these songs convey a feeling of helplessness, dispair, regret.. but the music in each case has, for me, the burnished feel of autumn leaves and the acknowledgement that decay brings on new cycles of life.

AOTW: Nathan Fake – Drowning In A Sea Of Love (2006)

Been a while since we’ve had electronic music as AOTW (probably because most of you don’t like it). Nathan Fake’s (real name) Drowning In A Sea Of Love is in the box. To get you warmed up, here is an epic remix of one of the album tracks by James Holden & a Grasscut remix Nathan did earlier this year. For more info & some free downloads, check out:

Ninja Tune mix 2

Part two of the Ninja Tune mix features electronic down beat jazzy shit.

Wagon Christ Saddic Gladdic Sorry I make you lush
Ammoncontact Through the moon One in an infinity of ways
London Funk Allstars Give it to me raw Coldkrushcuts
DJ Food Scratch yer head Recipe for disaster
Mr. Scruff Shrimp Trouser Jazz

Wagon Christ It is always now all of it is now Musipal
Rainstick Orchestra Overflow Floating glass key in the sky
Yppah I’ll hit the breaks You are beautiful at all times
The Cinematic Orchestra Channel one suite Remixes
9 Lazy 9 Grazing Maize Sweet Jones
London Funk Allstars Love is what we need Coldkrushcuts

Label Day – Ninja Tune

“Ninja Tune is a London-based independent record label started by DJs Matt Black and Jonathan More, better known as Coldcut. The label was founded in 1990. In 1994 Matt Black’s close friend Mixmaster Morris introduced Matt to Openmind – a DJ & design collective in Camberwell – at the Telepathic Fish chill-out club they were running. Openmind included Kevin Foakes aka Strictly Kev of DJ Food.
Pre-dating Ninja Tune is the radio show Solid Steel, which Coldcut set up in 1988. What initially began as a radio show on then pirate Kiss FM went on to become a weekly podcast and also the name of live nightclub events showcasing the talents of a number of Ninja Tune artists. Solid Steel is also the name of a series of DJ mix CDs from the label”.

I came to Ninja Tune via the Hip Hop route – some (hi, nilpferd) come to the label via jazz interests (do those two alienate 70% of spillers?) anyway.. this list is some new, some old – it’s more breaks style than nu-jazz…

… and if you like what you hear- I’d recommend almost any compilation they put out – eclectic, interesting and thought provoking – from the sublime to the ridiculous.
What more could you want from a record label?

Ninja Tune 5:02 Hexstatic Ninja Tune / The Horn & Ollie
Tricky Turtle 4:39 Blockhead The Music Scene
True Skool 3:33 Coldcut Feat. Roots Manuva
All Covered In Darkness (Parts 1 & 2) 7:39 DJ Food
Dubble (Organ Swell) 6:56 Funki Porcini Xen Cuts
Hot Breath 1:36 Mack B. Dog Quannum Presents Solesides – Greatest Bumps

Fair-Weather View 3:06 Homelife Flying Wonders
Blueberry Pancakes 4:22 Fink Distance And Time
I Hear The Drummer 4:07 Luke Vibert Xen Cuts
Lady Don’t Tek No 3:36 Latyrx Quannum Presents SoleSides Greatest Bumps
Hatoa [Ft. Andreya Triana] 4:33 Bonobo You Don’t Know: Ninja Cuts
Blazin’ (Modeselektor Remix) – 4:47 Ghislain Poirier

Slap On Tap 4:20 Pest Necessary Measures
Drop The Other (Scuba’s Vulpine Remix) 5:34 Emika
How To Keep A Girlfriend 4:15 The Herbaliser Take London
Jah War (Loefah Remix) 3:46 The Bug
Ninjah (We Are Ninja) 5:16 Fink Xen Cuts
Purrfect 4:51 Funki Porcini Zen: A Retrospective