Earworms 29 June 2015


Glastonbury weekend again in the UK, lots of interesting music to listen to (from my settee). Surprise treat of the coverage for me so far is Hot Chip’s cover of Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em74pwtr1wE (this clip from Milwaukee). Anyway, here is this week’s selection, have fun and keep sending your worms to earworm@tincanland.com. Many thanks.

Fizzy Blood – Black Sheep – AliM: Here’s one from the many promos that come in to Earworms, taken from the Leeds band’s debut EP ‘FEAST’ which was released recently. A great blast of noise and a band I shall be looking out for, locally!

Bob Moses – Talk – tincanman: Plush, evolving piece of electronica (no, wait. Don’t judge yet) from new Canadian duo Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, who are now in New York exploring their unique musical vision.

Hipsway – The Honeythief – Fuel: Catchy piece of late ‘80s pop, from another Glasgow band (toffeeboy, where are you)? Johnny McElhone, the bassist, went on to found Texas (the band, obvs.). Ed.

Vampire Weekend – Cousins – AliM: I owe young Munday for this, he had it on a playlist and I love its freneticism. It reminds me of The Nervous Brothers, a Rockabilly/Rock’n’Roll band who used to play the Bristol circuit and probably still do. Always excellent fun.

Slash (feat. Fergie) – Beautiful Dangerous – DsD: Goddamn it, I love it when hip-hop, funk and/or soul decide to go round to rock’s house for a party. PLAY LOUD!!!!

Les Paul & Mary Ford – How High the Moon – goneforeign: June 9th was the centenary of Les Paul’s birth. This was a huge hit on BBC in 1951, it was a new sound, like nothing we’d ever heard before. Les Paul was a jazz guitarist who worshipped Django Rheindhart, he was also an extremely competent inventor so he applied his skills to his guitar. He’s responsible for the Gibson Les Paul, for ‘sound on sound’, for multi tracking, for new concepts in ‘echo’ plus much more. He single-handedly revolutionized pop music in his Hollywood garage in the 40’s & 50’s.

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Earworms 22 June 2015


Back to what passes for normal at the time of the northern solstice. “I don’t care what the weatherman says, when the weatherman says it’s raining, you won’t hear me complaining …” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0lgswGOgrs- ‘cos the pollen count is lower! I can see! Taste! Breathe! A fine and thoughtful selection for you this week, I hope you enjoy it. Please keep sending your worms to earworms@tincanland.com. As always, thanks to all.

Lykke Li – Silver Springs – bishbosh: I wasn’t familiar with the Fleetwood Mac original (this was on a Mac tribute album a year or two back) but I think Lykke does a great job with it. It would have fitted well on her heartbreak album of last year, I Never Learn, actually.

Barbara Dane – Mama Don’t Allow – glassarfemptee: I can’t really understand why Barbara Dane is so little known. Great voice and right on before right on was fashionable. In the forties she was involved in civil rights, union campaigns, and feminism. A female Guthrie. Here she is with a light hearted number from Cow Cow Davenport.

Aziza Brahim – La Tierra Derrama Lagrimas (The Earth Sheds Tears) – Fuel: Aziza was born in 1976 in the Sahrawi refugee camps, in the Tindouf region of Algeria where her mother had settled in late 1975, fleeing from the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara. Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPhs50_UOWM) says the lyrics recall those who fought to liberate parts of the Western Sahara which remain outside Moroccan control. (Ed.)

Tshala Muana – Kalume – goneforeign: We’ve heard her here before, here’s another. She’s from Kinshasa when Congo was called Zaire and her music follows Congolese soukous style.

Joe Ely & Joel Guzman – I’m A Thousand Miles From Home – tincanman: This is from the fantastic (highly recommended) Live Cactus album, and if – like me – you didn’t know there was such a thing as an accordion prodigy, now you do.

London Grammar – If You Wait – AliM: From the album of the same name, it popped up on my iTunes the other day and has lodged firmly in my ear’ole ever since.

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Retroworms 15 June 2015


Here is the first in an occasional series of retroworms. If you think it’s a bad idea, I’ll stop!

I’ve been compiling earworms for a couple of years now, and every so often I make a playlist of a few favourites – just enough to fit onto a CD. Anyway, here is the first one I did – please don’t take it personally if I haven’t picked one of yours, (a) it may be in another compilation and (b) the list is completely subjective. In the normal run of things I never pass over an earworm, whether I like it or not. Hope you enjoy the music and let me know if you think I should go and stick my head in a bucket.

Meanwhile, please keep sending your worms to earworm@tincanland.com. Many thanks!

Barb Jungr – Fisherman’s Blues – Tatanka Yotanka, June 2013
Claude Vasori – Drug Pop – Beltway Bandit – April 2013
Ed Harcourt – The Man that Time Forgot – Beth Noir – March 2013
Eddie Reader – Never Going Back Again – Zalamander – February 2013
Frou Frou – Breathe In – Abahachi – May 2013
Hanne Hukkelberg – Ticking Bomb – severin – April 2013
Hanni El Khatib – Heartbreak Hotel – tincanman – March 2013
Katzenjammer – God’s Great Dust Storm – severin (may not have been a worm, but definitely severin)
Lianne Hall – Abandon Ship – glassarfemptee – May 2013
The Men They Couldn’t Hang – The Colours (Remix) – bishbosh – May 2013
Milladoiro – Muiñeira de Chantada – Beltway Bandit – July 2013
Radio String Quartet Vienna – Birdland – Nilpferd – June 2013
Rokia Traore – Aimer – Nilpferd – April 2013
Salif Keita – Bobo – bishbosh – March 2013
Songdog – Gene Autry’s Ghost – glassarfemptee – July 2013
Sore – Nancy Bird – barbryn – May 2013
Toufic Faroukh – A Night in Damascus – goneforeign – July 2013
Van Halen – Ice Cream Man – tincanman – April 2013
The Youngbloods – Darkness Darkness – Fintan – May 2013

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Earworms 8 June 2015


Feeling a bit hayfever-ish and glum here, so I’ve tried to find some summery songs. Hope you lot are more cheerful and if not, these tunes may cheer you up. Meanwhile, I shall try and get my Eeyore head off and find my inner Tigger. Thanks to all contributors, and please keep those worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Anton Karas -The Harry Lime theme – goneforeign: In 1949 when I was in high school at Woolwich Polytechnic the Orson Welles film ‘The Third Man’ came out. ‘Going viral’ wasn’t yet a concept we understood but this piece of music by Anton Karas which was composed for the film and played on the zither went viral – worldwide! Before the production came to Vienna Anton Karas was an unknown performer in local wine bars. If you haven’t seen the film check Wiki then see it!

The Bangles – Going Down to Liverpool – AliM: Not new, not even original (Katrina and the Waves) – but heard on BBC6 t’other night and in true worm fashion it has stuck in my head ever since. Maybe it will exorcise the Harry Lime theme. Ahgghhh!

Koop; Yukimi Nagano – Come to Me – Fuel: Ah, Fuel. A man of few words but excellent musical taste.

Rhett Miller – Most in the Summertime – glassarfemptee: The Met Office says summer starts on 1st June, so my mind turns to summer songs. I have huge collection of those, but a new addition is this uplifting singalong from Rhett Miller, about sex under a camper van in a rainstorm. Summer, indeed…

Colin Hay – Next Year People … tincanman: New and catchy tune about depression-era farmers (men at work, he he) who kept telling themselves next year will be better. Could equally apply to climate change avoiders.

The Original Wailers – High Tide or Low Tide – goneforeign: Not on the original Catch a Fire release but a bonus on the 2001 re-release. It’s early Wailers; Bunny, Peter and Bob. I’ll be there for you, my friend, somehow, whether the tide is high or low. I’m gonna be your friend. I’m sure you’ll be there for me too. How about let’s all be there for each other?

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Earworms 1 June 2015


I hope you are all feeling flawless this morning, I know I am. Anyway, for those of a sensitive disposition the first track includes some strong language which you may not wish to play in front of the kids (although they have probably already downloaded much worse). Anyway, here you go, another set of worms to start the week. Many thanks to all contributors and keep sending them in to earworm@tincanland.com.

Beyoncé Featuring Nicki Minaj: Flawless (Remix) – bishbosh: Probably not for everyone hereabouts, but I find this thrilling, from the titillating reference to Elevatorgate (She never?! She only went and did, you know!), to the freaky (freakum?) cackling, to Minaj’s speedy flow. (Yes, I have tried to rap along. No, I can’t keep up. Yes, I do sound ridiculous. No, I don’t care…)

Dionne Warwick – You’re Gonna Need Me – Albahooky: Here’s a tune that I first heard as a loop on the J Dilla ‘Donuts’ LP and have since found out that it’s a Holland-Dozier-Holland Detroit sureshot – a brilliant all round arrangement and just listen to those guitars!

Barbara Dane – I’m On My Way – CaroleBristol: Shamefully, I’ve never heard of Barbara Dane before, but I heard this track on 6Music and it is a real belter. I love her voice, so powerful and the brass just drives her along brilliantly. I’ve been listening to her other stuff on YouTube and she is a real discovery for me. (There’s another BD from ghe in the pipeline – ed.)

Eilen Jewell – Heartache Boulevard – glassarfemptee: I know there’s a lot of love around the ‘Spill for Eilen Jewell. Here’s a reminder of how talented she is. Though this track is much more inconsequential than most of her songs, I love her voice, personally, and she has a great finger picking’ band. There’s a sampler EP on Noisetrade right now if you’re interested.

Dory Previn – Going Home – goneforeign: And this is by Andre Previn’s wife, Dory. An independent artist in her own right. It’s from her album ‘Mythical Kings and Iguanas’. Most of the songs on it are well worth a listen.

Johnny Dowd – Betty – tincanman: Groovy creepiness. Partway through I’m ready to buy him a jacket myself if it’ll make him go away.

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Earworms 25 May 2015


Happy Spring Bank Holiday to those who have one, it doesn’t seem five minutes since the last one. For extra ‘Spill points, tell us a Bank-Holiday anecdote or memory – or do they all merge into one? Anyhow, here is this week’s selection, virtually impossible to classify, but feel free to have a go. Take it away, Eric the orchestra leader … and keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com. Thanks all!

Zac Brown Band feat. Chris Cornell – Heavy is the Head – LeaveitAllbehind: A tune from ZBB was in my Festive Spill last year at no. 3. That tune was from the session the band did with Dave Grohl. So it was with some excitement that I listened to their newly released album – Jekyll & Hyde – no kidding! The album opens with some typical country style tunes, nothing wrong with that and then track six comes up, wow – that’s not country, well not ordinary country. ZBB has enlisted Chris Cornell on this powerful rocking number – brilliant and true to the album’s title!

Hercules and Love Affair: Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix) – bishbosh: When Frankie Knuckles died last year, I realised his was a name I knew without really being able to name any of his records. Apart from this remix, which elevates the song to another plane entirely. Majestic. Perhaps I should check out some more of his work…

Kindness of Strangers – Afraid of the Outcome – glassarfemptee: If you like Dr Who and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, or you play the theremin like Mnemonic does, then this is a weird treat of a song.

Abrams Brothers – Viva La Vida (Coldplay cover) – tincanman: In music as in magnetism, mixing two things you like can be repelling and two things you don’t like attractive together. Coldplay + bluegrass? Earwormers may be poles apart on this.

MGMT – Electric Feel – goneforeign: “The most popular song by far in the Bay Area is, for some reason, MGMT’s Electric Feel”. I came across this comment in the SF Chronicle, it prompted me to pursue it further and see for myself. When I’d listened to it I thought it would be selfish to not share it it; it took only a click to send it to Ari and to inflict it on you all. Enjoy?

Ketty Lester – Love Letters – severin: A classic. Not quite a forgotten one but she isn’t often mentioned when we talk about the great female voices. I heard this recently for the first time in many years and was quite bowled over. In the mid seventies there was a cover version by Noosha Fox. Which was nice. But not as good as this I feel.

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Earworms 18 May 2015


Can you keep a secret? It’s Daddypig’s birthday today so (everybody): “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDYPIG!” Hope you’ve all got your dancing shoes on, because there’s music in the air and we need to make some room… Thanks again to all contributors, and please keep those earworms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Marie Knight – Up Above My head -goneforeign: It might be hard to believe but this was a top of the pops hit on BBC at the end of WW2, very popular and played all the time. There was another also, it was titled Didn’t it Rain, also very popular. Marie Knight went on to have a solo career and I saw her several times in the 40’s/50’s. The piano backing is by the Sammy Price Trio, the guitar is by Rosetta.

Suffers – Make Some Room – tincanman: A neo-retro blast of fresh, summery goodness from the Houston ten-piece soul collective’s new debut EP.

Rival Sons – Secret – LeaveitAllbehind: I first mentioned this group in my ‘Not So Critically Acclaimed Albums 2014′ post. It was a random find but I’ve been listening to the whole album, subsequently purchased and not just the live sampler I discovered. Here’s Jay Buchanan and the group ‘channeling’ their best Zep impersonation. Rival Sons are a ‘blues rock’ band, aka spot on for Leavey’s musical taste and claim influence from Zep (obviously), Free and The Animals, what’s not to like?

Tom Waits – Cold Cold Ground – tincanman: Stop and smell the flowers, is I think what he’s saying.

Olivia Chaney – The King’s Horses – severin: The album’s finally out. Mix of trad, covers and original songs. Her original songs are quirky and often oddly structured. I love this. If you don’t, there’s always her voice …

Bridie Jackson and the Arbour – Final Lullaby – AliM: I know I included one of their songs the other week, but this is beautiful and, like severin said, if you don’t like it, there’s always her voice! It was written for massed choirs for Holocaust Memorial Day.

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