Spill Awards 2015: Vote Vote Vote!

Nominations have been scrutinised and analysed, heads have been scratched, bribes have been quietly accepted, and so here we have the shortlists for the various Spill Awards 2015, as varied and eclectic as ever. Please vote for your favourites: one vote each for hero, villain, event, film and TV series, and three votes for album. Voting closes on 31st December at midnight, and the award ceremony will take place some time on the evening of Saturday 2nd January.

Books of the Year 2015

Sending in his nominations for this year’s Spill Awards (voting to open shortly, folks, so watch this space), GF asked why we didn’t have a category for books. Simple answer: it’s difficult enough to put together shortlists for the other stuff, although we’ve all lived through the same year and more or less kept up with current films, television shows and records. Books are arguably even more personal – and probably very few of us are so keen that we buy hardback editions the moment they’re published, so it wouldn’t even be ‘favourite books published in 2015)’ but ‘favourite books I happened to read in 2015’, and the chances of *any* overlap at all become even smaller.

So, attempting to produce a shortlist for a vote seems pretty pointless. But what we can do, and have done in the past, is have a post like this, where anyone who wants to can talk about what you’ve been reading this year, what you’d recommend to the rest of us – and maybe even the stuff you read and absolutely hated… Continue reading

Spill Awards 2015: nominations open

It’s that time of year again, and in the spirit of that ‘Fill Facebook With Music’ whotsit, let’s fight back against the tides of darkness, war, crisis, inequality, environmental crisis, sexism, incompetent and corrupt governments, incompetent and malevolent bosses, celeriac foam and nasturtium puree, Alan Sugar and Simon Cowell and Katie Hopkins, the great Peter Andre judging scandal… I’m sure this was going somewhere… Yes! It’s time for this year’s Spill Awards, in which as ever we demonstrate the cavernous gulf between what we thought was great this year and the recommendations of all those other so-called taste-makers and media hipsters, through the exciting process of working out whether there are any records that more than one of us has listened to.

How this works: this is the nomination stage, where you all send me your suggestions for what should be on the shortlist, as follows:

(1) The categories are, as ever: Album of the Year, Film of the Year, TV Show of the Year, Event of the Year, Hero of the Year. I’m tempted to retire Villain of the Year on the grounds of (i) trivialising real villainy and (ii) too much choice, but am open to a write-in campaign. Suggestions for other awards always welcome.

(2) You can, and indeed should, make as many different nominations as you wish, within reason. If you just suggest one album, the chances of putting together a shortlist of records that more than one person has suggested is reduced quite dramatically.

(3) Don’t post suggestions here, but rather send them all to me at abahachi(at)hotmail.co.uk, by Wednesday 16th December.

Once nominations have closed, I’ll compile the shortlists and put up a new post where you can vote for your favourites, which will then inform the actual award ceremony, some time at the end of the month.

Spillyear 2012

Cast your mind back to the bygone age of 2012.

It was a more innocent time back then. There were Liberal Democrats (remember them?) in the government. We celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee, not knowing she was a child Nazi. Instead of cowering in fear of plagues of marauding immigrants, we cheered on Mo Farah. Ah, those were the days…

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