You like real music, don’t you? Like Pussy Riot or Louis Armstrong?

The East Neuk of Fife, down the coast from where I live, is a funny old place. Everything is tiny and the rappers are eggs or potatoes if you squint; living in a dolls’ house means less time spent cleaning. The name slaters for woodlice travelled to Australia too. Put another twig on the fire, the nights are fair drawing in.

20,000 Days in Cave

Old Nick contemplates his life. We watch. Here’s a quick true or false quiz in celebration of the forthcoming documentary film. 

So, true or false:

1. Kylie was replaced by a robot after Nick actually bludgeoned her to death in 1995 during the making of “Where The Wild Roses Grow”?

2. Nick has a room in his Hove house that’s entirely filled with spiders?

3. Nick is scared of bats and has never released any bats – this is why he orders everyone else to do it. “It’s their beady wee eyes that pure freak me out” he said? 

4. Nick hides exotic fruits in Warren Ellis’s beard constantly on tour – this is why there is so much exotic fruit on the Bad Seeds’ rider and why Ellis is quite often enraged on stage? 

5. Nick Cave’s real name is Nicholas Edward Cave Thomas Walker – as his parents were big pot-holing/spelunking enthusiasts? 

Good luck, there are ‘Spill points on offer, and if anyone has any other Nick Cave nuggets, please do share them in the comments! 

No, I am Mark E Smith.

oh dear god

Quite frankly THEY’RE DISGUSTING AND SHOULDN’T be listened to by anyone. Like picking a scab. 

I’m Mark E Smith and I have the paperwork to prove it. Remember what happened last time – eugh – it was just horrible. 


At some point they’ll stop pissing around AND release a brilliant record. Until then, my friends, until then. 

What’s new in heavy psyche and slacker, you ask?

Drones, drums created by planets smashing together, noises that were futuristic fifty years ago, vagueness, heaviosity. These  are all things I look for in a potential mate. We’re living in post-Impala times now. Wand are very hard to google and if you look in the dictionary under Noise-Throb, they’re there, looking back at you.

I can’t for the life of me embed the Wand player, but if you click here, it’ll open in a new window. 

Also, a nice young man named Galkin wrote in and asked us to listen to his psych/slacker-rock EP. Of course I always listen to anything described as “psych/slack” and quite frankly it fits the description perfectly. It makes me want to lay on the edge of the submerged quarry and watch the last rays of summer fade over the horizon. Galkin played all of the instruments on the tracks, and you could compare it to Unknown Mortal Orchestra perhaps. 


Recipes from Brixton Village

I know a lot of you lovely ‘Spillers like to cook up a storm, so here’s another cook book promo I made for the excellent publisher Kitchen Press. Brixton Village is “the home of street food” in the UK with about 40 different vendors all making specialty food from around the globe. We had a most excellent day filming & eating there. The book’s out in a month, and I’m looking forward to making some of the dishes. I’ve already had a pop at the Okonomiyaki, which you can see briefly in the video, and very nice it was too.