elastic bands – this week: Y


Why oh why is it Y?
Well, I’m away for a couple of days and really don’t need to come back to a full inbox of astronomical levels – so we get a tough one… and a little earlier in the week.
It’ll be easier next time – I promise.

The game to illustrate either:
How wildly eclectic your taste is… or,
How perfectly streamlined it is.

yeah baby

saneshane’s best of 2013


Best of 2013 by ME:

10 dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip – I’m contracted to add Pip every year.. this is one of the best protest tracks of the year – again missed by Dorian.
Stiff Upper Lip dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip feat. Itch Repent Replenish Repeat

9 Orties – French elctro making you dance like a robot from 1984 – here you go – accented songs about orgasms and goths – sold.
Ghetto Goth Orties Sextape

8 The Indelicates – Arcade Fire’s extremely intense love of their own dangly bits getting on your nerves? – then try this – yet another brilliant story telling album played with passion and anger but without the egoistic self love of the brilliant ideas involved – they ARE brilliant ideas and wonderfully imaginative musically and lyrically too.
Bitterness Is the Appropriate Response The Indelicates Diseases of England

7 Zola Jesus – with strings, lush and cool reedits of her ‘famous hits’.
Collapse Zola Jesus Versions

6 Manix – the Daft Punk album retro theft left you cold with it stealing from all the crap eras (when they used to at least try and be pioneers) and only having one track of any merit – yep – skip that and play this; it recreats 1992 with all the fun of a prodigy album off their tits with spiral tribe… no pretense at originality – no media hype – this it 24 hour rave and it’s boz.
Your Love Is Over Manix Living In The Past

5 The Lovely Bad Things – the pixie aping nuggets loving bad things.
Darth Lauren The Lovely Bad Things The Late Great Whatever

4 Savages – there’s is no better indie this year – full stop.
No Face Savages Silence Yourself

3 Tricot – jagged jittery brilliance from Japan – a masterpiece of alternative buzz rock playing and performance. ACE.
Artsick Tricot The

2 Sleaford Mods – ranting, swearing infested, bile, spewed forth with aggressive venom and stream of consciousness – brilliant – is number one album of the year when I’m not in polite company – (**this track from Jobseeker 3 track single not austerity dogs album).
Black Monday Sleaford Mods Jobseeker album is Austerity Dogs

1 Juana Molina – crazy mixed up groovetastic joy.
Eras Juana Molina Wed 21

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toying with you

Robot purple

1 THe SToNe aND THe WoLF GaBLe
2 Speak & Spell Dopplereffekt
3 Fruit Machine Homelife
4 Kule Kule Konono No1
5 The Long Conveyor Belt Misty’s Big Adventure
6 Machine Toy Hexstatic
7 Terrible Angels CocoRosie

1 Arrête Là, Menina Cibelle
2 All Neon Like Björk
3 Tabla Toy Beats Antique
4 Balrog Boogie Diablo Swing Orchestra
5 Ms. Wilhelmina And Her Hat Pepe Deluxé
6 Goody Gumdrops Fog
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party game for panthersan :


Okay – so it’s Luke’s birthday

I picked up my record player in a suitcase and headed to the wilds of Japan’s countryside (via China so they could make my record player) and I grabbed a few slabs of vinyl for a party game.

What connects the songs?

DON”T TYPE IN THE ANSWER – just say YEAH, I GOT IT – when you work it out.

and we’ll wait until the birthday boy knows what the link is.

happy happy joy joy – pin the tail on the panther GO:

Kool Thing Sonic Youth
Get It On Grinderman
Rebel Without A Pause Public Enemy
Miss Lucifer (Bone to Bone Alec Empire Remix) Primal Scream
Blondes With Lobotomy Eyes My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
TV All Greasy (feat. Anti-Pop Consortium) TOBACCO
Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger Remix) The Go! Team

true words of wisdom


“Cause, what the world needs now
are some true words of wisdom
like La La La La La”

1 Religious Songs Withered Hand
2 Shangri-la Yacht
3 Talking Synth The Bongolian
4 Teen Angst (What The World Needs now) Cracker
5 Start Wearing Purple Gogol Bordello
6 Black Flowers Yo La Tengo
7 Southwood Plantation Road The Mountain Goats

1 Breezeblocks Alt-J
2 Sex, Yeah Marina and The Diamonds
3 Dead Disco Metric
4 La France Camille
5 Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (XFM Session) The Flaming Lips
6 La La Land Futureshock Club Mix Green Velvet

flight or fight?

Ali’s photo for Earworms reminded me of two fantastic videos – The Hidden Camera’s video is so powerful it takes over the brilliant song. Based on an old comic Joel wrote – it’s been a live favourite for a while. The short film has been shown at festivals in Berlin and Canada to much acclaim. The freedom of the birds over the field at the start is rather significant.

Another film that uses the flight of birds as a metaphor for escape is Leonard Cohen’s – First We Take Manhattan, their flight is deliberately juxtaposed against the songs beat to discombobulate.

cheery Tuesday post, eh?



I wear black on the outside
‘Cause black is how I feel on the inside

please give black man in space at least a couple of minutes.

1 A Black Man in Space (Sax Mix) Son Of Raw
2 Black Cat Balloons Her Space Holiday
3 Black Spider Sunday Driver
4 Black Water Timber Timbre
5 Queen Black Acid Menomena
6 Black Balloon Mink Lungs
7 Black Music F.S.K.

more after the jump:

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geek a mouse


1 Geek Bettie Serveert
2 Just a nerd Shaka Ponk
3 Anorak Girls Anorak Girl
4 Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks The National
5 Toby take a bow Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
6 Fitting In With The Misfits E!E
7 Love in the time of Ecstacy Withered Hand

1 Billie’s Joined the Fanclub Anorak Girl
2 And I Was A Boy From School Hot Chip
3 Pubes The Indelicates
4 Not as Goth as They Say We Are Say Hi
5 Mis-Shapes Pulp
6 Godzilla Vs The Island Of Manhattan (With You And I Somewhere In-Between) Ballboy

Car’tune Co’mic

jesus-and-mary-twinsSo I hope everyone has seen this site before – it’s why the internet was invented according to barbryn and I:

I have nine days left to finish a massive bit of artwork for a major (the major) exhibition of the year around these parts – so what better use of my time – than knuckling down and … and .. and

….faffing about with comic strips.

Monkey gone to Hoobes

Question is, what would you merge?
Does Eeyore pick up the mic and sing Cohen?
Does Andy Capp sing AC/DC?

Give us your wish list
if it’s a bit more obscure show me some links -
‘spill pints for creativity.
Tank Girl has got to work with Kenickie lyrics, right?

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I need help.

owl and pussycat

I need help – yep that’s right – anyone with psychiatric training and/or a straight jacket.. could they quietly step forward.

opps – wrong thread …

Brother of the Ms. is getting married in a couple of weekends time – and in a unique and interesting twist on wedding DJ theme – he and his partner put out a call for 3 tunes from each guest that would be played after the proper entertainment. This might have become hipster jokes, genuine diversity of taste, random sticking a pin in a iPod or whatever. But I have exhausted my tunes .. can anyone help? (anonymously if need be)

It’s not your everyday indie shambles with barely a tune in their collective fingertips – not pounding, pounding techno music – not even speed garage or ska punk.

Nope – I need help getting ummm heehee – these tunes:

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1 River Blue Truth No Bird Sing
2 Bluebird One Self
3 Black and Blue Emily Wells
4 Darker Than Blue Andreya Triana
5 Blue Soul (Suobho Blue Groove mix) MOP MOP
6 Blue Blood Foals
7 Powder Blue Trans Am Amy Correia

1 Pastel Blue Sister Vanilla
2 Blue Headlights Shout Out Louds
3 Blue Flower Pale Saints
4 Deep Blue Ladytron***
5 Go For Blue Pepe Deluxé***
6 Blue on blue Pet Shop Boys
7 Blue Thunder Galaxie 500

***big-up to the recommenders.
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1 The Weight Of The World Her Space Holiday
2 Cease And Desist Brakes
3 Tall Cans In The Air Transplants
4 Whiskey and Rags Emily Wells
5 With Whiskey Tunng
6 Whiskey Anstam
7 (Shut) Up The Punx!!! Bomb The Music Industry!

1 Gold MIne Gutted Bright Eyes
2 Whiskey And Clyde The Grizzly Owls
3 The State I Am In Belle & Sebastian
4 Friday Night Fever Silver Jews
5 People Silver Jews
6 Buckingham Rabbit Silver Jews
7 Mama told me not to come The Wolfgang Press



Caroline Wheeler’s Birthday Present was made entirely from the skins of dead Jim Morrisons (Scattered over dawn’s bleeding highway, I suppose…): that’s why it smelled so bad.

So she goes to the elevator, she thinks “Well, that’ll be pretty straightforward” (Yes, STRAIGHT UP, Caroline…) You know what she finds?
The elevator breaks down with Caroline and the fish in it.
(Fish?) (Uh-oh…)
Do you know what happens if you leave a fish too long in an elevator?
You don’t?
Well, here’s a clue: fish is biodegradable. (THAT MEANS IT ROTS.)
Ner! Ner! Ner!

3 The Faint Smell Of Moss Dark Meat
4 Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Happy Mondays
5 Very Loud Shout Out Louds
6 Smell Tiger Lillies
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