Imitation is the sincerest form of…embarrassing fashion faux pas!


This is a real conversation that took place in my house last weekend (well, it’s an approximate translation anyway):
(The scene is a typical Saturday morning suburban scene as I appear downstairs freshly showered and dressed in simple blue jeans and crisp white round-necked t-shirt, ready for an exciting morning in the local ‘home centre’)
Me: Are you nearly ready? I’ll just pop the pushchair in the boot.
Mrs Panther: Why have you rolled the sleeves of your t-shirt up like that, it’s disgusting.
Me: Erm…well…I thought it might look a bit like The Boss…
Mrs Panther: …(eyes widen, eyebrows involuntarily shoot upwards – incredulous expression)
Me: Y-you know, like on the cover of “Born in the USA”..?
Mrs Panther: … (incredulous turns to what-the fuck expression)
Me: No…?
Mrs Panther: (long sigh, rolling of eyes, shaking of head)
Me: So….I’ll…erm…just get the pushchair ready then, shall I?

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Hanoi Rocks (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Globalisation)


Don’t worry, as the alternative title suggests, this isn’t a post about the Finnish 80s rockers, but just a quick journal entry on my recent, but very brief, away-break to Vietnam, or more specifically, Hanoi. We were only there for two full days, but we did a lot of walking, a fair bit of talking and finally answered the age-old question of why the chicken crossed the road?

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DJ Rupture and the Act of Killing

As a follow up to Chris’ excellent post about the Act of Killing a couple of weeks ago, one of my favourite people in music, DJ Rupture, has just released a ‘response’ to the film in the form of a full length mix of psychedelic folk and contemporary Indonesian sounds along with snippets of poetry by a leftist Indonesian poet Wiji Thukul.

I haven’t listened all the way through yet, but it sounds pretty interesting so far and a new DJ Rupture is always worth a listen!

MP3 to Vinyl!

It’s time to convert back all those MP3s you converted from vinyl! This machine cuts records from MP3s in real time.

I love the idea of popping in to my local Yamada Denki, picking up a box of blank vinyl and making my own records from a free track I’ve downloaded from the internet – the future is the past!

Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea – Sloppy Sevens Vol. 1


I recorded this on Friday and was meant to post it last night, but I got trapped by the snow and spent a freezing night on a non-moving train.

After a day of drive clearing, snowman making and afternoon napping I’ve finally found a moment to post this all-new podcast made up entirely of records from my singles collection. It’s the same old unlistenable dirges, just in shorter form!

Features a guest appearance from Mrs Panther and her car SatNav – it took me ages to remember what that word was in English, that’s the problem when new words come into use when I’m out of the country…hmm….I’m already rambling and you haven’t even pressed play yet…Enjoy!