Bends for Zero Miles – A podcast

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Reunited after more than 12 years, Panthersan and Satankidneypie devote several hours of the precious little time they have together to discuss shades of piss, 9/11, the perceived homogeneity of Scandinavian culture, ISIS, Sutton United, the Boss….oh….and some music too!
Scripted by a team of top Hollywood writers and based on a carefully honed and well thought out concept, we present to you the first and most likely only installment of Bends For Zero Miles…

Nostalgia trip – Top 5 gigs from when I used to be a regular gig-goer around Brighton

I was clearing up my desktop last week as I was transferring files over to my new MacBook when I found a whole load of half-finished/barely started Spill posts that I had never quite got round to posting and the moment had kind of passed. Here’s one that seems to have been inspired by a nomination I put on RR for a song by local Brighton legends Anal Beard that had got me thinking about my gig-going days in the late-90s/early 2000s.

Possible future posts to follow on the subjects of Riot Grrrl icon Kathleen Hanna, San-Francisco punks Crime and my thesis on why “Royals” by Lorde was the new “Smells Like Teen Spirit”!

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Imitation is the sincerest form of…embarrassing fashion faux pas!


This is a real conversation that took place in my house last weekend (well, it’s an approximate translation anyway):
(The scene is a typical Saturday morning suburban scene as I appear downstairs freshly showered and dressed in simple blue jeans and crisp white round-necked t-shirt, ready for an exciting morning in the local ‘home centre’)
Me: Are you nearly ready? I’ll just pop the pushchair in the boot.
Mrs Panther: Why have you rolled the sleeves of your t-shirt up like that, it’s disgusting.
Me: Erm…well…I thought it might look a bit like The Boss…
Mrs Panther: …(eyes widen, eyebrows involuntarily shoot upwards – incredulous expression)
Me: Y-you know, like on the cover of “Born in the USA”..?
Mrs Panther: … (incredulous turns to what-the fuck expression)
Me: No…?
Mrs Panther: (long sigh, rolling of eyes, shaking of head)
Me: So….I’ll…erm…just get the pushchair ready then, shall I?

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Hanoi Rocks (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Globalisation)


Don’t worry, as the alternative title suggests, this isn’t a post about the Finnish 80s rockers, but just a quick journal entry on my recent, but very brief, away-break to Vietnam, or more specifically, Hanoi. We were only there for two full days, but we did a lot of walking, a fair bit of talking and finally answered the age-old question of why the chicken crossed the road?

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DJ Rupture and the Act of Killing

As a follow up to Chris’ excellent post about the Act of Killing a couple of weeks ago, one of my favourite people in music, DJ Rupture, has just released a ‘response’ to the film in the form of a full length mix of psychedelic folk and contemporary Indonesian sounds along with snippets of poetry by a leftist Indonesian poet Wiji Thukul.

I haven’t listened all the way through yet, but it sounds pretty interesting so far and a new DJ Rupture is always worth a listen!

MP3 to Vinyl!

It’s time to convert back all those MP3s you converted from vinyl! This machine cuts records from MP3s in real time.

I love the idea of popping in to my local Yamada Denki, picking up a box of blank vinyl and making my own records from a free track I’ve downloaded from the internet – the future is the past!