I done a playlist


These are the songs that I chose for Shane’s “B” post, I have no idea how to get them into the post without taking up too much space and a few of them aren’t on Youtube , so here they are for anyone who is interested.

Seoul Music



I’ve read a comment saying that South Korea is the “Ireland” of Asia. I kind of get what they mean.
It’s a country that just gets on with it, really, not grandstanding on the international stage, just
working hard, doing what they do and, crucially for us here, enjoying a bit of party time ( as they do
in North Korea too, of course, but in quite a different way).
Korean ladies are famed for the beauty but that’s not all, some of them are making fantastic music and I’d
like to share a few of my recent discoveries with you.
They are all contemporary and, to me, fascinating. Some really top tunes, so here goes.
( Titles are, mostly, courtesy of Google translate so may be a little “off”).
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Coffee to go


Here are a few Japanese “coffee songs”. They are….

Bo-Peep- Coffee

Kaela Kimura – Coffee

Membouse – Cafe-au-lait

Lullatone – Morning Coffee

Unison Square Garden – Coffee like a trick

Careful, they’re hot !

What’s new ?


So, we await the return of RR with bated breath. In the meantime you’ve probably all been wondering what has been happening out East ( I mean Japan and Korea, not Norwich !). Fear not, I have had a busy summer avoiding Ubuette and catching up on the latest sounds from around the Orient. Here are some of my current “worms” for your enjoyment.
I’ll risk being a tad controversial here but I think that at the moment Korea has the edge over Japan when it comes to “indie” sounds. It’s almost like a Manchester/London thing. The Korean bands seem more inclined to get in a groove ( in a good way) sometimes. That’s just my opinion. See what you think…..

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The smells ! The SMELLS !


Hello folks ! Here is a playlist of various smelly songs that don’t appear to feature on Youtube.
The fragrant selection includes

Xarts- Punkish begger’s smell
The Flamenco a go-go- Make me stinked
Sugardrop- Sweet candy smell
Shakallabits- Spice !
Poodle Party- Fart
Midori- Tokai no nioi
Lullatone- Secretly loving the smell of suntan oil
Joe Keawe and Lei Momi Sweethearts- My yellow ginger lei
Fanny Fink- Containing a non fragrance ( for Haru)
DOLL$BOXX – Fragrance.