I done a playlist


These are the songs that I chose for Shane’s “B” post, I have no idea how to get them into the post without taking up too much space and a few of them aren’t on Youtube , so here they are for anyone who is interested.

Seoul Music



I’ve read a comment saying that South Korea is the “Ireland” of Asia. I kind of get what they mean.
It’s a country that just gets on with it, really, not grandstanding on the international stage, just
working hard, doing what they do and, crucially for us here, enjoying a bit of party time ( as they do
in North Korea too, of course, but in quite a different way).
Korean ladies are famed for the beauty but that’s not all, some of them are making fantastic music and I’d
like to share a few of my recent discoveries with you.
They are all contemporary and, to me, fascinating. Some really top tunes, so here goes.
( Titles are, mostly, courtesy of Google translate so may be a little “off”).
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Coffee to go


Here are a few Japanese “coffee songs”. They are….

Bo-Peep- Coffee

Kaela Kimura – Coffee

Membouse – Cafe-au-lait

Lullatone – Morning Coffee

Unison Square Garden – Coffee like a trick

Careful, they’re hot !

What’s new ?


So, we await the return of RR with bated breath. In the meantime you’ve probably all been wondering what has been happening out East ( I mean Japan and Korea, not Norwich !). Fear not, I have had a busy summer avoiding Ubuette and catching up on the latest sounds from around the Orient. Here are some of my current “worms” for your enjoyment.
I’ll risk being a tad controversial here but I think that at the moment Korea has the edge over Japan when it comes to “indie” sounds. It’s almost like a Manchester/London thing. The Korean bands seem more inclined to get in a groove ( in a good way) sometimes. That’s just my opinion. See what you think…..

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The smells ! The SMELLS !


Hello folks ! Here is a playlist of various smelly songs that don’t appear to feature on Youtube.
The fragrant selection includes

Xarts- Punkish begger’s smell
The Flamenco a go-go- Make me stinked
Sugardrop- Sweet candy smell
Shakallabits- Spice !
Poodle Party- Fart
Midori- Tokai no nioi
Lullatone- Secretly loving the smell of suntan oil
Joe Keawe and Lei Momi Sweethearts- My yellow ginger lei
Fanny Fink- Containing a non fragrance ( for Haru)
DOLL$BOXX – Fragrance.

Cheer up, Dearie !


I sometimes think the we British love to wallow in misery more than anything in the world. Our newspapers ( some in particular) , television programmes and music seem to encourage, at times, a thoroughly downbeat view of the world.
Enough ! I say ! Though in real life a professional “miserable old sod” I really can’t bear to listen to “sad” music all the time.
With this in mind I’ve put together a jolly little playlist for summery days, full of happy happy joy joy type songs.
I hope they put a smile on your face !

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Plan 9 !


A small listette of alien related songs that are hard to find elsewhere !
They are

Ex-Girl- Spaceman, melon
Etsuko Yakushimaru- Cosmos vs Alien
Etsuko Yakushimaru – キャベツUFO
Scandal- Space ranger
Naomi Araki- Coming of aliens
Urban surf kings-Surf vs the flying saucers
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers- U.F.O man.

Coming up for air


Three little songs about breathing.
They are

Poodle Party- John’s bad breath
Lööf – Cellular respiration
Percy Dovetonsils- Ode to a hangman’s noose

Hotties !


Hello folks
Here are a few “hot” tunes that don’t appear to be on Youtube etc.
They are

Yokosuka burning night- Shang Shang Typhoon
Ride Hot – Indian-Hi
Hot but milky like hot milk- Kiiiiiii
Make her warm- The Strawberry mud pie



Hello chums. A few slices of tasty fruit related tunes that don’t seem to be on Youtube for you.
They are as follows

Belly Button- Peach Pie
Naughty Abbie- Princess Pupule has plenty Papaya
Tink Tink- Lemon no kakera
Yanawaraba- Ichigo ichie
Masako-san- Punk quince
Masako-San- My fruit yoghurt
Kegawa no Maries- Honey apple
Teeny Frahoop- Banana juice
Vanilla Beans- Very very blueberry
Sheena and the Rokkets Lemon tea.
Shonen Knife – P.Y.O.
Yui- C.H.E.R.R.Y.
Petty Booka- Pineapple Princess
Karne- Orange Marmalade
Rebecca Pan- Yellow Cherries
Schoolgirl 69 – Orange Rider

Just humour me.


A chance comment the other day and news items about the BBC got me thinking about British comedy. I like a bit of comedy, me , but find much of today’s output ( especially on the BBC) pretty feeble and lacking in laughs.
I began to wonder if this is a symptom of me growing old. Each generation , naturally, has it’s own comedic zeitgeist which , like an old photograph, is bound to fade over time.
I do think, though, that a path can be traced, in Britain, in which , though each generation succeeds the previous it also draws inspiration from it.
“So what, Big Ears ?” I hear you, rather rudely, enquire.

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Fancy a dance ?


Dancing , of any form, is as alien to me as deep sea diving.
Can’t do it, won’t do it but I have to say that I admire a “good” dancer.
I’d just like to share a couple that I came across yesterday with everyone.
They are both from Japan ( shock !) and really , I think, rather special.

First up World Order- Permanent Revolution.

and secondly Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Furisodeshon ( I think !)

This one, I think, is really rather interesting as Kyary appears to be drinking rather a lot in the video, very unusual for a Japanese lady as far as I can tell with my limited experience of such things .
Perhaps a Japanese reader could enlighten me as to whether this is as unusual as I think it is.

Ditch one, which one ?


Last minute change of plan here. I was going to offer up 11 “old time” songs ( really, really “old time” in some cases) but on reflection I think that would be too much of a chore for many folks to listen to.
So, instead, I’ve gone for a selection of some of my favourite 1960s tunes. So no oriental stuff, no punk, no weirdoes just good, old fashioned “pop” music.
I was a bit young to appreciate them first time around , a few tunes stick in the memory from those days ( not always good ones !) but on the whole they are later discoveries.
You know the rules, one has to go…but which one….

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Hands across the water.


A handful of songs ( doh !) here for you all, they are….

Billy Hughes- Keep your hands off it ( the birthday cake song)
The Blue Hearts- Mirai wa bokura
Booted Cocks- This hand
Bruce Haack – Hand Jive
Alfred Aholo Apaka – Lovely Hula hands
Karlheinz Stockhaused- Stimmung model 12 ( My hands are two bells, ding dong).
The Registrators – Right hand masturbation
Ivor Biggun and the Red Nose Burglars – The Winker song ( misprint ).
The Star Club- Solid fist

The Cross Patch

( Sakura reads my last e-mail !)

A wee list of angry tunes.

Joyside- Pretty three chords
The Discocks – Disgusting snob
Shit Faced – I wanna kill my boss
Helen Love- Calm down Dad
Wanda Jackson- My big iron skillet.
Foamy the Squirrel- Squirrelly wrath, wrath, wrath

Spill game week 18 ( Special Yuletide supplement).


Oh ! ELEVEN songs ! That’s a relief, trying to find 11 elven songs was proving difficult. Anyway, here they are, 11 songs but one must make way, only 10 can survive. You decide.
Selection process after, as usual, minimal thought, was to try to replicate an average evenings listening Ubnam style . I tend not to listen to whole albums these days, preferring to veer off at whatever tangent takes my fancy. I’ve tried not to be too heavy on the orientals but,as that’s where my main focus is at the moment, inevitably a few have crept in.
The offerings are as follows…

1. In-Hi – Okinawa justice
2. The Hollywood Flames- Buzz, buzz, buzz
3 Suki Suki Switch- Muda
4. The Weirdos- We got the Neutron bomb
5. Yuki – The end of shite
6. Scott Walker- Big Louise
7 The Mystic Tide – Frustration
8 Heino – Mein vater war ein wandersmann
9. Shonen Knife – Mysterious drugstore
10. Syd Barrett – Octopus
11. Joyside – The last song for the endless party.

If I were a betting man I know which one my money would be on. We shall see…

You’re in the army now…


Teensie tinie playlistette of “Army” related songs

The Jolly Boys- Shaving Cream
Jun Togawa- Insect army
Won Fu -History of the smallest army.

Forgot something ?

A tiny listette of chorus free ( possibly) songs, which are

Jun Togawa – Mushi no onna ( pupation woman) two versions, “baroque” original and “punk”
Roky Erickson – Bumblebee zombie
Masako-san- My fruit yoghurt
Rev.Fred Lane- Shoelaces.
Kwanjai Kalasin Yuk Patana – Ruk Pee Deh Bun Mai Terng
Mitsume-春の日 ( One Spring day)
White- 47 rockets ( for Wang Hu)
My Little Airport- Je Pense a toi

Blow me down !

It’s that time of the week again ! How the time flies….
Here are a few oddments that you won’t find easily anywhere else, oddments of a windy nature.
They are

1. Inotomo- Wind Arrows
2. Indian Hi – Sea Breeze
3. Akiakane- Kaze to Tomoni
4. Hazel Nuts Chocolate- Kaze hiite batankyuu
5. Shang Shang Typhoon- Spring wind across the river
6. Baidu- A spring wind
7. Doddodo- Trees, wind .
8. Yozurino- Windy world.
9. Zhou Xuan- South wind blowing.

Special bonus sky package !

Hello again, a “leftover”here and, for those whose minds are touched with “madness” a few rather “different” versions of a famous song.

This post contains

Johnny Wiggs and his New Orleans Music- There’s a two wing temple in the sky
Puffy- Lucy in the sky with diamonds
William Shatner- Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Wing- Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Commodore Condello’s Salt River Navy Band- Ladmo in the sky with almonds

Auntie Ubu’s little list of skyclad songs for boys and girls.

Hello boys and girls, Ubu here with a little playlist of “sky” tracks that aren’t easily found elsewhere. They are-

Tamurapan- Yappai kyou mo sora ha atte
Applecider-Tsumasaki Sora
In-Hi- Blue Sky
Puppypet-Aoi sora
Softball- Kokyou no sora
The Kokessies- Red Sky
Fanny Fink- Mint in the sky dream
Henry Flynt and the Insurrectionists – Sky turned red
Hedgehog – Sky song

Aw shucks !

Only a couple this week

My Little Airport- Because I was too nervous at that time
Non Stop Body- For the shy girl.

Eek a Mouse !

Hello folks, here’s my little playlist of songs that aren’t on Youtube for this week’s topic.
They are

Chocolat- Hamster
The Pancakes- Skinner’s Mouse
Ougenwiede – Der Rattenfanger
The Phantom Rats- Rat Fink
The Jolly Boys- River come down.
Shonen Knife- Capybara
Shonen Knife- Pygmy Jerboa

Ringy Dingy

Hello, rather than “box” tracks this week I thought I’d do a “playlist” so all these great songs are easily available to everyone !
How neat is that !
Anyway, the playlist contains the following

800 Cherries- Telephone Song

Samingad- Telephone

The Ho’opi’i Brothers- Telephone to glory

Kimura Kaela- Phone

Unemployed Drifter – Telephone number of Tsu Lynn lingling love !

Astro Babys- Telephone love.

Link-Ring me up