When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)

Anyone remember my wee son, TheBoyWonder? Well, he went camping with some kids from school a couple of weeks ago, to make a video to one of his songs as part of a friend’s uni application. And this is it…
I’m not too sure what I make of it, having only just seen it for the first time myself – basically I am speechless at how grown-up he is. Hope at least a couple of you enjoy the song!

Who knows where the time goes?



With apologies for anyone hoping for Sandy Denny, this is debbym smuggling a post in amongst the end-of-the-year outpourings to join RTJ’amy in wishing Shoey a Happy Birthday and to wish all of us a Happy New Year 2013 – may it prove even better than/be a 100% improvement on [delete as necessary] the past twelve months…

I would also like to say thank you to Shoey and Herr Hachi for organising the Festive Extravaganzas, to SR for being an excellent Lady of the Worms and to all RR’ers who’ve made welcoming noises in my direction – all very much appreciated!

A couple of weeks ago TheBoyWonder’s band was allotted a slot in a charity event in a little Hamburg club. The song that’s been posted on youtube is called Time, so I thought it might be appropriate to share it with you here. 


Happy New Year!

Rule Britannia…?…

A rare visit from me, with apologies to anyone planning on posting A Challenge this evening. Little’Un’s class at school is doing a project on all their different nationalities, and GHE and SV80 were a great help to me in getting a mix of Balkan/Afghan/ex Soviet pop together. Now Teacher has told me they’re going to be doing a whole week on each country. Obviously I could fill hours and hours with nursery rhyme mixes, lo-o-ong trad folk songs with 56 choruses,and most of the pop music you’ve ever heard – if it didn’t originate in Swinging England, there’s a good chance English be the language used. But it got me to wondering – what music makes you think of England? Answers on a postcard, please…. (or if you’ve no stamps to hand, feel free to use the comments below).

Teen Totty

This is a throwback to a thread by Amylee several months ago – I promised you teen totty, and here you have it! This is TheBoyWonder with his band The Box, playing at an open-air festival in Hamburg last August when they were all still 15. No-one has ever found time to edit this video, which is why the boys didn’t want it posted – they’re really not too happy with the quality – but they’ve now put it up on their facebook page after all, so I reckon it’s OK to post it here. Many thanks to Bish and Shoey, who were awarded a preview and commented favourably on this in advance (albeit with the advice to get it edited).

As Proud Mother I feel duty-bound to say that the lads come over much better live than in this clip!