Sakura’s J-pop Corner – And the winner is . . . . Watanabe Mayu ! ! !

[Yui-Karaoke] Mayu Watanabe - Sayonara no Hashi [1280x720.H264.Dual.Audio.Dual.Subtitle][6F612981].mkv_snapshot_03.16_[2013.07.10_02.32.43]

Watanabe Mayu – The Winner ! ! !

I am surprised that there has not been more news articles about this on the Guardian and other western newspapers , but the biggest news inAsia recently has been about Watanabe Mayu winning the elections the most popular girl in AKB48.

Each year Senbatsu or general election for the most popular AKB48 girl is a major event in Japan and this year was not different from any other year Continue reading

He Said ~ She Said -The A to Z of Japanese Music – The Letter G ! ! !

I think Gs are cool ! ! !

I think Gs are cool ! ! !

faye-80She Says:

Welcome to the letter G ! ! !  This week we have expand the educational part of our series to include a new culture section to supplement the music sections.  We have a great variety of music this week.  We have avant guard, punk, visual kei, and a track from the most charming and entertaining musical workers collective in world ! ! !

2024611-spike_spiegel_by_desertora001He Says

“G”- say it loud and it’s an exclamation , say it soft and it’s …er…a letter ..or something. Anyway, here is our take on the letter “G” and all things relating to it.

Meet The Faculty ! ! !

P sensei continues his world famous fun and easy Japanese course and this week we learn the Japanese word for gal ! ! !   This week P sensei is joined by S sensei who is the Faculty Adviser to the He said –  She Said Culture Club.  This week the culture club explores the mysterious and secret life of Japanese gals ! ! !

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He Said – She Said ~ A to Z of Japanese Music – The Letter F


"I am A Fish and I begin with F ! ! !"

“I am a Fish and I begin with F ! ! !”

faye-80She Says:

Welcome to the letter F ! ! !   Gosh we are at F already ! ! ! !  That means this week we are sharing some views on the crazy world of Japanese J-pop fans, some cool music from Shibuya, Tokyo’s capital of cool, some really nice pop punk and a great girl band who even sing in Engrish ! ! !  I think it is really fun week and we hope you like it  ! ! !

mrp3He says:

A letter that means a lot of things to a lot of people, some of them quite rude. Nevertheless we must cover it and here is our selection of music related things that begin with F. We hope you find them interesting.

teacher 2P Sensei says:

Do not forget He Said – She Said is educational and not just fun.  Learn Japanese the fun and easy way with my world famous one word a week method, available exclusively in He Said – She Said on The Spill ! ! ! 

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Therefore Never Send To Know For Whom The Bell Tolls

Man is the symbol for eternity in Buddhism and is the symbol of Buddhas heart and love for mankind

Man is the symbol for eternity in Buddhism and is the symbol of Buddhas heart and love for mankind

I feel I have to say something about the terrible ferry disaster that happened recently in Korea.

Of course Korea and Japan share very much culturally and linguistically and even if politically things maybe difficult on a human level  the two peoples are very close.

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He Said – She Said ~ The A to Z of Japanese Music – The Letter E ! ! !


I am the letter E and this is my Teddy Bear ! ! !

I am the letter E and this is my Teddy Bear ! ! !

faye1She Says: Welcome back to our almost weekly series about Japanese Pop, Rock, Punk and Indie.  Life and love distracted us from the important things like He Said – She Said, But we are back on schedule again now ! ! !  This week we have a really great variety with tracks from the 1960’s to now and variety of Genres and even a boy band ! ! !  So check out the post ! ! !


He says:

“Life and love distracted us from the important things like He Said – She Said” Speak for yourself, dearie! ! ! 

I have neither ! ! !

Anyway, E, the most common letter in English and reasonably common in Japanese too, fortunately ( what is the most commonly used letter in Japanese ?). Which means there were quite a few artists to choose from. Here are some of them. Continue reading

If You Have Ten Minutes. . . .Enra ! ! ! !



Enra – Performance Art ! ! !


I have been very distracted from RR and The Spill recently as lots of interesting and maybe less interesting things have been happening in my life recently.

So as an apology for being absent and to share something that I think is wonderful I want to ask you give me ten minutes f your time.

Enra Troupe are a performance art group that uses animation, computerized projections of light and animation combined with dance to create really very special visual experiences.

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He Said – She Said ~ The A to Z of Japanese Music – D ! ! !


I begin with D ! ! !

faye 80She Says:

Gosh D already ! ! !  This week we have a great selection of tracks from some very different genres all played by bands beginning with D ! ! !  We think it is fun week so why not take few minutes to drop by  and check out some tracks ! ! !

And do not forget to check out Mr P’s Japanese word of the week ! ! !

spike 80He Says: 

Welcome to D world, some different sounds this week, several genres hardly touched upon in our posts in the past. We hope you like them.

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He Said – She Said ~ A to Z of Japanese Music – The Cs

Cupcake C

faye 80She Says:

Welcome to the third episode of our new series ! ! !  This week we have another great variety of tracks from Japan dating from 1955 to 2013 so I am sure there will be something you like this week ! ! ! We have one of the biggest Stars in Japanese music history and bands that only the members mothers have heard about, so why not take a few minutes and join Mr P and I for  . . . The Cs ! ! !

spike 80He Says:

“C”, the last letter in the ABC, is often overlooked in favour of more popular letters like “P”. Here , however, we shine a little light on “C” and some of the bands that have chosen the letter as the initial of their names. Continue reading

He Said – She Said A to Z of Japanese Music – The Bs

The Letter B ! ! !

The Letter B ! ! !

faye valWelcome to the second episode of our new series ! ! !  This week we look at the letter B and we will be looking at the blacklist operated by agencies and record companies, some great punk, one of Japan’s most popular indie outfits and some Eurobeat disco music.  So we think there will be something to interest everyone . . .well almost everyone ! ! !


Do be do be do”, no , not Frank Sinatra, that’s what Sakura said to me, and so I did.  From me this week are some crusty old punk tracks while Sakura provides and interesting tale of industry shenanigans and some class J-pop.

We hope you enjoy them.

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He Said She Said -The A to Z of Japanese Music ~ A ! ! !

letter a cover

A Is for . . . . Lots of Good Music ! ! !

faye valWelcome our new project ! ! !  We have been thinking about how we can give our Spiller friends a  taste of the variety of music that there is in Japan and we thought about this idea.   Each week we will use a different letter and include bands, tracks or genres that start with that letter.  That way we hope to share with you a wide variety of pop, rock, punk, indie, alternative and anything else we can think about ! ! !  Maybe you will not like all the tracks, but we  hope you enjoy most and that you enjoy our new series ! ! !

2024611-spike_spiegel_by_desertora001Welcome to “Project A-Z” in which Sakura and I hope to  explore the dark nooks and crannies of Japanese music and, with luck, provide some interesting and entertaining tit-bits of information. I shall be focusing on “Word of the week”, being keen on education and stuff, and will be teaching a Japanese word with each post. We hope you enjoy the ride. Fasten your seat belts please….

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How I discovered Slade ! ! !

Slade ! ! !

SLADE ! ! !

Tokyo is a wonderful city and as one gets to know it, one discovers the hidden places in this strange and beautiful city.

Asakusa is a neighbourhood in the city known for the most famous Buddhist temple in Tokyo and the narrow side streets packed with tiny shops selling just about everything  you could wish for ! ! !

The area next to the Sumida river is lined with house boats and there is a thriving alternative life style there which gives the area a vibrant and carefree atmosphere.

SLADE – So why am I talking about a neighbourhood in Tokyo when this post is about Slade ? ? ?

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He Said – She Said ~ Rock Desu Yo ! ! !

I have my trumpet Ms S. Mr P ! ! !  I don't give a damn about any trumpet playing band it aint what I call rock and roll ! ! !

I have my trumpet Ms S.
Mr P ! ! ! I don’t give a damn about any trumpet playing band it aint what I call rock and roll ! ! !

faye 80

She Says:

Welcome to the Rock and Roll party ! ! !  This week Mr P and I are sharing some of our favourite Japanese rock tracks.  There is quite a variety, from tracks released this year to golden oldies from the 1990’s ! ! !  We think you will enjoy the selection, I think there will be something for everyone to like this week ! ! !

spike 80

He Says:

This time we are looking at “rock” but in two rather different ways. My choices focus on the seedy, “dark” side of things whilst Sakura’s , still rockin’, of course, are more user friendly. It’s quite a noisy selection and should be played LOUD !
We hope you enjoy them.

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He Said – She Said – K – pop Boys and Girls ! ! !

Read this post or I will shot ! ! !

Read this post or I will shot ! ! !

faye-spike chair

Well come back to the winter series of He said she said ! ! !

She Says :

This week we will be looking at some K-pop boy bands and girl groups. Korea has a reputation as having the best looking guys and girls in Asia, but K-pop is not all about looks ! ! !  Korean pop music is ultra professional and the quality of the bands singing and dancing ability is really high.  For a small country Korea has really made a name internationally as a centre for pop music and in this post we will show you some of the groups that are making it in Korea and internationally

He Says:

If you had said to me a couple of years ago that I would be writing about Korean Boy Bands I would, probably, have laughed in your face. So here is a piece about, among other things, Korean Boy bands ! What has twisted my mind in this way ? Obviously it’s Sakura’s fault. That and the fact that I have a soft spot for well made, cheesy pop.

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The He Said – She Said Summer Love Lists ! ! ! 

I can not see anything in your eye Ms S

I am sorry Ms S – I can not see anything at all in your eye . . .

sakura 1This week thought we would dedicate to love ! ! !  Summer is such a romantic season ! ! !    So the to help you enjoy the romance of summer the He Said – She Said  Spiller Romance Enhancement Special Operations Team have made you two playlists to help you get into the mood for love ! ! !  One playlist is Western tracks and the other one is Japanese tracks.  We hope you like them ! ! !

spikeI tried, with my choices, to give a little “selection box” showing some of the different “flavours” of love ( marzipan  ! Ugh !). Love is such a difficult thing to pin down, there are all sorts of different kinds. Love of a lover, love of a child or parent, love of beer or money….mostly beer, I come to think of’s some songs about it. Continue reading

He Said – She Said Special Cross Cultural Edition – Typically English – Typically Japanese ! ! !

 If he chooses a track about octopus's . .  I will kill him ! ! !

If he chooses a track about octopuses . . I will kill him ! ! !

sakura 1Welcome to the special Cross Cultural Edition of He Said – She Said ! ! !  This time we decided to show what we think is typical of the music from each other’s counties ! ! !  So I will be picking typically English tracks and Mr P will be picking typically Japanese tracks ! ! !

We think it will be fun and hope you like the post ! ! !

Mr P-1This time we have chosen to visit each other’s musical heritage in a fantastic cross cultural exchange type of a thing. I think it’s interesting to see how others see us, through the medium of music. We have chosen one contemporary  track, one oldie and one traditional.  We hope you enjoy the tracks.

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He Said – She Said ~ The Dark Side

Mr P . . . It is Getting dark . .

“Mr P . . . It is getting dark . . “
“Don’t worry Ms S . . .There is no night that never ends and no rain that never stops”

avatar181154_2She Says:

Welcome to The Dark Side ! ! ! This week we will look at a short selection of tracks that reflect the obsession with the darker side of life that many Japanese groups and musicians have. We will only have four tracks  this week, but it is an all video post as we wanted show  the visual elements prominently.  We hope you enjoy it . .  . but this could get scary ! ! !

100x80-soikeHe Says:

Remember, Grasshopper, to have light you must have the dark too ! Here are some songs that reflect the darker underbelly of the Japanese music scene. I find them interesting, if, at times, somewhat challenging. As always with Japan they are certainly well produced !
The children of the night ! What music they make….bwaaa haaa haaaa…….

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Sakura’s J-pop Corner – Bonus Track Treasures

What are Scandal hiding in The Bonus Track Section ? ? ?

What are Scandal hiding in The Bonus Track Section ? ? ?

When I buy a single or Album or DVD, one of the first things I look at are the bonus tracks.  Bonus tracks are always a little of a lottery.  We usually get the predicable, instrumental version, acoustic version or a track written by the drummer for his mums birthday, but occasionally there is a real gem hidden in twilight zone at the end of the CD.

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He Said – She Said ~ Singer Songwriters – Not Just A Girl And A Guitar ! ! !


These girls are not just a girl and a guitar Ms S ! ! !
Mr P ! ! ! They are not just anything ! ! !


She Says:

Now is a really great time in Japan for singer songwriters.  They are working in a really great variety of styles and genres and in this post we want to introduce you to some of the girls who are making great music and writing fantastic songs.  We think you will enjoy them –  they are all much more than just a girl and guitar ! ! !

100x80 soike

He Says:

I think that we in the West sometimes get the impression that Oriental women are somewhat downtrodden and subservient. Whilst there may be an element of truth there I think things are changing in the East and women are becoming more prominent in the world of business, media , teaching etc. Especially notable is the number of Japanese music artistes who are not only performing, as they did in the past, but also writing their own material. Here are a few of our favourites. We hope you enjoy them.

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Sakura’s J-Pop Corner – Babymetal – No More Bullying Ever ! ! !


Babymetal Make A Stand Against Bullying

Every year, sadly, in Japan there are horrific stories of bullying.  In a recent case a young school boy committed suicide after being persecuted and even  made to rehearse his suicide by his persecutors.  There was another recent case of a another boy who committed suicide after being hit more than 40 times by his teacher in one day.  This for me was the most tragic of cases as the bully was actually a teacher who should have been protecting the child and not persecuting him. Continue reading

He Said – She Said – Chilling with Cool Korean Indie

It's So Romantic Mr P ! ! !Ummm. . . what did you say Ms S ? ? ?

It’s So Romantic Mr P ! ! !
Ummm. . . what did you say Ms S ? ? ?

sakura 1She Says:

This week we want to share some cool tunes with you ! ! ! There is so much more to the Korean music scene than just Gangham Style and K-pop and in this post we want to share some of the Korean Indie bands we have been listening to recently.  It is cool, relaxed and chilled post this week, but we hope you will like it!!!

Mr P-1He Says:

So it’s not just Gangnam Style after all ! I confess that I know little about Korea and even less about it’s music scene. I have, however, tracked down some fine music over the last couple of years and thought you might like to hear what’s going down in downtown Seoul. No K-pop this time, just good old “indie” stuff that’s full of charm.

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