1953 Allard JR Le Mans Roadster
Would it be overdoing it if I did another automotive related post so soon? Not trying to change the face of the Spill or anything like that but I thought this was interesting.
Well, what the hell. Back in about 1971-2-3 I was working at the university and whenever a meeting was required in the administration building I’d usually bump into my friend Mary T, she was secretary to one of the VP’s. We both drove Porsches to school so right there was a common bond and we’d usually chat about car stuff. Continue reading


iveco+van copy
I don’t know if this’ll be of interest to anybody but me, it might not be fascinating to all Spillers but there are some that may find it interesting. Ali’s recent question about ‘best moment ever’ was not an easy one for me to answer, I stumbled and mumbled something about SF Immigration etc but that event was not really memorable. That’s maybe because mine are not ‘moments’, they’re more long term, After thinking about it for a while I realized that mine fell into what you might call ‘events or achievements’, and they take time. I’d say that my 3 month trip to Jamaica was probably one of the most significant events of my life and so after thinking about it a bit more I came up with another that’s been on my mind in one form or another lo these many years. I’ve scribbled notes about it and collected photos in files but I’ve never gone beyondthat, here’s that story.

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Hummingbirds, Haeckel_Trochilidae

Back in the day or whenever, when we used to read real newspapers and magazines, there always seemed to be articles titled ” The Gardener’s Notebook” or whatever, it seems to me that we should continue that concept, the Spill needs a gardeners column. So here’s what occurred to me as I sat in my garden enjoying the late afternoon sun this evening.

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I’ve long felt that the Spill could be more than it is, there are so many more topics of interest here besides pop music that we could share and discuss. One of mine has been a lifelong interest in film and the way both it and the public’s perception has changed in the last half century, so I started scribbling some notes, here’s some of what I came up with.

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OK, this post is like Seinfeld, it’s about nothing. There’s no music, you don’t have to create playlist based on letters, there’s no pictures, no questions to answer, there’s really nothing more that a couple of minutes of my usual meaningless blather.

Sometime, right about now, there’s an important date at hand  for my beard. I’m not sure what caused this revelation but it’s very close to it’s 50th birthday. For 50 years now it’s been there every morning when I’ve been forced to look at myself in the mirror. The only change has been from brown to gray to white though there were a couple of short episodes when I let it get a bit excessive but I didn’t really like the Z Z Top look.

It all started in 1964 when I was a student at a Southern California university, I was enrolled in a design class where the instructor was a total asshole, he was ex-military, clean shaven with a crewcut, the whole redneck image, but that wasn’t the worst, he was constantly making comments about  ‘the god damned, long haired, bearded hippies’,  ‘faggots’, and the VietNam war resistors and other assorted ‘communists’, all groups that I felt an affinity towards. So I decided to initiate my one man campaign by letting my hair grow and quitting shaving, he didn’t like it at all and made regular comments about me that were supposed to be funny. I remember that I used to go to the ‘Barber College’, to get cheap haircuts, I quit in 1964 and have not had a haircut since, my hair seems to have found it’s natural length and it never goes beyond that.

But it became a way of life for me, I’d never enjoyed shaving so that was a positive and long hair became the fashion so for once I was with the ‘in crowd’. It’s not something that I’ve thought about at all, in fact I’m quite curious what prompted me to start scribbling this.

So, Happy Birthday beard. it’s been nice having you around.