Sing A Rainbow – Red

rainbowPrompted obliquely by the film Pride, with its celebration of the LGBT activists helping the Miners to fight for justice in a cruel, greedy world – but also by the slightly moribund atmosphere around here – this is Week 1 of a Spill Challenge. You can probably work out how many weeks this will last….

RR has done Colours, Red and Blue, but there are a few other songs out there.

So, Red Songs please this week. No embedded videos though; links only. Have fun!

Truth And Fiction

Many of my favourite films of recent years have been classified as documentaries (The Fog Of War, Cave Of Forgotten Dreams, Inside Job, Beware Of Mr Baker, Nostalgia for the Light, Stories We Tell….) but the one that won the Bafta in that category last year takes the genre into brave, new territory.

In The Act Of Killing, filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer puts in front of the camera a handful of the gangster* paramilitaries who helped the Indonesian army torture and kill around a million ‘communists’ in 1965/66. He then encourages them to create fictionalised versions of their acts. Being still highly-regarded by the current regime, they are keen to do so and, being fans of Hollywood films, they use the language of the Western, film noir, the musical and the gangster film.

The result is a devastating, upsetting, mesmeric, often surreal, portrait of corrupted humans who are celebrated and still valued by a corrupt government. It is now available on DVD/Blu-ray and I urge you to see it.

*The label ‘gangster’ is worn as a badge of honour, as it is understood to mean ‘free man’. Hence the use of Born Free in the film.

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Give Us A Break!

It’s great that the level of activity here has increased recently but I think it’s highlighted the need for a little bit of posting discipline (Postman Pat in leathers?! – Ed).

Can we restrict the amount of a post that appears on this Spill Home page, to make it easier and faster to scroll up and down? The Guardian blogs, for example, keep everything but the title, one picture/video/playlist and a couple of paragraphs of text hidden after a ‘continue reading…’ link. Can we follow suit, please?

To make this happen, all that is required is that, when creating a new post, you use the ‘Insert More Tag’ button after a bit of blurb and an image/video/playlist. The button is circled below (although the top and bottom lines are thicker and blacker nowadays):


On a PC, Alt+Shift+T has the same effect.

When the post appears, a Continue Reading tag is inserted and everything after that point moves to a second page.

Obviously, many people already do this. I think it would be a good idea for all of us to do it. Continue reading

Losing A Fortune, Sadly

One half of the UK’s best and most enduring satirical comedy double acts has just departed this life. With his partner-in-crime, John Bird, John Fortune ripped into the lunacy of political and economic life for decades. Their interview set-up – in which they took turns as interviewee George Parr – found a home on Rory Bremner’s show (the closest we came over here to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert) and exposed the absurdity, hypocrisy, self-delusion and downright lies spewed out by the men (always men!) of our self-serving Establishment.

Here’s an example from 2008, when capitalism did a poo on everybody. Please be amused and angry in equal measure.

Let’s all give thanks that all that stuff got sorted out and we can now look forward to the coming year, sure in the knowledge that we won’t have another property-based economic bubble……