Spillyear 1979

Still, the music was good.

We’re running out of years… But we haven’t done 1979 yet. I was  1 year old. Pity, coz I reckon it would have been fun to be a teenager.

Listen to the playlist here

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Spillyear 2002

You want 60s? Severin’s off-white Beatles post is here.

You want 80s? Carole’s shinily produced post is here.

You want early 00s? Looks like you’ve come to the right place.

I don’t appear to have bought many records in 2002, though there were some good ones I didn’t catch up with at the time. What about you?

Add your top 3 to the collaborative playlist which doesn’t seem to like being a hyperlink


Spillyear 2014




A lot of love for 1968 then…

Goneforeign wrote:

So many great songs, what a creative period. Doesn’t it make you wonder what changed, what went wrong. Is it just me or do ‘they’ just not write ’em like that anymore?

We’ve had this conversation before. A playlist from 2014 self-evidently won’t contain so many classics. We probably won’t know half the songs other people nominate. Nor will it be the soundtrack to a period of such profound, youth-driven social change.

But it will still represent an amazing outpouring of creativity from vast numbers of people young and old from all over the world. I reckon we can make a damn fine playlist.

Let’s hope the collaborative YouTube link works this time


‘Spillyear 1991

Happy New Year everybody – let’s hope it’s full of music and the RR community continues to thrive one way or another.

2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the greatest year for music ever: 1991. OK, perhaps that’s a subjective judgement – but it was the year I bought my first record (and second, third, fourth etc.), and it had Screamadelica, Nevermind, Out of Time, Loveless, Blue Lines, Foxbase Alpha, Bandwagonesque – oh my, I could go on and on.

So what were you listening to then? What do you still listen to now? What were you up to with life and stuff?

Refugees from the Mothership: please join us. The rules are simple. Pick three songs from the year, and please add them to the playlist if you can be bothered. And have fun.

Having discovered that YouTube does now allow collaborative playlists, I’ve tried to set one up there. Hopefully this will make it easier to listen on mobiles etc., and be a bit more user friendly than Boombox. Hopefully it will work. If it doesn’t, let me know.

Listen to the playlist and add your tracks here