Spillyear 1965

Is it Tuesday already? This challenge is making my life go by too fast.

I’ve been unsure about how far back in time we should go with this. Hearing people’s reminiscences has been every bit as fun as listening to the music, and the further back we go, the fewer of these there’ll be. There’s also the danger that we’ll end up with more of a canonical “best of” list, and fewer personal choices and offbeat discoveries.

But let’s give it a try, and see how it works.

1965. Half a century ago. The year that popular music began to change from light entertainment to the most vibrant contemporary art form? Maybe.

If you were there, tell us about it.

If you weren’t – well, imagine you were…


Listen to the playlist here

Add your top three tracks here

Spillyear 1992


I really enjoyed last week’s 1984 love-in. It was clearly a time when pop music was all shiny and new for a large slice of the ‘Spill demographic. For me, that came a few years later. By the early 90s, I was spending all my paper-round money at Our Price (or sometimes in the independent record shop where you could buy second hand cassettes for around £3.99, which seems absurdly expensive now) and the Melody Maker albums of the year list was a hallowed religious text.

So what were your top 3 records of 1992?

Listen to the playlist here

Add your choices



‘Spillyear 1997

1997: a British electoral triumph

So, last week was fun. Here’s a recap of the very simple instructions:

Pick 3 songs from the year in question. Add them as YouTube links to the collaborative playlist if you can – it’s very easy. Say stuff in the comments.

As there’s apparently some sort of election on this week, we’re going back to the last time a Tory government got a good kicking: 1997.

So how did you feel when Tony Blair got elected? Where were you when Diana died? Did you imagine, in the euphoria of Katrina and the Waves’ victory, that the UK would never win Eurovision again? And, mostly importantly, what were you listening to?

Listen to the playlist here:


And add your own songs to it here:


Spillyear 2000



It’s been a long time since we’ve had a ‘Spillgame… Any want to play a new one?

It’s very simple. We pick a year. We pick 3 favourite songs from that year. And we make a playlist. And possibly have interesting conversations and reminiscences in the comments.

So… let’s all meet up in the year 2000. What are your top 3 tunes from the first (or last, if you’re being insufferably pedantic) year of the millennium?

You can add them in the comments, but I’m going to attempt to create a collaborative playlist here:


You should be able to add to it by pasting YouTube links at this address:


But I’ve never tried this before, so who knows…


Those of you who get email alerts about new posts may have just seen one from me that was intended to go on my personal blog. Still trying to get the hang of having more than one WordPress account.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve just moved to Guadeloupe for a year’s sabbatical with the family. The blog explains more, if you’re interested.

Virtually, I’m not going anywhere. We’ll have to see how melancholy alt-country and Swedish indie pop translates to a Caribbean setting.

(Here’s a postcard with a sunset and a gecko)