Spillyear 1990

It would be interesting to plot people’s favourite years for music against their ages.

I can see the merits of 1970 and 1980, and I enjoyed both playlists. But neither comes close to the explosion of amazingness that was 1990 – the year that I first began (in the last couple of months of) listening to pop music.

Sure, you can probably argue that, objectively, Led Zepellin III or Joy Division’s Closer are better records than EMF’s “Unbelievable”. But my 12-year-old self is playing Radio 1 loud in his bedroom and can’t hear you.

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Spillyear 1970


Music fans, social historians and human beings in general are a strange bunch, trying to find meaning and significance in the changing of a digit in an artificially constructed numerical system. Still – 1970, eh? Theyre selling hippy wigs in Woolworths, man. The greatest decade in the history of mankind is over. End of an era… beginning of a new one… let’s hear your thoughts, memories and music.

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Spillyear 2006


I’m looking forward to next year, because years ending in 6 seem to be great ones for music.

I started getting seriously back into new music again around 2006 – partly because of RR, and partly because all the music in the world was becoming instantly available in your living room. And there some great albums: the emergence of the last great British guitar band (to date), a tragic contemporary soul masterpiece, and one unique record that I couldn’t live without (‘Spill points for guessing all three).

But whaddyall think?

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‘Spillyear 1986

Who watched Music for Misfits: The Story of Indie on BBC4? It was good, I thought, and not as well-worn as some music narratives – although it could easily have followed many different pathways.

So, 1986. I think my teenage self would have felt at home in the C86 scene, but unfortunately I was only 8 at the time. What were you listening to/wearing/doing?

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Spillyear 1976

I usually do a Google image search of the year in question to find a picture to go at the top of the post. It’s an interesting exercise, bringing up a ragbag of magazine covers, film posters, logos from sporting events, cars and soft porn.

In this case, there were a few images accompanying a survey from a couple of years ago claiming that 1976 was the best time to be young. I’m not buying it, personally – I’m not finding a huge amount to get excited about musically – but then again, I wasn’t born. So what do I know?

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