Those of you who get email alerts about new posts may have just seen one from me that was intended to go on my personal blog. Still trying to get the hang of having more than one WordPress account.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve just moved to Guadeloupe for a year’s sabbatical with the family. The blog explains more, if you’re interested.

Virtually, I’m not going anywhere. We’ll have to see how melancholy alt-country and Swedish indie pop translates to a Caribbean setting.

(Here’s a postcard with a sunset and a gecko)

Kurt Vile tickets

Calling all Northern England-based slacker rock fans.

My brother has a couple of spare tickets for Kurt Vile and the Violators at Manchester Academy 2 on Saturday December 14th. £15 each (it’s sold out, he doesn’t to make a profit but does want to get his money back if possible). If you’re interested, email me – bb.jeffries(at)gmail.com.

An unlikely barbryn playlist

Since I’ve got a quiet afternoon, I thought I’d resurrect a pair of dormant ‘Spill series.

Way back in the mists of time, ToffeeBoy created the catchily titled Regular ‘Spillers Post Music That You Wouldn’t Really Expect From Them, Knowing Their Musical Tastes A Bit As You Do. And it’s been a while since we had a pick one/ditch one playlist.

So, here are 11 tracks that you probably wouldn’t really expect from me, knowing my musical tastes a bit as you do. There is no alt-country, Swedish indie pop or sensitive singer-songwriters. There is pop, R&B, hip-hop and dance from the 90s, 00s and even 10s.

You may pick a favourite and a least favourite if you wish. You are very welcome to suggest other tunes that would feel at home on this playlist. You may even find something you like.

Stick or kick: short stories

I’m going to ask your indulgence this week. You’re going to need to listen to the lyrics. And there are some long songs.

Following on from bishbosh’s spoken word list last week, here are 11 more stories – though these are sung, not spoken. There’s a vague theme running through them of people who aren’t what they seem – shape-shifters, play-actors, deceivers.

But which did you find unputdownable, and which would you, er, put down?

Artists and titles after the break…

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10 from 11 from 12

Snow business

I never got round to doing a post on my albums of the year last year. I’m sure this was a profound disappointment to everyone, so here are 11 tracks from records I liked which I don’t think featured on the Festive ‘Spill (my own choices apart) or other people’s list.

You know the rules. Pick your favourite, pick your 11th favourite. And please feel free to mention any songs or albums from 2012 to which the Spill’s collective attention should be drawn.

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