Punky’s Miscellany #16: Sociopathic Lovesick Rainbow Blues, With A Side-Order Of Thesis And A Garnish Of Debating, or, My Absence In A Nutshell


Blimey, I really have a thing for wordy titles…


So the last time I was active on the ‘Spill, I posted a Miscellany whining about being dumped, did the ‘Spill game and as a result promised to unleash the more leftfield aspects of my CD collection on Pairubu, did another Miscellany announcing my imminent departure for a weekend in London and disappeared into the ether again… Amylee asked me on Facebook for a catching-up session in this week’s Miscellany, so here goes!


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Punky’s Miscellany #14: Teachable Moments

Bitter? Me? No idea what you’re talking about…


OK… ‘teachable moments’… what’s up with that? It’s a line from Batman – Bruce Wayne: The Road Home Issue #3 Batgirl: Stephanie Brown in which Stephanie, after a close call fighting a mysterious thief in a high-tech armoured suit that imitates the powers of the primary members of the Justice League, defends her reckless charge into the fray in a discussion with Oracle (Barbara Gordon – yes, the Commissioner’s daughter if you’ve seen the films – and first Batgirl) by pointing out that she survived, and the fight was a ‘teachable moment’ – a spontaneous event that can be used as a learning experience.


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