Best Cover Artist Ever? Rod vs Stevie

(Groovyshark links – alas no youtube)

13) Humble Pie – 99 Pounds

14) Humble Pie – I Walk on Guilded Splinters

I seem to be in a classic rock kinda mood today, so i figured it was as good a time as any to have a look at these 2 guys as cover artists. Lotta similarities here – both have (arguably i suppose) some of the finest pipes ever bestowed upon mortals and their voices often (inexplicablty to me) get confused. They shared a band – Stevie Marriott was with the Small Faces until he quit to form the Pie, and Rod Stewart took his place on pipes and Ronnie Wood took over his axework and they morphed into the Faces. They both wrote songs, and some damn good ones too, but covered more than their share. Many of the same artists. Small Faces was one of the most original and inventive bands going, and yet Stevie left to do a few great original tunes (30 Days in the Hole, Thunderbox, Hot and Nasty) and a slew of covers with the Pie. Rod went solo and did a few great original songs (Every Picture Tells a Story, Maggie May, You Wear It Well, Mandolin Wind), some ok ones, some shit ones, and a buttload of covers of varying quality.

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So i never did get around to making a plug for Linda Ronstadt for my severely lapsed Best Cover Artists Ever series.  And now she quite sadly has Parkinson’s and can’t sing a note anymore. So a bit of a tribute is in order i think – she wasn’t a songwriter but a world class singer and cover artist who did very proud the bulk of artists she covered. Imagine, to sing like that with no autotune. You can hear maybe a bit too much 70’s California production in some of the songs, but that was also her era and the artists that she covered as well. They’re none the worse for it either, really. Peace and best wishes to you, Linda. And thank you.

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Shoot One Up, Smack One Down

I’m still sort of bitter that i got to RR many years too late for the (Cocaine and) Heroin topic, and as for one who never touched the stuff and never will, i seem to have an inordinate stock of tunes about shooting up. So here i get to make up for it a bit, a snapshot playlist of what’s caught my fancy lately, and some old faves. (I did leave off any duplicates from the RR list.) (We’re also back to business as usual on the rock front there.)

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Mayfly Tunes

So all credit for the tune and concept go to johnnystewpot over on the Stones thread on CiF. In contrast to the Stones, who have been doin it to death for the past few decades, and are playing at Glastonbury tonight –

One song can be perfect and if you search them out what does it matter if that band falls apart afterwards you know like the mayfly, one orgiastic gasp and it’s all over.

This is a bit different than a one-hit wonder, which can suck or be meh, obviously. The beauty above is his example of a mayfly tune. Feel free to post your own examples.

Her Imperial Highness, Her Grace, Her Excellency, Her Royal Majesty

This is Winslow’s Post

I once told Grace Slick that when I first heard White Rabbit my awestruck reaction was, ‘What the fuck is that?’

‘Ravel’s Bolero,’ she replied, a tad tersely.

Not the most fun interview I’ve ever endured and she wanted to be there a lot less than I did. Ingratiating, she wasn’t. But never mind.

To mark the cultural shockwave (and to me, life-charting) of RCA 9248’s release 46 years ago this week, here’s a random selection of the shotgun-toting glacial contralto’s contributions to the betterment of mankind. I love ‘em all… But will you? And, dear reader, will SOWC ever be won over?

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Spill Challenge – PSA and Powwow

Ok, so it’s summertime now, and it seems that these Spill Challenge lists are getting fewer and fewer listens lately. So again time to decide what we want to do about this series over the summer. Also, i’m in the process of trying to get my shit together and get moved, so i’m going to be undependable for series maagement in the forseeable future, may be without internet for period(s) of time while i’m relocating, and really don’t want to drop the ball on anyone. So we can kick around some alternatives here –

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Hail Mary – Winslow Spill Challenge

This is The Winslow Boy’s List


“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been a lifetime since my last confession. In fact, this is my first as I’m not even Catholic, but sometimes guilt is too heavy to bear. These are my sins… well, just the one, actually. I was in HMV and I picked up a Top Gear compilation. It even had Kaiser Chiefs and The Fratellis on the cover and yet I still looked at the full track listing. Though, in mitigation, I was not tempted to buy.’

I got away with three Hail Marys. But, oh Lord, there are so many Marys to hail…

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Spill Challenge # LostCount: From the mouths of babes…


This is debby(m)’s list

One of the reasons I’ve not been frequenting the ‘Spill so much of late is the losing battle I’ve been fighting against Little’Un for access to our one-and-only music player. What does she like to listen to? Here’s her top ten! (OK, so it’s her top eleven). Which one of these would send you screaming for the OFF button and which on could she put on repeat?

I was going to take you all out for a drink, but DsD elbowed his way to the bar first…

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SmackDown One – ‘Spill Challenge # Whatever


This is Sweet Home Alabama’s list.

In honour of Wrestlemania, we’ve gathered up 11 musical characters so wild, so over-the-top that they should be locked in a steel cage or hit with a folding chair. It’s a no holds barred battleroyal of musical flamboyance and you get to decide who gets crowned heavyweight champion and who gets thrown over the top rope. This being wrestling, it’s only natural that someone else may try to invade the ring. So don’t worry: the referee will either be knocked out cold or have his back turned.

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Kiss Me Anyway

Or Pogue Mahone, i suppose. Nope, not of drop of Irish (or Scots) in me, just a bit of Welsh, which probably doesn’t count. But i do love me some Celtic music (probably because it so heavily influenced our own), and Ireland has coughed up some first rate musicians. (And so have the expats). Feel free to add your own favorites, i’ve certainly left out an awful lot.

(Click the box with the arrow to the bottom right of the video for the full filmstrip playlist).

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Spill Game Week 937 (approx) A Day in the Life


This is Severin’s List

Well it seemed like a good idea at the time……..

A trawl through the morning – a brief musical respite as the sun shines – and a slow descent towards the arms of Morpheus and beyond.

My last attempt at this was a personal miscellany. This is a thematic concept or “hastily assembled bunch of stuff about mornings or nights” to use the technical term.

You probably know most of the songs. It could have been any number of others. These just happened to be on my iTunes rather than vinyl or cassette tape. I’m actually quite surprised at how folkie it turned out in the end.

So anyway. You’re only allowed to shoot one of them. The others get to live another day. And night. And you have to kiss them.

nb – it has become de riguer to provide a commentary with your list of tracks. I break this new tradition with a careless laugh (too bloody lazy innit?).

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Ear Candy – Break My Heart


Ok, so you’ve all been good sports and suffered through my Stones lists, rock lists, garage noise, rock / punk heavy A-list, axe wank list, etc. So i thought that as you were all probably dreading my week for the Spill Game, i’d put up something a bit different. Some of you may remember that i have a not-so-secret hankering for a pretty pop tune. So in honor of VD (i was supposed to be next week, but i switched off with DsD), i did a list of some pretty ear candy instead of the usual ear-splitting stuff. You know the drill – toss one or all, or keep as you see fit.

Will that do?

(Look, there are going to be guitars. There just are. It comes with the turf. But they’re gorgeous Byrds-y, Las-y, melodic, reverby, distorty, feedbacky, groovy, and even maybe some acoustic-y. Maybe a bit of saminess at the beginning of the list, but how can you complain when it’s this easy on the ears. Huh? I do promise that there’s nothing like Jimmy Page taking a dump on a Telecaster.)

Happy VD to all!

(Did this the new player way because a) it cut down on buffering problems, and b) makes it easier to find a specific song.)

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Groovy Garage


Grab bag of groovy garage / punk / psych / indie / powerpop / whatever tunes that caught my ear, now that i seem to be able to listen to music again.

Axe One

Yeah, so this is a lazy playlist (click the playlist button bottom left for full set) or some of my favorite acts of axe heroism. Haven’t been in the mood to listen to much lately, stuff on my mind to sort. But Shane’s list last week (sorry love, i will get there, just haven’t had the brain space to give it the attention it deserves) reminded me that it’s probably time to get this series up and going again.

So free dates – claim as you wish. Repeat offenders welcome if you have new stuff to share.

Jan 15
Jan 22
Jan 29
Feb 5
Feb 12
Feb 19

That ought to get us started. Tech help available for any who need it.

Feel free to treat this as a challenge and post your own favorite selfless acts of axe heroism.

GOTW Anger Post-Mortem


Not entirely sure i like these post-match analyses – i sort of feel like when i’m done with it, i’m done – but if it’s expected i’ll bang up a brief one. I did a b-list last year so the amount of labor and the process itself wasn’t unfamiliar to me. But a b-list is different from an A-list, and Jon D did the heavy lifting there last year. It’s a whole different can of worms. I did all new-to-me’s on my b-list last year because i could. But an A-list needs a write up and a theme, there are songs that want zedding, and have to be justified and explained.

One thing i did very differently than Chris is that i listened to the tunes first, and then dealt with lyrics later. That’s how i would have done it anyway, but i think it was a very good call this week because there were a lot of songs that had fantastic lyrics (hip hoppy stuff, punk, rants, etc) but were musically uninteresting, and i wanted a playlist that was listenable. After i got down to probably 100 tunes or so, i started to sift through themes, and weed out songs with similar themes, and choose the one i thought best. And i think that paradox was really what i was looking for most. Funny bile, cheery vitriol, sexy rape songs (yes, i know i don’t deserve to live), pissed off hippies, positive metal, punk, and hip hop….

Problem with this is that you get a list heavy on my own personal taste in music. I love my A-list. So it’s probably a bit too rock-heavy for a lot of people’s taste, but to be fair i did post an early warning that i asked for a rock-friendly topic. There really isn’t enough variety. But it is what it is. One thing i did right this time – paced myself in listening. I’d listen to a page full of tunes, then take a break for an hour or two. So unlike last time i did the b-list, i’m not sick and tired of music. Looking very forward to the Festive Spill lists.

For a b-list i just did a grab bag of new-to-me tunes i thought were great. That was almost tougher than an A-list, because i had to leave just so much out. There were so many good tunes this week. My favorite thing about RR isn’t getting my own noms zedded, fun as that is, but discovering new tunes, and that’s what’s best about guruship. I feel like a big part of the job is to point people to some great tunes that they may have missed.

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Stones O2 29/11/2012

Ok, so i fully realize that i’m the only one who cares about this sort of thing. But it’s been a very good week for Stones fans. They did two 50-year anniversary concerts at O2 this week, one show earlier, and another on the 29th. Tickets cost way too much, as they do for the shows in Brooklyn and Newark upcoming next month, i won’t be there and won’t be sorry not to be either. Youtube is good enough for me.

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Pretty Please

Some of you may be aware that i have a few obsessions – for covers, axe wank, Stones, and i have another one you may or may not be aware of – for swooningly pretty pop tunes. Compiling a personal list here that may end up elsewhere – can you help me out?

Not a challenge, no rules, post as many of the prettiest pop tunes as you see fit. The definition of pop here is pretty loose too. Bonus Spill points for newtomes.