Fancy a dance ?


Dancing , of any form, is as alien to me as deep sea diving.
Can’t do it, won’t do it but I have to say that I admire a “good” dancer.
I’d just like to share a couple that I came across yesterday with everyone.
They are both from Japan ( shock !) and really , I think, rather special.

First up World Order- Permanent Revolution.

and secondly Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Furisodeshon ( I think !)

This one, I think, is really rather interesting as Kyary appears to be drinking rather a lot in the video, very unusual for a Japanese lady as far as I can tell with my limited experience of such things .
Perhaps a Japanese reader could enlighten me as to whether this is as unusual as I think it is.

Game: what if X artist joined Y band?

Yep, it's Tom DeLonge...

Yep, it’s Tom DeLonge…

The off-topic meanderings on ‘Songs About… Works Of Art’ involved Webby telling the story of the rumoured supergroup HELP (the idea being that Jimi Hendrex would join ELP). leaveitallbehind suggested that this should be done as a game on the ‘Spill, so here we go…

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‘Spill Game – Week # As If I Ruddy Know: “POP!” goes the worst one…


So last time I went all crowd-pleasey (or as crowd-pleasey as I can manage) with tasteful eclecticism. And this time… well, this time I’ve probably swung too far in the opposite direction and won’t be pleasing anyone whatsoever. Yes, folks, I’ve gone pop. Mainstream, well-known, pure and simple every time. Forgive me my synths, I know exactly what I do. Sadly…

Track and artist names (and a few short attempts at justification) after the jump…

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Punky’s Miscellany: Week One

After much deliberation late last year, I’ve decided to start a series of posts here on the ‘Spill. Inspired in part by Philip King’s (he of Scullion fame) weekly show on RTÉ Radio 1, South Wind Blows, I’m going to take anyone who decides to follow the series on a rambling journey through whatever the hell is interesting me at the moment. This could be music, books, films, life, interestingly-shaped clouds…

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Pop Art


Skalpel – Sulpture
Gay Dad – Art Since 1978
Cansei de Ser Sexy – Art Bitch
Art Brut – Modern Art
Rezillos – (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures
Swell Maps – H.S. Art
Mission Of Burma – Max Ernst
Blue Aeroplanes – Action Painting

Luxúria – Beast Box Is Dreaming
Regina Spektor – All The Rowboats
Breeders – When I Was A Painter
Allo Darlin’ – If Loneliness Was Art
Hush Sound – The Artist
Kills – I Call It Art
Felt – Primitive Painters

EARWORMS: A fork in the road, a knife to the heart, or a spoon something something

fork in the roadGreetings Earwormlings,
Wilemena has decided Jan. 28 will be her last as Earworms host, which provides a timely opportunity to review the series and its future. Please murmer amongst yourselves below.

I’ll be Mum in the meantime, and fresh Earworms will pop up Feb 5. I am moving house and look forward to reading your ideas when I get back.

One change I propose is swapping release days with amylee’s 11 to 10 (or whatever it is called). Earworms is six songs chosen for catchiness while the 11 require many extra listens.

Groovy Garage


Grab bag of groovy garage / punk / psych / indie / powerpop / whatever tunes that caught my ear, now that i seem to be able to listen to music again.

New Black Angels – “Don’t Play With Guns”

The Black Angels: I dig their droney psyche doom pop the most, ya know?

This song is the first inkling of their fourth album, “Indigo Meadow”, which is agonisingly not out ’til April.

The Black Angels’ first album was also my 3rd favourite of the noughties, list fans.

Unrelated, but we are now only 9 posts off the 2,000 mark, so if anyone has any ideas about how to mark this, um, landmark – please say so in the comments. Cheers. 


Remember 2012? Seems like a long time ago now doesn’t it? My plan was to post Part 1 followed shortly by Part 2 at the end of December. It then shifted to the beginning of January and I managed to post Part 1, confident that Part 2 would follow just a few days later. Anyway here it is. Part 3 is a theoretical possibility, depending on youtube links, but don’t hold your breath…


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‘Spillover: The Lemonheads


Due to popular demand, we are going to ‘Spillover….The Lemonheads!

For the most part (The) Lemonheads became in later years Evan Dando, and whoever he was hanging out with at the time, so we can also take Evan Dando solo songs too.

There are nine Lemonheads albums to choose from, plus singles, EPs, and lots of good covers to boot.

So, to perfect the perfect Lemonheads playlist, please nominate one or two tunes in the comments with a youtube or spotify link, please. I’m allowing more than one nomination, as possibly they may not be as well known as other bands we’ve ‘Spilt-over like the Stones, or Elbow.

So, do you like early noisy Lemonheads? Mid period strummy grungey Lemonheads? Quiet countryish Lemonheads? Acoustic gentle Lemonheads? Funny, romantic Lemonheads? Or the one about the gas man taking Evan’s old stove away?

Please also share any Lemonheads memories, ephemera, anecdotes, trivia, or nonsense.

I’m a massive fan, and have kicked off noms with an acoustic version of a song from their 4th album. The acoustic version was a b-side, but ended up on their greatest hits too. My favourite version of “Ride With Me” is a live acoustic one I taped off the radio back in 1992, but I’m not sure where the cassette is.

10 from 11 from 12

Snow business

I never got round to doing a post on my albums of the year last year. I’m sure this was a profound disappointment to everyone, so here are 11 tracks from records I liked which I don’t think featured on the Festive ‘Spill (my own choices apart) or other people’s list.

You know the rules. Pick your favourite, pick your 11th favourite. And please feel free to mention any songs or albums from 2012 to which the Spill’s collective attention should be drawn.

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Llamalpaca’s A Waste Of Space. The Concert Movie.

Stop Making Sense

“The best concert movie ever made”

Heard that a few times haven’t you? Talk about damning with faint praise.

I’ve paid good money in to see quite a few stinkers: vanity projects, over-hyped and massively over-dubbed. I’ve seen one or two reasonable efforts. But are there any great ones?

Now you may hold views on the concert movies which might be too withering in their honesty for publication over on RR. Here, however, you may choose to pay homage to your favourite such flick, delight in cruelly exposing ambition/narcissism interlaced with a bewildering lack of talent, or diss the concept of the concert movie and yes, even a considered meh is fully acceptable.  Any stance should be supported with some form of evidence or justification.

Off you go then.

Which Cut Is The Bestest?

true love Waits

It may be a song much used & abused by karaoke maniacs, bedroom youtubers, & egotistical pop stars but let us not forget what a phenomenal tune it really is. Cat may have sold it to PP for £30 back in the day – but which version of the three do you prefer? Or do you know of a better one (I have looked for a noisy indie rock version, and failed, but would love it if there was one in existence)?

‘Spill points are available, and there are bonus ‘Spill points if you can explain why Tom Waits is holding a bunny. caption the Tom Waits & bunny photo.



Gallon Drunk – Blood Is Red
Raymen – Bad Blood
Godflesh – Vampires
Strangers Die Every Day – …And The Blood Shall Spill

Yeah Yeah Noh – Blood Soup
Band Of Skulls – Bruises
MuteMath – Blood Pressure
National – Bloodbuzz Ohio
Mountain Goats – Sax Rohmer #1
Nina Nastasia & Jim White – Late Night
Luxúria – Stupid Blood

Buck 65 – Blood Of A Young Wolf
Ghislain Poirier – No More Blood
Singers & Players & Congo Ashanti Roy – African Blood
Mark Stewart – Blood Money 2
Halls – Lifeblood
Philip Glass & Kronos Quartet – String Quartet No. 3 “Mishima” V. Blood Oath

Punky’s EOTWQ – Getting to know you

After a discussion last week with Aba, Maki and leaveitallbehind about ways of welcoming new members to the RR community, I put together this EOTWQ as an icebreaker, so to speak. So everyone, from the most regular of regulars to the newest of newcomers, please join in and take the quiz! Usual rules apply, 6 questions, my answers are at the bottom of this post and feel free not to answer one if you don’t want to!

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Odd Ditties

One-two, one-two is the first rhythm we experience: our mother’s heartbeat. When everything else has leaked out from our atrophied brain, it seems we still understand that and respond to it. No wonder it’s the basis for most of the music we know and why we call the time signature* 4/4, ‘common time’.

But we also discover the lilting joy of one-two-three, or ‘waltz time’ (the time signature 3/4). We savour its hint of rebellion, yet remain secure in the certainty that two of these cycles make three comforting back-and-forth one-twos. Much African and Latin American music uses this pleasing tension between two- and three-beats in an accumulated 12-beat rhythm, which is both four sets of three beats and three sets of four. The chugging blues uses the same 12 beats but with much less subtlety: four main beats each sub-divided into three, of which we hear the first and third (i.e. duh, der-duh, der-duh, der-duh, etc). In truth, this rhythm is closer to that of an actual heartbeat, so that may be why we are so at ease with it.

We can all dance to music built on a base of three or four beats. But how about five beats? Or seven? Tricky. That’s why such oddities are generally only found in jazz or prog rock, where dancing is not the prime objective.

I think Jethro Tull’s Living In The Past is the only song in 5/4 time to ever make the UK charts (it got to number 3 back in 1969).

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Ditch one, which one ?


Last minute change of plan here. I was going to offer up 11 “old time” songs ( really, really “old time” in some cases) but on reflection I think that would be too much of a chore for many folks to listen to.
So, instead, I’ve gone for a selection of some of my favourite 1960s tunes. So no oriental stuff, no punk, no weirdoes just good, old fashioned “pop” music.
I was a bit young to appreciate them first time around , a few tunes stick in the memory from those days ( not always good ones !) but on the whole they are later discoveries.
You know the rules, one has to go…but which one….

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Nick Drake – They’re Leaving Me Behind
Seldom Scene – Muddy Water
Durutti Column – The Beggar
Snow Patrol – The President
Cat Power – Ramblin’ (Wo)Man
Tindersticks – Drunk Tank [Peel Session]
Mountain Goats – Palmcorder Yajna
Calvin Party – Northern Song
Whale – Hobo Humping Slobo Babe

21st Century Dub – Beggars Suite Pt. I, II, III
Andy Fairley & Dub Syndicate – Lack Of Education
Gavin Bryars & Tom Waits – Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet
Lemon Jelly – Ramblin’ Man
Rex The Dog – We Live In Daddy’s Car
Simple Minds – I Travel

Buttons and Bows: EOTWQ

Here’s a little something to wile away a snowy January night, if you’re not already tucked up under the duvet.

My mum died about 14 years ago and I “inherited” her Singer sewing machine. When it was purchased in the 1930s it was powered by hand / treadle, but at some point she had it converted to electricity and incorporated into a wooden cabinet with drawers for all the sewing equipment, and a cunningly designed top which slides off when you want to use the machine. Since 1998 it has been moved around my house and gradually crammed full of my sewing stuff; young Munday’s toys and all sorts. Today I decided to tidy it up, and found mum’s paraphernalia still under the rubble; bits of lace and elastic from her old petticoats; hooks and eyes; wool for darning socks; old Yardley’s Lavender soap boxes full of ribbons and bows; name tags; needle cases; a complimentary sewing kit from the hotel we stayed in for my brother’s wedding in 1968 and Easter chicks I made as a child. It was a strange feeling, like finding a time capsule. So my questions are:

1. Do you have a similar experience to share?
2. Do you keep things in case they come in handy, or
3. Do you chuck things out rather than have a load of clutter?
4. What can I do with my chocolate box full of buttons?

Links to any relevant music are welcome, as always. Have fun!

Cheap Jersey required …

timthumb No no, not THAT type of jersey!

I’m not after a jumper, I’m after some Spillers’ tips. We don’t have a holiday booked yet during the school summer break. Lifelong Gerald Durrell fan DsMam has always wanted to go back to Jersey with the kids, as the last time we went was before DsSis was born. (Technically, Jess has been there: Julie was six-or-seven months pregnant with her at the time!) The trouble is, an awful lot of things have changed over the last dozen years, and therefore we’re starting our search again from scratch. We don’t know anybody out there; we don’t know anyone who goes there for holidays; and even my wife’s old school friend the travel agent has long-since sold her business. That means we’re randomly throwing ourselves at the mercy of the mainstream tourist-fleecing holiday companies, and so far it’s looking prohibitively expensive. Tentative forays into independent internet searches are producing some very dodgy results …

… so that’s where you lot come in. Does anyone know of any independent / private cottage or caravan rentals on the island which are clean, green (don’t really want to be crammed into the fourth-floor attic of a St.Helier B&B) and not too dear? Discussions of any vaguely relevant experiences in the last five years or so welcome. Tips of any hidden gems-to-seek-out or pitfalls-to-avoid will be gratefully received.

If you don’t want to discuss them openly on this thread, you’ve all got my email and/or telephone details.

Scots indie goes…..POP!



As we’ve not had a post for today, I thought I’d sneak one in before bedtime. “The Mother We Share” by Chvrches has snuck up on me, catching it on the radio, then finding out that there’s some ‘Spill Scots indie faves in the band, specifically one former Twilight Sad member, and one from DsD’s besties list, the mighty Aereogramme. There may well be a glut of bad 80s influenced electropop kicking about at the moment, but this is simply a fab song, with a wee hint of the old Scots melancholic beauty to boot.

Axe One

Yeah, so this is a lazy playlist (click the playlist button bottom left for full set) or some of my favorite acts of axe heroism. Haven’t been in the mood to listen to much lately, stuff on my mind to sort. But Shane’s list last week (sorry love, i will get there, just haven’t had the brain space to give it the attention it deserves) reminded me that it’s probably time to get this series up and going again.

So free dates – claim as you wish. Repeat offenders welcome if you have new stuff to share.

Jan 15
Jan 22
Jan 29
Feb 5
Feb 12
Feb 19

That ought to get us started. Tech help available for any who need it.

Feel free to treat this as a challenge and post your own favorite selfless acts of axe heroism.

Worlds End


Tackhead – Mind At The End Of The Tether
Killing Joke – Turn To Red
Meat Beat Manifesto – Nuclear Bomb
Mark Stewart & Daddy G – Apocalypse Dub
Adrian Sherwood – Processed World
John Tejada – The End Of It All
Britney Spears – Till The World Ends

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Abattoir Blues
Dirty Three & Chan Marshall – Great Waves
Paul Anka – Black Hole Sun
Girls – End Of The World
My Chemical Romance – S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W
Mountain Goats – Last Man On Earth