No Surprises – A little Radiohead on a Sunday evening

I did it! Ha! Thank you Amy, Shoey and particularly TFD. And I still have some hair left! Wahaha! (Runs gibbering and dribbling round the kitchen) Bibble!

New Posts – advice please

Hi, Ali M here. It has been a long time since I posted anything so I thought I would get into practice for the “1 from 1″ challenge in a couple of weeks.

I printed off Maki’s instructions but (a)there is no html option / tab at the top of the interface (WordPress) and (b) when I upload a photo it won’t let me insert any text.

All very odd but now it seems to be working although the photo is showing as an html code in the draft. Then … when I go to ‘add media’ and select an .mp3 file to upload, nothing happens. Is it a space issue? I have 2GB left. Do I need to delete earlier posts? Or am I just missing something?

I know Amy has very kindly offered advice / help but I would like to learn how to do it so I don’t have to bother others …

Ringy Dingy

Hello, rather than “box” tracks this week I thought I’d do a “playlist” so all these great songs are easily available to everyone !
How neat is that !
Anyway, the playlist contains the following

800 Cherries- Telephone Song

Samingad- Telephone

The Ho’opi’i Brothers- Telephone to glory

Kimura Kaela- Phone

Unemployed Drifter – Telephone number of Tsu Lynn lingling love !

Astro Babys- Telephone love.

Link-Ring me up

I’m with the readers recommend guru.

Wearing Influences On Our Sleeve-Less T-shirts – Electric President

I’ll be at Chatsworth Road Market, Hackney – I believe that’s in London (in the Rushmore Primary School playground) on Sunday between 11 and 4 o’clock if anyone wants to come along and say Hi – I’ll be the one with bright orange t-shirts and Brainasaurus books to sell.

Hopefully, Sunday night I’ll be back to add some phone songs – until then, have fun everyone.
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A guest Guru and her T shirt

Personalised! Click to read

Well, the first thing to say is, to all you once and future guest gurus, that you can have your own special Guest Guru T shirt from Shane, and he’ll do them any colour and size you want (so long as they’re on his list) so as to make you feel super special! Which of course you are anyway, and especially me, because mine is the first one ever.

I’ll just say a little bit about the process I used as guru for Songs For Your Teenage Self. When Adam emailed me with the topic I was a bit worried, because I thought it was going to be huge, and I wondered whether I’d be able to cope. Well, it was huge, but not quite in the way I’d expected, and I found it quite easy to cope with the number of songs recommended.

From the very first I knew I was going to have to set some criteria, and the first one was to give good justis…which many of you responded splendidly to, and not because I’d said so, I’m sure! That’s part of what made it such a brilliant week – the other part being the music itself of course.

I started listening to the recommendations straight away, and pretty soon I realised I was going to have to make lists so as not to leave anything out. (I also found, to my surprise, that the Spotify list and the box were no use, because the songs in there were in a different order and I would keep finding myself listening to things I’d already heard.) So I had a list called A, a list called Maybe, and a list called No; and I listened straight through the blog in chronological order. Not everyone posted links – especially not during the TFF of course – but I found that didn’t matter because nearly everything was on YouTube. There was one track I couldn’t find at all and I had to send to Japan for it, but other than that they were all online. I would set the song going and then pull up the lyrics so that I could make quite sure the song was on topic.

Now, I’m aware there’s been some concern about me not listening to every track all the way through, and I’m sorry about that, but really and truly if I could tell that the song wasn’t on topic after I’d read through the lyrics, I would stop listening and move on. On the Friday evening I noticed there were songs coming through that were about giving advice and I decided that wasn’t really what was wanted (and in any case, we’ve already had songs about advice); and neither were songs that were about looking back to one’s own teenage years, so I posted a comment about that. DarceysDad, that’s why your Outfit didn’t get considered, even though I love it to bits as you knew I would!

Finally a word about personal taste. There have been criticisms of gurus in the past (especially JonD) that they only choose songs they already like, the corollary of this being that “Xxxx will never get listed because Xxxx doesn’t like them.” I have said that myself, though possibly not in public. I hope you are surprised by my A list – it certainly surprised me. I had never heard of dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip, nor of Patrick Stump; and though I did know about Withered Hand I never supposed I would find myself loving his music. You just never know till you really listen.

(I hope you also noticed that I picked the Byrds’ version of My Back Pages over Dylan. If anyone had really wanted to float my boat, though, they’d have recommended the version from Dylan’s 30th Anniversary Concert, as you’ll understand when they get to the second verse. EC alert, by the way.)

So there you go. Thanks for a great week, and I’ve put in for another turn because I enjoyed it so much.

mixtape for a mixed up teen

This has been one illuminating topic – I’m not in the camp of: “this has nothing to do with the songs” – this has everything to do with the songs. Any choice and any dond this week illustrates a unique glitch or shinning diamond in people’s character.
Doesn’t everyone look at a music collection and analyse the owners ability to live day to day? – you really can judge (you might not judge correctly) – but it’s good enough for me.
The ability to take on new and interesting tunes must be great – if our teenage selves could understand what we are doing here – they’d be shell shocked to see aged replicas of themselves loving and conversing and inspiring … this thread totally nails why RR is an important release for those with a strange disposition in creating playlists – they say SO much.

If you read the song titles here – the overwhelming idea would be ‘run for the hills and take any sharp object‘ but, it is a playlist using black humour to cope – all I did when I was young, was cope .. I don’t now. I relish what I do – but music has an important part to play in how I survived, and how I grasped a way forward – these songs are not depressing; listen to the words in Teenage Suicide, the important part is the repeat of “don’t do it” – I like that turning on the head of snap judgement. It’s a dumb pop song with little depth – but it works for me… other songs here have a greater depth – serious drugs for instance – go on – listen.
That is why I delve deeply into songs and their words, it’s the feelings they give me… and the nodding in agreement to a life similarly experienced – and a need to express that artistically. (or it’s a great bit of fiction – shhh – don’t tell – the mystery intensifies)

My teenage self would sink his teeth into this list and ponder… he’d also find all the double bluffing bloody hilarious.

To those more blank than Frank and more dark than shark – enjoy:

1 Get Better Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip
2 Why Tell The Truth (When It’s Easier To Lie) Brakes
3 Weak Become Heroes The Streets
4 Sweet Words for the Sour Whitey
5 I Never Said I Was Deep Jarvis Cocker
6 My Struggle Withered Hand
7 Teenage Suicide (The Glass remix) Clubfeet

1 The Truth Hurts So This Should Be Painless Her Space Holiday
2 Write Record Release Blues Jesus & Mary Chain
3 Serious Drugs BMX Bandits
4 Extra Medication The Manhattan Love Suicides
5 Medication Karaocake
6 Anything For Destruction Her Space Holiday

‘Spill Game week 7 – he got dimples in his jaw

Picture of Jimmy removed for reasons explained in later post ‘Be careful’. Sorry!

So these are all songs that, when they come up on the shuffle when I’m driving, cause me to take a deep breath and go “ahhhh…” with satisfaction.

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Epic Blowout Stones ‘Spillover

3 ‘Spillers (Amy, Fuel, and Shane) – 3 Stones Playlists. Enjoy.


I was born in 1960. I knew the early Stones tunes from the radio mostly. Caught the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, even at 3 years old, i somehow knew this was an important thing to see. Amazing, actually. But never knew a peep about the Stones on there. First Stones album i bought was Hot Rocks, followed by More Hot Rocks which i figured had all the oldies i ever needed. Never saw any reason to get the older albums – they all had pretty much the same songs on them anyway! So there are still plenty of oldies i’ve never heard. Wanted to get a sampler of some of them on the list, but Shanes’ covers list made my job a lot easier – there would have been a lot of duplicates – and most of those songs probably aren’t new to folks on here anyway. Shane’s Empty Heart was newtome and great, i hear echoes of that one, and Heart of Stone and Time is on My Side in the snotnose garage bands i’m liking now. Under My Thumb and Play With Fire would have probably made my list – i think they foreshadow some of the darker tunes yet to come. Some other standouts for me – Ruby Tuesday, As Tears Go By, Lady Jane, Sitting on a Fence, Spider and the Fly, Not Fade Away, The Last Time, I’m Free – although biggies like Get Off of My Cloud (sorry, Fintan), Satisfaction, Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, and Mothers’ Little Helper still don’t do much for me.
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Earworms 24 September 2012

1: The Decembrists – Angel, Won’t You Call Me ~ Amylee

Gorgeously infectious bit of pop folk perfection from their first EP.

2: Alison Moyet – Mary, Don’t Keep Me Waiting ~ Zalamanda

This has always been one of my favourites from Alison’s 2002 comeback album, Hometime. An intriguing narrative of escape combined with a sort of circular sound that I find really appealing.

3: Clannad – Theme From Harry’s Game – GoneForeign

Back in the 80′s I was browsing the albums in that huge record store in Picadilly Circus, I found a group I’d never heard of but they looked interesting, what intrigued me was that most of the group shared my surname and they all came from Sligo and Donegal which is where all my forebears came from. The group was Clannad and the names were  Ciarán, Pól, and Máire Uí Bhraonáin (Brennan), an earlier member was Brídín Bhraonáin plus another family member left for a solo career, her name was Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, AKA Enya. So I bought the album and this cut became an instant favorite.

4; Deer Tick – Virginia Gal ~ Tincanman

This is a such a good band but, like Simple Minds, just don’t have the vocals to take them over the edge. There’s Petty, The Band, The Stones, Yardbirds, AC/DC and all sorts of great stuff in this, but in the end, meh.

5: Arthur Verocai – Sylvia ~ AlBahooky

This tune is from his eponymous LP released in the early 70′s to little audience reaction and did not record again until the late noughties, after receiving the respect from the US hip-hop community who sampled his tunes. ‘Sylvia’ is one of those tunes that uses the acoustic guitar to support a beautiful string arrangement … listen.

6: Tori Amos – Jackie’s Strength – bishbosh

I love the little cinematic shards of imagery in this. Really evocative – and just one of her most beautiful tunes. Great, lush orchestration too.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

Words Of Advice For Young People

Chameleons – Don’t Fall
Wedding Present – You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends
Built To Spill – The Wait
Broken Family Band – Stay Friendly

Fog – A Word Of Advice
Mark Stewart & The Maffia – High Ideals And Crazy Dreams
Andy Fairley – You Look At Life
William S. Burroughs & Material – Words Of Advice For Young People
Silver Jews – Advice To The Graduate
Jegsy Dodd & The Original Sinners – Grumpy Old Men
Bike For Three! – All There Is To Say About Love

Withered Hand – Hard On
Mountain Goats – Cotton
Tindersticks – Mistakes
Nina Nastasia – That’s All There Is

Once Upon A Time ……..

Or, Long Ago And Far Away, or even Such was the tale, Socrates, which Critias heard from Solon...

Anyway, songs that tell stories or which are some way inspired by myths and legends. These are my contribution to the lovely West Country Social that was held last weekend Chez Abahachi.

I think that most people should be able to work out who is playing what, but let us treat it as a small game, ‘Spill points available, for getting all the artists and tracks right. I shall exempt the opening and closing selections.

Earworms Mystery Edition #2 Results

The picks were obviously a bit too difficult/crafty this time. For the next edition we might ditch the wild-ass guess, and as Tin has suggested, we’ll put in a list of the names of the wormers (and possibly one or two wild cards), and you figure out whose song is whose.

If you can think of a fun variant for Earworms, let’s have it.

The earworms this week were:

1: Panic Room – I Am A Cat ~ Abahachi

2: Cabaret Voltaire – Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself) ~ Carole

3: Lee Hazlewood – Vem Kan Segla ~ bishbosh

4: The Deathray Davies – Jack Never Crashes ~ Fintan

5: Acid Witch – Metal Movie Marijuana Ma ~ Amylee

6: Black Francis & Joey Santiago – Cover Of The Rolling Stone ~ Treefrogdemon





Prize:  500 SPILL POINTS! Each TO

Treefrogdemon, Panthersan, our mysterious ModestMouse, Severin, bluepeter, Beth and Zala who all got one correct.

(Sorry. I blew this one, folks. Can’t add up to 1 apparently.)


Amylee‘s song was the most correctly guessed, although the overwhelming opinion was that it was a Panthersan choice.

Fintan‘s song was the most incorrectly guessed. A big fat zero. Two people even damned his choice by thinking it might be mine!

Great job everyone!

The full results are here:  Mystery #2 v3 (All errors etc, etc.)

Which one was the biggest shocker for you?

‘spillover: The Rolling Stones.

Rules are simple:
Pick your favourite Rolling stones tune – try to narrow it down so it doesn’t get too overwhelming – and in the spirit of RR tell us why it rocks your socks.

Amy or Fuel will give you a deadline for nominations and then one of them will pick a playlist – (I always narrowed it down to fit on a blank CD – it gave me something to aim for)… they might even do one each and we’ll vote to see who wins and who loses (I’m joking – grrr).

If anyone wants to add their favourite Rolling Stones cover tracks – then I will curate that – and pick a CD80 of them there tunes too.

The idea of ‘spillover is to get a really unique CD80 (or two) of an artists work – if the compilers choice fits perfectly in a playlist then they can put it in. This isn’t RR.
There’s no one song for each player either – if ten people said ‘Paint it Black’ say, is their fav – it just means it’s popular.

It has to be artists that have a large amount of albums. Because when I started this – I didn’t want it to be definitive – i.e we post the ‘so called’ best tracks – then no one ever needs to buy another song from said artist … whatever anyone’s views of music sharing is – I wanted it to celebrate a body of work. Inspire people to dig further. Like a mixtape to hook you in.

So if you’re down on you’re luck, and you can’t harmonise -
do the ‘spillover challenge with smiles in your eyes.

Roundup time on the Eastern Plains.

It’s been a while since we toddled off Eastwards. My partner in crime has been rather busy of late. So I thought, as I have nothing better to do, that I might seize the chance to gather together a few of my favourite “oddments” from the Far East for your listening pleasure.
Hope you find something here of interest.
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Throughout my record collecting life I’ve always catalogued my albums by type, consequently I have by now about 6+ ft of vinyl catalogued as ‘Women Vocals’ plus I have a similar 6 ft of CD’s. of the same subject, in contrast my ‘Men Vocals’ is about 2 ft. I mention this only to indicate my obsession with this genre. So it seemed totally normal that I select a playlist from those: but that was easier said than done! It started with 40+, it became 20+, it painfully became a dozen plus; those last few edits were impossible! But of course it happened. So here’s eleven cuts from my list of favorite ‘women vocals’, sadly missing, so many of the rest of my favorites.

OK, the above is a portion of what I originally wrote about two weeks ago for a totally different playlist, and then I read Carole’s post and the comments, particularly Bish’s and Amy’s and they made me realize that what I’d produced was a very safe playlist, one that I think most of you would feel comfortable with, but it wasn’t what I had in mind originally so I scrapped it and went back to square one. Not that I wanted to create any discomfort but I’d wanted to introduce some potential unknowns that I love. So what I’ve created is a compromise of well knowns and less knowns and sadly there’s still dozens that should be on the list.
I want to make a special plea concerning number 11 on the playlist, I realize that it might be thought totally out of place but it’s something I’ve loved for many years and have always wanted to share it with the Spill audience and this seemed like a perfect opportunity; she’s from Corsica singing to her God in the Corsican language, alone in a chapel. I’ve never been able to find any info about her.
OK, you know what to do, have at it. Highs and Lows!

1. This House Is On Fire – Natalie Merchant
2. Turn Me On – Norah Jones
3. Uma Neguinha – Daude
4. Cold Blue Steel and sweet fire – Joni Mitchell
5. O Si Keka – Kaissa, World Reggae
6. The Hammond song – The Roches
7. Poetry Man – Phoebe Snow
8. Young Men – Busi Mlongo
9. One too many mornings – Joan Baez
10. Thirsty Boots – Judy Collins
11. Dio Vi salvi Regina – Jackie Micaelli

Album notes are in ‘comments’

turning water into wine since year zero

1 Revival Soulsavers
2 Nicotine & Gravy Beck
3 Miracle Geniuser
4 Two-Headed Boy Part 2 Neutral Milk Hotel
5 Bury Mary Cass McCombs
6 Only A Plague Can Stop Us Now Decoration
7 Helicopter (Whitey Version) Bloc Party

1 Crush On You Brakes
2 Touched Joseph Arthur
3 Last Train To Wherever Télépopmusik Feat. Mau
4 W.O.W. Architecture In Helsinki
5 Miracle CocoRosie
6 Pedestal Portishead

Earworms 17 September 2012 Mystery Edition # 2

1: Panic Room – I Am A Cat ~ ?

I don’t trust cats; they always look far too inscrutable, and are clearly up to something. I’m constantly on the look-out for insights into the thinking of our future overlords, and while this isn’t quite up there with Peggy Lee’s ‘Siamese Cat Song’, it’s pretty close.

2: Cabaret Voltaire – Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself) ~ ?

Recently I keep on having this jolly little ditty popping up in my head when I least expect it. Fortunately it is rather good.

3: Lee Hazlewood – Vem Kan Segla ~ ?

Probably the oddest track from his decidedly odd “Cowboy In Sweden” album. Treads a fine line between mawkish and comedic… and somehow ends up gorgeous.

4: The Deathray Davies – Jack Never Crashes ~ ?

How about an Earworm about an Earworm?  The Davies have one and it’s loads of fun.

5: Acid Witch – Metal Movie Marijuana Ma ~ ?

But many notches above your garden variety.  Ace guitarwork and OTT “schlock” lyrics give rise to the suspicion that they may not have been stoned at the time after all.

6: Black Francis with Joey Santiago – The Cover Of The Rolling Stone ~ ?

This is a much darker, more disturbing take on the song than the mawkish Dr Hook version, and it comes from the Shel Silverstein tribute album because, yes, Shel wrote the song.


A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either or a wormhole near you. Thank you.


Supersystem – Miracle
Boo Radleys – Lazarus [Saint Etienne Rmx]
Can – Yoo Doo Right [Jam & Spoon Rmx]
Psychic TV – White Nights
Thee More Shallows – I Can’t Get Next To You

Killing Joke – The Death & Resurrection Show
Pixies – Levitate Me
Pedro The Lion – Rapture
Soledad Brothers – Miracle Birth

Little Axe – Walk On Water
Maher Shalal Hash Baz – What’s Your Business Here Elijah?
Jim White – If Jesus Drove A Motor Home
Stranglers – Second Coming
Broken Family Band – Walking Back to Jesus, Pt. 2
Mountain Goats – Quito

Once Upon A Time In The West

L to R: Mnemonic, DarceysDad, BethNoir, CaroleBristol, Zalamanda, TreeFrogDemon (with cider). Not in picture: Abahachi, Mrs Abahachi, TinCanMan and Mrs TinCanMan

Since I entirely failed to get my Social Playlist onto either a cd or a memory stick, I’ve put it into Dropbox: Unfortunately that insists on putting everything into alphabetical order, so I’m not sure if this is going to come out right, but here’s the write-up to give you the proper running order… N.B. Edited since first posted, as I suddenly realised that I’d forgotten one track; apologies to anyone who’d already downloaded it. Continue reading

At the Woodchoppers Ball

In 1939 Woody Herman had a huge hit record with ‘At the Woodchoppers Ball, it was the perfect jitterbug tune, it was popular throughout WW2. Two nights ago I was lying in bed listening to the radio and out of the blue with no announcement the DJ played a different version, one by Alvin Lee. I just discovered that youtube has both versions, check ‘em out, it’s very interesting.

Some Random Texas Blues

Never been to Texas. Dead honestly, i could probably die happy without ever going there. Nothing against it, i just don’t get on with hot weather and flat landscapes. But they sure can do some blues. Must be something in the water.

Stumbled on the Janis Joplin track on the tube of you. No idea where this version is from. But she sure doesn’t like her hometown (Port Arthur). There’s a version of Ego Rock on the In Concert Album, this one isn’t it. There’s a bootleg out with Johnny Winter (Beaumont) on guitar from a concert in Boston, this isn’t it. There’s another version with Johnny Winter on a compiliation called Blow All My Blues Away. This might be it. Johnny also joined her onstage at a concert at MSG a week after the Boston concert. Maybe this is it, and maybe the one on that compiliation album. That’s all the info i can find. But anyhoo, the tune is awesome.

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West Country Social Update

A couple of minor points in preparation for Saturday’s West Country extravaganza… The scheduled closure of the A371 has been postponed until January, so getting here (whether by road from Bristol or by train) will be a bit easier. The chosen theme for CD compilations is “Once Upon A Time”. Because of technical issues of various kinds, at least a couple of people (DarceysDad and me) are unlikely to be able to produce actual cds, so it would be good if everyone could bring along a memory stick instead to download playlists. I think that’s everything; get in touch (email, or comments here) if I’ve forgotten anything important. Full report and pictures will appear here in due course.

Spill Game Week Five – Ten shots of happy – One shot of sad.

(This is Severin‘s list)

Now the rules are – there are eleven songs in the bed. They all roll over and
one falls out. You decide which one.

There is of course no such thing as a perfect song so these are just a
selection that I like listening to. That’s the happy bit. One, however, has to go.
That’s the sad bit.

Most are old favourites – a couple are (slightly) more recent. If all goes well
there should be a track-listing down there somewhere.

As ever do be gentle with the musicians. They’re doing their best and none of
them asked to be here.

Many thanks to AmyLee for technical assistance (i.e. doing everything except
choosing the tracks and writing this)



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