pledge a grievance

1 Stars And Stripes… Ballboy
2 President Clavioline Seventeen Evergreen
3 Mister President Meat Beat Manifesto
4 The Unelected President Crass (with sample of E.P. Thomson)
5 If A Song Could Be President Over The Rhine
6 Tugboat Galaxie 500
7 Kansas (Flood Mix) The Wolfgang Press

1 Reaganation Bongwater
2 Joe Metro Blue Scholars
3 If Reagan Played Disco Minutemen
4 Summer of ’79 Japanther
5 I Shot the Devil Suicidal Tendencies
6 Money (feat. David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge & Z-Trip) N.A.S.A.
7 Five Stop Mother Superior Rain The Flaming Lips

oh – I really wanted to stop – but I couldn’t help myself.
(especially as the last track sounds like ‘the Young Ones’ Rik fronting an anarcho crustie outfit)
1 Oh My God Michael Franti And Spearhead
2 President Kennedy Roland Alphonso
3 BAD Big Audio Dynamite
4 Mosh Eminem
5 Voices Of A Future Pok And The Spacegoats

West Country Social, 15th September

At the edge of the Vale of Camelot, with a fine view across to King Arthur’s original seat at Cadbury Castle, lies the little market town of Castle Cary, perhaps best known as the main railway station for the Glastonbury Festival. It is here, on Saturday 15th September, that stalwarts of Readers Recommend and the ‘Spill will be gathering for the first West Country Social, to partake of cider and other hospitality at the Abahachi homestead. The festivities will start some time around midday, and will continue until everyone goes home.

You are all heartily invited to come along. I don’t want to put all my details onto the web, and equally I would like to have a rough idea of who’s likely to turn up, so please write to me (abahachi[at] to let me know if and when you’ll be coming and to give some idea of preferred tipple and dietary preferences; I’ll send some directions in return, and adjust the menu accordingly.

It’s traditional, I believe, for people to put together a compilation cd for the occasion. In the light of comments below, I think we’ve got a couple of viable options, so here’s a poll…

Choosing the A-list, a Guest Guru writes…

Well the A-list is finally in, after many last-minute shenanigans, song switches but more desperately, cutting down of words from 900 to 600.  Adam warned me that if I delivered over 650 words that the sub-editors would be in there with a large pair of pruning shears, so to keep control, I had to shave myself, which I do almost every morning anyway.  

It was an outstanding topic.  You lovely Readers contributed in droves, and with a huge breadth of material.  I think there are 350 songs in the Spotify list alone.  But the topic was broad and threw up a huge variety of material. Perhaps I can quote :

“Bravery can take many forms – standing up for your beliefs, facing your greatest fear, putting your life on the line for a friend.  But in your case it’s definitely that haircut” 

Well no one suggested a haircut song, in fact most people took the subject pretty seriously.  I wanted to serve the topic and use as many examples of bravery as I could, I also wanted to spread the musical taste as broadly as I could too, but in the end readers, it was all about the song.  If I felt the song wasn’t COMPLETELY FANTASTIC then I’m afraid it didn’t make the cut, and some really amazing artists (and subjects sadly) dropped away.  But I needed to find the final list Outstanding musically in the first instance.  It kind of speaks for itself you’d think, but it’s amazing the circular journeys your mind goes on when you’re the guest guru.

For example, my first list was fairly intellectual in quality, songs that “should” be there because of the subject matter or the person being sung about being totally heroic for obvious reasons.  I also included songs from different genres, again in an intellectual attempt at “balance”.  Bit of metal, bit of country, bit of folk.  But a glance at the Giant Obelisk that is The Marconium will spin any balance attempts on their axis, and I got a little lost in what The Marconium was saying to us about The Guardian and it’s and our taste in music.  Were we really recommending Saint Etienne 5 times and Gilbert O’Sullivan none ?  Smokey Robinson 3 times and Smog five ??  I had to withdraw and go back to basics because there was little I could do but nominate some more songs to add to this huge collective undertaking.

In the end I went with my feelings.  I screwed my courage to the sticking place and elbowed the intellectual approach  (gave it the Spanish Archer) – and went with songs that made me feel brave. Songs that empowered the listener. And inevitably – artists that were totally unrepresented in the A-list.  This made it easier to whittle the final group of 25 great songs down into 12.  

I thank you all for making it such a great weekend, and I hope you enjoy the final list whatever your personal taste.

I would of course, encourage you all to be brave and put your name forward for guest guru.  It is a lot of fun.

Wir kamen alle nach Montreux…

The indisputable musical highlight of our recent holiday in Germany and Austria was an unforgettable performance of Lohengrin at Bayreuth – sublime performances, thought-provoking production – but since Wagner is somewhat outside the usual remit of the Spill, I’d like to share with you instead something we discovered on SWR1 radio (good traffic reports, and a reasonable selection of music…). Pop & Poesie is a covers band run by the station, that plays concerts every year; the covers are perfectly competent and entirely forgettable, but what’s brilliant is that each is preceded by a spoken rendition of the lyrics in German. Now, I’m a great lover of the German language and its literature, but there’s no denying that it is very, very funny to play “spot the song” on the basis of what sounds like portentous German poetry. Unfortunately for copyright reasons there are no records, and I can find only two songs on the whole internet, neither of which is nearly as good as their version of Smoke on the Water, but this is the best I can offer…

Hokey Cokey ‘Spill Game: Week 3

You vote one in
You vote one out
In, out, in, out
Shake it all about

You all know the rules by now. Or maybe you don’t. Actually, I’m not sure there are any rules, are there? Maybe. Who knows?

Here are 11 songs. Tell us which you’d save from a burning building and which you’d throw from a deflating hot air balloon. Or something.

It’s surprisingly difficult to choose a playlist with no parameters whatsoever. Tincanman began this game by trying to find the 10 most perfect songs of all time, so here are 11 perfect songs which particularly wanted you to hear them. I’m going to be terribly hurt whichever one you choose to vote off, so please be gentle.

Warning: may contain music of a melancholy and/or romantic nature.

Artists and titles after the break…

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A Young Person Recommends

I’m a little bored and the weather is terrible ( all sunny ! What’s that all about. I’m not going out in that !) so I thought, for a change, I’d get a young person to recommend some songs. Let’s face it, most of us on RR are getting a little long in the tooth. Youngsters are as rare as Japanese river otters.

“Where might I find one ?” I thought to myself. Then I realised that I have a daughter ( I was kind of thinking it was some kind of weird dream but apparently I am someone’s father). So I asked her.

Here’s what she came up with. This, believe it or not, is the kind of music a 16 year old might listen to. Admittedly she’s not your standard 16 year old. She takes after me in being superly fantastically intelligent ( shall I boast….yes ! I shall ! 11 A* and 2 A grade GCSE’s just received). She’s also, like me, stunningly attractive ( to bees) and has impeccable taste in music.

Here, then, are the sounds that a young person might like. The tracks are
1. Best Coast- Crazy for you. A lively pop beat number suitable for young people
2. Direct Hit !- Werewolf shame. A lively pop beat number suitable for young people.
3. Surfer Blood – Voyager Reprise. A lively pop beat number suitable for youngish people
4. We are Augustines- A new drink for an old drunk. A lively pop beat number suitable for young alcoholics.

We hope you enjoy this insight into the foul, diseased mind of the average 16 year old.

Earworms 27 August 2012

1: Baby Dodds Trio – My Indian Red ~ AlBahooky

First heard this on the series 1 final episode of ‘Treme’, this tune celebrates the Indian ‘tribes’ of New Orleans of which I knew nothing about and now know a little bit more. After seeing it in this scene and this later visual which helped explain to me what a flag boy and a spy boy were. Recorded in the mid ’40’s, it has an infectious exuberance that you can’t ignore -

Here comes the big chief, the big chief …

2: The Ethiopians – Hong Kong Flu ~ Severin

Proof that health scares are nothing new. It’s terrible and dreadful – sniffle, cough. Excellent early Lee Perry production. It’s a killer.

3: Steve Riley And The Mamou Playboys ~ Traveler Playboys Special ~ Tincanman

There’s a very absolute precision to the timing of who comes in when and what notes they play in Riley’s band. The drums and bass know their place here (i.e don’t interfere). There’s some friction with the guitar player’s role but he does get his chances, and to be allowed to support that fiddle-accordian dialogue, STFU.

4: Larry Williams – Hocus Pocus ~ RockingMitch

Larry was dubbed “The Bad Boy of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. Originally taken on by Art Rupe’s Specialty label to replace Little Richard who had “turned to God”, he was dropped by the label for getting a drugs bust. He received 4 gold discs, but reckoned he made more money from his other business, running prostitutes in LA. He wound up dead, officially a suicide, but many believe otherwise.

5: Rudy Vallee – The Latin Quarter ~ Pairubu

A song I first encountered in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. I long assumed it was a spoof made especially for Bugs ! It wasn’t. Here it is in all it’s glory. It first appeared in the film “Gold Diggers in Paris” ( unsurprisingly, perhaps). It’s been stuck in my brain for years.

6: Tananas – Unamanucua 2 ~ bluepeter

Taken from the 1996 album Unamunacua, (it means ‘To cry when you’re dreaming’), this is free flowing South African jazz at it’s best. Sometimes it seems without form and almost lost, but that bass line just keeps on going. Like ‘Take 5′ on acid.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

The Brave & The Bold

Skids – Into The Valley
Aswad – Warrior Charge
African Head Charge – Heading To Glory
Dreadzone – The Good The Bad & The Dread (Part 1)
Colourbox – Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse / Shoot Out
Clock DVA – Resistance [12" Mix]
Holy Toy – Warszawa
Radiohead – Harry Patch (In Memory Of)

Tiger Saw – R U Courageous?
Laura Gibson – Spirited
Vic Chesnutt – We Should Be So Brave
Mountain Goats – Lion’s Teeth
Bikini Kill – Double Dare Ya
Rapeman – Dutch Courage
Love Is All – Bigger Bolder
Strange Boys – Be Brave

brave heartheart

1 The Pressure of Pitching Doves Buddy Wakefield
2 Tamatant Tilay Tinariwen
3 Brave Tin Soldiers Sarah Nixey
4 Courage, Tiger Get Well Soon
5 Things Have A Way Of Working Out British Sea Power
6 Brave New World NMS
7 Culture of Fear Thievery Corporation
1 Heart Heart Withered Hand
2 Heroes Sunday Driver
3 Fearless Citizen Fish
4 Travel As Equals Joseph Arthur
5 No Fear Of Falling I Am Kloot
6 Brave Man’s Death J Roddy Walston and The Business
7 Last Of The Great Explorers Pepe Deluxé

Spill Challenge: Think you’re indie, or know your indie?

Okay, you have to send me a list of the top five indie bands out of the U.K. (I think you said Scotland had a few?). Boomer co-worker here who grew up listening to punk (and worships Paul Weller) agrees there are some interesting acts out that way so I’m curious.”

………… Facebook message from a friend in Ontario, Canada

Over to you Spillers: (I’ll just send him the link. He already knows I’m lazy)


You might recall that last week I had some problems trying to load some photos here, I’d followed the instructions to the T but only about a half of my file folder would load, about 4 out of 8 or 9. It didn’t make any sense since all the photos were close to identical in size and resolution. So I’ve been poking at it ever since and today I had a flash of inspiration and it seems to work. My ‘inspiration’ was to select a group of photos from an iPhoto file and click on the email icon at the bottom, I emailed them all to myself. iPhoto compresses, converts and resizes all photos regardless of initial size or resolution. From the received email I put all the photos in a folder and dropped that onto the ‘drop files here’ in the media library upload. I chose a large group to test the limits of WP. This isn’t the photo post that I had in mind last week, I chose these because I have lots of gardening pictures and it’a subject that most people can relate to, but I must tell you that I don’t try to remember names, latin or otherwise so I may not be able to identify plants beyond ‘the red flower’ or some such.
With photos WP gives us the option of a slideshow or a gallery display, I chose gallery. I’m still not totally clear on all the picture editing options and this isn’t exactly how I’d like it to be but it’s fairly close and I’ll keep working at it, WP doesn’t make it easy to go back and make changes, plus there must be a way to add narration and/or music. [as I sit here staring at this I think I now see how to resolve those issues] If this works I’ll do another and try to include audio as I proceed, so, this isn’t a real post, more like another work in progress but it’s getting there. Maybe with all my new found wisdom I’ll have another go at the one from last week that gave me all the trouble.

To activate it, a SINGLE click on the first image.


About a year or so ago I did a post on 1991. Ever since, I’ve been wondering how I could possibly do a follow-up post, and have finally come up with the idea of doing one about 1992. Clever, huh?

1991 was a vintage year, bringing classic albums like Screamedelica, Nevermind and Blue Lines. 1992 can’t compare – NME thinks Sugar’s Copper Blue is the album of the year – but even so, whittling this playlist down to just 12 songs was hard.

Because when you’re 13-14 years old and just discovering the wonders of music, 1992 is bursting with amazing records. Melody Maker, NME and Select magazine are fonts of wisdom. Mark Goodier is a musical guru. The Chart Show indie chart is a highlight of the month. All my paper round money goes on cassettes from Our Price (usually around £7.99).

Here are a few of the things I was listening to… more about them after the break.

In the meantime, shall we pretend we’re doing a Festive ‘Spill for 1992? Let’s have your top 3…

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An Early Appearance

Just to let you all know that the Panther cub decided to make his presence felt by arriving a whole month unfashionably early.

One moment I was drinking a cold one, munching on barbecued maguro and cooing at the fireworks. One mad dash and 5 intense hours later, I had become a dad, without even realising what had just happened! That was just before 4 a.m on Sunday morning.

Mrs Panther and cub are both fine and the wee one seems to be reasonably strong and healthy despite his early entrance (they are both still in the hospital) and I’m on tenterhooks at home trying to get everything ready for the homecoming on Thursday.

I hope you’ll all forgive the odd lengthy absence or bleary-eyed post over the next few weeks as the Panther den (do panthers live in dens ?!) adjusts to its new member!

P.s. Allright, the lyrics have nothing to do with anything, but the title fits and Spill points on offer for why I chose the band……..oh, and it was either this or “Between Shit and Piss We Are Born” by Anaal Nathrakh ! !

‘Spill Game: Vote One (or more) Out (or in) Week 2

Best songs ever? Nah, wouldn’t even attempt it. Just a bunch of good old tunes (to me, anyway) that got stuck in my ear over the course of the summer. So pick one to toss, or pick one to keep. Or more than one either way, open rules i suppose. Songs in the player are by number, for those who would rather not know the artist until after listening. If / when you want to see the track list, it’s underneath the “more” link. Have at it then.


UpdateBarbryn is doing next week’s challenge / game, and Carole is doing the next week on the 4th.

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Earworms 20 August 2012

What’s the connection with Dinosaur Jr?

1: Jackie Leven – Call Mother A Lonely Field ~ Tincanman

Jackie was so prolific he tended to start songs and not finish them off. Not this one.

I took her picture off the wall and threw her scent away

Wow. And his voice warms me like a hot noggin on a winter’s eve.

(I’m not sure what a noggins is, but he says he’s not sure what a mother in a lonely field so what’s good for the goose…)

2: Van Halen – Ice Cream Man – Tincanman

This old John Brim blues song was made for David Lee Roth. The playing is, erm, crap and he holds back from going fully camp, but we can still dream.

3: Mickey Gillen ~ Drive In Movie ~ RockingMitch

As people may know, Mickey is Jerry Lee’s cousin. This song, written by Tiny Tim (under his real name of Herbert Khoury) and released on Tim’s uncle’s “Khoury” label is a real belter.

4: Sebadoh – Ocean ~ Chris

Here’s an earworm, in the sense that the tune already sounds familiar and is very easily assimilated and repeated. It’s just a fun bit of music that doesn’t outstay its welcome.

5. Lost Lander – Afraid Of Summer ~ SpottedRichard

“Lost Lander’s ideal fan would be a 26 year old single hipster male. An individual who enjoys the finer things in life such as vinyl records and Pabst Blue Ribbon.” Agree?

6: A Man Called Adam – Barefoot In The Head ~ bishbosh

I bought (a shorter version of) this on 7″ when it came out in the early 90s – hurrah for iTunes and refinding things digitally decades later! Still sounds remarkably fresh – and euphoric – to me.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

The Hop

Controller 7 – Bunny Slippers
Shitmat – Nasty Rabbits
Superpitcher – Rabbits In A Hurry
Fire Show – The Rabbit Of My Soul Is The King Of His Ghost
Electric Eels – Bunnies
Jawbone – Jackrabbit
Girls – Honey Bunny

Denim – Silly Rabbit
Moldy Peaches – Little Bunny Foo Foo
Adam Green – Bunnyranch
Kimya Dawson – Velvet Rabbit
Nina Nastasia – Roadkill
Shriekback – Burying The Bunny
Durutti Column – White Rabbit

Black Lips

It sure does warm my heart to hear some young whippersnapper college garage punkers that have done their Stones homework. They don’t have to fake the southern accents either. Here’s a little mini sampler.

Gypsy jazz royalty

As you may recall, I am very partial to a bit of Hot Club style gypsy jazz, when I’m in the mood. There’s a wonderful and intimate bar in Battersea High Street – the Quecumbar – that has nothing but Django-style music every night. A few nights ago, I enjoyed an enchanted evening in the company of gypsy jazz royalty – Fapy Lafartin, Lollo Meier, and my favourite gypsy violinist, Tcha Limberger (who I have posted about before)

Partly to test out the recent problems people have had with new posts, I am sharing – hopefully – a taste of this heady vintage.

Unsocial at the Social

… Leeds Brudenell Social Club, that is, the venue of last night’s sets from Damien Jurado and Megafaun.

“Unsocial, DsD?” I hear you ask. Well, yes, in a couple of ways actually.

First of all, I was on me own. No crocodile tears required folks, this gig was never gonna be gordonimmel or DaddyPig‘s bag, though with hindsight, AliM may well have enjoyed it: sorry, Ali.

Secondly, I was of course driving myself to and from the gig, so sobriety was the order of the day. But as I was feeling a beer thirst (it’d been’n’sticky most of the day, despite the bursts of torrential rain), I had a pint of lager shandy. Gawd only knows why, but it gave me massive, constant expulsions of gas all evening. If I knew who the poor sods behind me were before they made a rapid exit at the end, I’d’ve been obliged to apologise!

My third gripe is a bit mean of me: I had every intention of getting a T-shirt this evening, but Damien doesn’t do ‘em, and Megafaun only had XS to M left: not a lot of good for the, um, ever-more-generously-proportioned DsD!

Next was the non-appearance of the promised support band. 7pm arrival doors, 8.35 still playing Yahtzee on my phone whilst hiding my new-found gas-propelled levitation skills. OK, the gig was dirt cheap (only a tenner), but if there ain’t gonna be a support band, either don’t put it on the tickets, or at least tell us on arrival.

So anyway, at 8.45, Megafaun climb unannounced and unassuming onto the Brud stage, and for the next 3/4 of an hour give us a happy-go-lucky, slightly shambolic selection of their songs, concentrating very much more on the Grateful Dead / Beach Boys hybrid end of their sound, rather than their “headily absorbing, occasionally unsettling, full-bore concrète music, harsh noise salvos, and wild free-jazz interventions * “ thankfully for me. DsD-fave Get Right (from last year’s eponymous album) was slightly underwhelming – I can lose myself in the 8m30s studio version – but I put that down to it being played early, before we’d all got into a groove. However, they more than made up for that with an extended runthrough of Kaufman’s Ballad, which rocked out much more than the folky album version. They ended the set with Real Slow, which they turned into a lovely noodling jam, and meant they’d left the stage before I realised they hadn’t played Hope You Know, probably their best-known song, and one which is an early contender for the DsD 2012 Festive ‘Spill selections.

I was going to insert a show video of Alberta (the blues number made famous twice by Bob Dylan) here, but my iPhone and YouTube seem to have had a fallout, and aren’t now speaking to each other.

* from Pitchfork reviews … oh, and whilst I’m at it, here’s another quote on the subject of “unsocial” – from the BrightestYoungThings website Megafaun gig review of a show in Washington DC – which after tonight I heartily agree with:

A brief note to the latter half of the audience at the Megafaun show this past Thursday night at the Black Cat’s Backstage: do kindly shut the fuck up next time around.  You can go to any random bar on a Thursday night in DC and have a loud, inane conversation while music plays.  Why buy a ticket just to ruin a great show for people?

Despite my post title and all the moaning I’ve done so far, I have to say that Megafaun themselves were as social and courteous as it is possible to be. I’ll take this opportunity to thank multi-instrumentalist Phil Cook, for taking the time to write down some links for live sessions I can find on t’interweb, after I’d gushed about that live version of Kaufman’s Ballad. I however, was a little unsocial, or at least ungracious, to Phil in return, as Damien Jurado came on stage as we were talking, and I kinda hurried him up and snuck back to my seat.

Damien Jurado is a very intense performer. With the exception of the idiot couple sat on the floor next to me giggling about Canada, pretty much everyone in the room was absolutely rapt. I swear the old line about hearing a pin drop whist Damien sang is true. But again, you could easily describe his stage prescence as unsocial; the amateur psychologist in me would even have guessed at Asperger’s / borderline autistic had I not been pre-warned (by Shoey amongst others) about his lack of audience interaction. But the performances – WOW! You didn’t need to see his eyes behind those dark glasses to feel the blackness and pain; the lyrics, and that voice brought it right to your spine. Abilene and The Ghost Of David in particular were given extra chills by the power of the live performance from the man sat twenty feet in front of me. OK, so I didn’t get to hear either of my two all-time Jurado fave songs (Big Decision and Bad Dreams, if you’re interested), but we did get an ace rendition of Rachel & Cali, amongst several highlights.

When Damien did finally speak to us, it was to tell us that Megafaun would be joining him to play some songs at the end of the set. “At last”, I thought, as I’d been sold this gig on the basis it would be a three-set show, the two artistes on their own, plus one where Megafaun would back Jurado on a selection of his louder songs. Sadly however, we only got two, and no encore. Not very social of you, Mr. J. But here’s one of the two: Nothing Is The News, the opening song from DJ’s new album Maraqopa


His final twist of the knife – though I’m being churlish now – was that he used his longest spoken word speech of the night to tell us he won’t be back “probably for a few years”.  Gee thanks, Damien, rub it in why dontcha? US tour, huh? Check. Other commitments, too, is it? Check. Oh. Wait. What was that? “And I’ve got a baby on the way, so I’m gonna stay home and be a dad.” Aw, damn! Now I feel guilty.

Good luck on that adventure, sir, and oh yeah, parenthood, and committing to it that fully: that DEFINITELY makes you seem unsocial to the rest of us, but you know what? Go for it, with my best wishes, and see you round . . . . maybe.

NEW GAME: Vote one out, episode 1

ImageThis started as an idea for a random post about the 10 most perfect songs ever but I got stuck on 11 and decided to improvise and make it into a series to cover my butt.

The game is simple: you must vote one of these songs off the list and say why. Whatever choice you make will of course be wrong, but c’est la vie.

Next week someone else can have a turn and be laughed at :). Post 3, 4 or 15 if you like. But one has to go because I said so.

The Mirror Ball

Bill Nelson’s Red Nose – Aquitted By Mirrors
Luxúria – Animal In the Mirror
Dr. Dog – Mirror, Mirror
Electrafixion – Mirrorball
Mazzy Star – Unreflected
Felt – Get Out Of My Mirror
Jolie Holland – Tender Mirror

Field Music – In The Mirror
White Denim – Mirrored And Reverse
Lite – Infinite Mirror
Clock DVA – Sound Mirror
Asian Dub Foundation & Sinéad O’Connor – 1000 Mirrors
Shpongle – Walking Backwards Through The Cosmic Mirror
Kytami & The Phonograff – Reflections


There’s going to be a lot of reflecting.
Sadly (for me) I’m away (on a Scottish island without even phone reception) for the next week.
So I wont see how the Mirror theme smashes or how magicman presents the first Guest Guru.
I will catch up when back.
Thankfully – the guru is polishing off his 18 month stint with a final rounding up of tunes – this playlist is nothing like the one I would have picked from the nominations. (insert smiley – heehee)
1 Mirror Mirror TV Girl
2 Mirror Kordan
3 Mirror Kisses Citay
4 The Jeweller’s Hands Arctic Monkeys
5 Homesick Kings Of Convenience
6 Reflection Hildur Gudnadуttir


1 Weird Mirror Dope Body
2 Mirrorface Tango in the Attic
3 I See You / In The / Mirror Mixel Pixel
4 Lucretia My Reflection The Sisters Of Mercy
5 Smoke And Mirrors Sage Francis
6 Smoke & Mirrors RJD2
7 Mirror Mirror Efterklang

RR Guest Guru t-shirt.

Don Letts Jamaican Independence Special



Here is nearly three hours of music chronicling 50 years of an independent Jamaica. That’s it – you just press play and listen/dance/jump/prance …